2021 NFL Playoff Betting Sites

USA Football LogoBetting on NFL Playoff odds isn't easy because projection models that worked during the regular season tend to differ in the postseason. In addition to looking at the current NFL Playoff picture, we’ll offer some strategies to help you adapt to the postseason when wagering at the best NFL betting sites.

We also want to provide you with our list of the best legal USA sportsbook sites for betting on football. Postseason football betting is an entirely different beast to try and tackle, but we will give you the playbook on how to profit when risking your bankroll on the odds placed on the 2021 NFL Playoffs, and we'll also help you deliver a forearm shiver to sportsbooks by detailing the most common NFL bet types.

Best Betting Site for the 2021 NFL Playoffs

Bovada Sportsbook - Accepts All US Players

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Top USA Sportsbooks
Accepting Bets On NFL Playoffs Odds

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Is It Legal To Bet On The NFL Playoffs Online?

In the United States, there is no federal law that prevents you from using an online sportsbook that is operating legally within the industry and located outside of the country. The NFL betting sites we recommend for NFL Playoff odds all fit this description and have been the most trusted sportsbooks in the industry for decades. When it comes to betting online at domestic sportsbooks, legal wagering options are sparse and only available in a few states.

2021 NFL Playoff Odds: Conference Round

Sunday, January 24th - 3:05 PM - FOX

Tampa Bay Buccaneers (5) @ Green Bay Packers (1)

  • Point Spread: Packers -3.5
  • Money Line: TB +155, GB -175
  • Over/Under: 50.5

Sunday, January 24th - 6:40 PM - CBS

Kansas City Chiefs (1) @ Buffalo Bills (2)

  • Point Spread: KC -3.0
  • Money Line: BUF +125, KC -145
  • Over/Under: 53.5

Extra Wild Card Teams In 2021

There'll be an extra wild card team added to the playoff bracket of each the AFC and NFC, creating for a six-game wild card weekend and allowing room for only the first seeded team to earn a bye week in the playoffs. That's two extra game lines on the playoffs' first weekend and places a lot more emphasis on teams competing for the first place position in each conference.

2020-2021 NFL Playoff Bracket

With there being two extra playoff teams added to the NFL postseason mix and only one bye week up for grabs, the path to the Super Bowl is going to look different from here on out. Below is how the NFL Playoff bracket will stack up each year, with a jam-packed opening weekend featuring six total games.

Super Bowl LV Playoff Bracket

2020-2021 NFL Division Odds

The one sure way to make the NFL Playoffs is to win your division and secure one of the top four seeds in each conference. NFL betting sites feature preseason odds on which team will win each division for bettors looking to get in on the action and take advantage of the higher payouts that long term wagers allow for. Below are the current odds for the winner of each division in the NFL.

AFC East: Buffalo Bills +110
AFC South: Indianapolis Colts +120
AFC North: Baltimore Ravens -185
AFC West: Kansas City Chiefs -350

NFC East: Dallas Cowboys -120
NFC South: New Orleans Saints -105
NFC North: Minnesota Vikings +175
NFC West: San Francisco 49ers +105

Last Season's 2019-2020 NFL Playoff Picture

Below you will find last year's bracket for Super Bowl LIV for reference. We will fill out a 2020-2021 NFL Playoff bracket as soon as the final week of the season is in the books.

Playoff bracket

FInal 2019-2020 NFL Post Season Standings

NFL Playoff Standings - Divisional Round

(*) = Homefield Advantage
(x) = Clinched Playoff Berth
(y) = Division Winner
(e) = Eliminated


Seed/Team         Division         Record

  1. Baltimore Ravens - North  (14-2-0) - (*)
  2. New England - East (12-4-0) - (y)
  3. Kansas City Chiefs - West (12-4-0) - (z)
  4. Houston Texans - South (10-6-0) - (y)
  5. Buffalo Bills - East (10-6-0)- (x)
  6. Tennessee Titans - South - (9-7-0) - (x)
  7. Pittsburgh Steelers North - (8-8-0) - (e)
  8. Indianapolis Colts - South - (7-9-0) - (e)
  9. Cleveland Browns - North - (6-10-0) - (e)
  10. Oakland Raiders - West - (7-9-0) - (e)
  11. Denver Broncos - West - (7-9-0) - (e)
  12. Los Angeles Chargers - West (5-9-0) - (e)
  13. New York Jets - East - (5-9-0) - (e)
  14. Jacksonville Jaguars - South - (5-9-0) - (e)
  15. Miami Dolphins - East - (3-11-0) - (e)
  16. Cincinnati Bengals - North - (1-13-0) - (e)


Seed/Team           Division         Record

  1. San Francisco 49ers - West - (13-3-0) - (*)
  2. Green Bay Packers - North  - (13-3-0) - (z)
  3. New Orleans Saints - South - (13-3-0) - (y)
  4. Philadelphia Eagles - East - (9-7-0) -(y)
  5. Seattle Seahawks - West - (11-5-0) - (x)
  6. Minnesota Vikings - North - (10-6-0) - (x)
  7. Dallas Cowboys - East - (8-8-0) -(e)
  8. Los Angeles Rams - West - (9-7-0) - (e)
  9. Chicago Bears - North - (8-8-0) - (e)
  10. Tampa Bay Buccaneers - South - (7-9-0) - (e)
  11. Carolina Panthers - South - (5-11-0) - (e)
  12. Atlanta Falcons - South - (7-9-0) - (e)
  13. Arizona Cardinals - West - (5-10-1) - (e)
  14. Detroit Lions - North - (3-12-1) - (e)
  15. Washington Redskins - East - (3-13-0) - (e)
  16. New York Giants - East - (4-12-0) - (e)

NFL Playoff Betting Guide – Tips and Strategies

Playoff football is one of the most intense events in all of sports and pits the best NFL teams and players against each other. Change is necessary because the margin for error is razor-thin due to the amount of talent on the field for any play. Here are some things to help you adapt your bets for the NFL Playoffs.