Fastest Paying USA Online Sportsbooks

Most of the online sportsbooks we recommend all pay out winnings in a reasonable amount of time. They've all been in business for over a decade and understand the importance of paying winners fast. However some of the sites offer extremely fast withdrawals. Some even offering same day payouts. So this page will highlight which USA online sports betting sites pay the fastest and what methods are available to players for cashing out.

Internet sports bettors understand that speed is very important. You need to get your money into your account instantly. You need to be able to place wagers quickly whether from your smartphone, tablet, laptop or desktop PC. And when you're ready to collect, you deserve the fastest online payouts as well. That is exactly what you will find here, the fastest paying USA sportsbooks which have also passed our demanding review process, and have been rated favorably by the OSGA. As another important qualifier, sports betting sites listed here are not just the fastest paying, they are also legally licensed to handle US clients. (We have included convenient click-through access so you can get started immediately.)

Sportsbooks Offering Same Day Payouts

The following sportsbooks are all US friendly and offer same day payouts for customers. Same day payments are usually offered to players in the form of Western Union or Moneygram transfers and are almost always processed the same day as long as you request the payout before 11:00 a.m. Most of these sportsbooks also have a prepaid debit card that they can issue to players. Basically they load the funds onto your card, and you can go to the ATM the same day and withdrawal the money.

Fastest Paying USA Sportsbook Sites

We thought we should list the fastest paying sites in an easy to read table format so visitors can easily get a birds eye view of the sportsbooks and their bonus offers. Every single one of these sites offer same day payouts, so they are in fact the quickest paying sportsbooks available to US players. However some offer more ways to withdrawal money the same day compared to the others which we highlight in the longer reviews above. The sites in the table below are listed in order of how fast they pay players.

Sportsbook Bonus Rating USA Visit Review
Bookmaker 50% Max $300 5 Star Rating USA Friendly Sportsbook Visit Site Read Review
Bovada Sportsbook 100% Max $250 5 Star Rating USA Friendly Sportsbook Visit Site Read Review
Betonline Sportsbook 50% Max $2500 5 Star Rating USA Friendly Sportsbook Visit Site Read Review
GTBets 100% Max $500 5 Star Rating USA Friendly Sportsbook Visit Site Read Review 75% Max $1000 5 Star Rating USA Friendly Sportsbook Visit Site Read Review

Which USA Sportsbook Offers The Highest Payout Limits?

Of the sites we recommend, there is one particular site that is really in a class of their own in terms of how much they allow players to withdrawal. Bookmaker allows players to request up to $50K at once making them ideal for high roller players. If I were a big player, I would no doubt be playing exclusively at Bookmaker. They also offer the highest betting limits up to $10K per game compared to others that are more geared for casual gamblers. Bookmaker doesn't care, they will take your action.

Which Sportsbooks Allow Players To Cashout Using Credit/Debit And Prepaid Cards?

In 2014, a lot of the USA online sportsbooks started offering players the ability to get a debit card issued to them and have all payout requests loaded onto the card. It's no surprise that players were absolutely thrilled about this as it allows them to go right up to the ATM and collect the funds the same day.

The following sportsbooks offer same day payouts via debit and prepaid cards: Bookmaker, Betonline and

Do Any Online Sportsbooks Offer Instant Payouts?

Those were the good old days weren't they? Anyone who has been around this industry for a while remembers back about 10 years ago when US players were able to have an account at Neteller, Moneybookers and Usemywallet. These ewallets were the nuts. There is no other way to put it. Some of the sportsbooks even offered instant payouts where you could literally request a payout via Neteller, and it would instantly hit your account. Currently though, for USA players the only option available for instant withdrawals would be Bitcoin. Check out our list of USA online sportsbooks accepting Bitcoin.

Which Sportsbook Payout Method Is The Fastest And Most Efficient For USA Players?

This really depends on your needs as a player as well as the individual sportsbook payout options. For me personally, I prefer to request a check via courier. Many of the sites use American banks like Wells Fargo, Suntrust and Bank Of America which allows players to go right to the bank and cash the check. I used to be fond of collecting same day payouts via Western Union, but if you get too many they often give you a hard time and ask where the money is coming from. It just became more trouble than it was worth, so checks is how I roll nowadays.

Fees Associated With Sportsbook Payout Requests

The fees that various sportsbooks charge for cashing out vary from site to site and are often reasonable in terms of the amounts. Players should understand that the fees associated with most payout options aren't really a profit center for the sportsbooks. They simply help to offset genuine fees as well as labor. So don't jump to conclusions if a particular sportsbook charges $50 for a check to be delivered via fedex when you know the true cost is actually around $35. After the UIGEA and other gambling laws were implemented that make it extremely difficult to process any gambling related payments, sportsbooks really had to work hard at coming up with creative and unique 3rd party companies to process payments. Trust me, it's not as easy as one might think. So just roll with the few extra bucks you pay and be happy that you can still collect funds despite all the roadblocks USA sites have to deal with.

Keep in mind the following examples vary from site to site. It really depends on how much you withdrawal as to what the fees will be.

Standard Fees Associated With Payout Requests

Western Union/MoneyGram Fees: $25-$101

Checks Via Courier: $35-$60

Bitcoin: $10-$100

Checks Via Mail: $10-30

Bank Wires Fees: $25-$100

What If I Deposited Using A Credit Card - How Will I Receive My Winnings?

If you used credit card as your sportsbook deposit method, then you will have to fill out an authorization form and send a copy of the front and back of the credit/debit card along with a photo id such as a drivers license or passport. Once you've gone through the process of getting your account verified, you are welcome to request a payout using any of the options available through the cashier of the site.

We've had a lot of inquiries as to whether or not you can request winnings to be placed back onto your credit or debit card. This was actually common about 7-8 years ago in the industry, but after the UIGEA was implemented in 2006, no one will process any withdrawals back to a credit card.

Below are the most common ways USA players can deposit funds into online sportsbook accounts via credit cards.

Amex USA Sportsbooks

Visa USA Sportsbooks

Mastercard USA Sportsbooks