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News IconOnce you find a sportsbook site which legally supports US players, you really only need to know two things. And this articles section of our website covers them both. We have dedicated an entire page to the different types of sports bets you can make online. This includes simple wagers such as spread and totals bets, as well as more complex teasers, pleasers and "if" bets. Once you know the types of bets you can make, you need to understand how to read betting odds and lines. We have created another page which goes into depth explaining just how to interpret the betting lines you will see at the top legally licensed sportsbooks we recommend. We will be adding to this articles section in the future, delivering timely information, tips and strategies to help your online sports betting endeavors. Links to your sports betting articles and reports are listed below.

Tips And Strategies To Improve Your ROI

Types of Sports Bets Explained

This informational article can help you if you are an absolute online sports betting beginner and don't know where to start, or if you have been betting sports for years and are ready to try some more complex wagers to improve your odds and payout. But some types of sports bets are extravagant, even for the veteran. Those are also explained in detail. From side or spread betting to betting the money line, buying points, live betting, "if" bets and reversals, this in-depth report covers every type of sports bet you can make online. To clearly illustrate your options, we have included examples so you know exactly what type of bet is perfect for your particular situation.

Arbitrage Betting Explained

Learn what arbitrage betting is and how it take gambling out of the equation and looks for sure winners. This article delves into the nuts and bolts of arbitrage betting including how to find arb bets that are a sure winner, what softare to use and more.

Insight Into Sports Betting Influences

Billy Walters - A Legend In Sports Betting History

Read about Billy Walters' journey to becoming a legend in the sports betting industry, including his challenges of being constantly under the microscope of the IRS, FBI and gambling business operators, death threats from the mob, and the charity organization that won his heart and his generosity. His betting strategy resulted in jaw dropping success that has earned him millions of dollars and the disdain of many sportsbook owners. In fact, many sportsbooks refuse to accept his bets due to his techniques for winning. Is he unscrupulous or just strategic? You decide after reading our bio on this intriguing sports betting personality.

News Stories

Chiefs Beat Odds Against Patriots - Find out how the Kansas City Chiefs beat the odds and the nation's top NFL team in the season's first upset. The Chiefs defeated the Patriots and proved they are in it to win it this year.

Donations To JJ Watt’s Hurricane Harvey Relief Fund Increasing Exponentially - Learn how JJ Watt's steps to raise relief funds for victims of Hurricane Harvey were met with an unprecedented response exceeding $15 million in donates and climbing.

McGregor Took Mayweather’s Fight Promotion Class And He Aced It - Find out how McGregor's efforts to promote himself and intimidate his opponent closely mimic tactics typically used by Mayweather prior to his boxing matches.

Sentence Handed Down In Billy Walters Case - Learn what the Judge who handed down Billy Walter's sentence in the case had to say about him, and who stepped up to write letters supporting the famous sports gambler.

Is The NBA For Or Against Sports Betting? - The NBA, as well as a few other leagues, have openly expressed support for the legalization of sports betting in the United States, yet none of them have pulled out of the New Jersey law suit. So where do they really stand?

2017 NBA Finals Kick Off With Golden State Warriors Carrying The Odds For Championship Title - Find out what we can expect to see in the 2017 NBA Finals, and why the Warriors have earned the affection of the oddsmakers.

Phil Mickelson Paid Nearly $2 Million in Gambling Debt To Billy Walters - Phil Mickelson paid Billy Walters nearly $2 Million for a gambling debt he owed and is refusing to testify against Walters if called as a witness.

President Trump Sheds Light on Future of Sports Gambling - President Trump weighs in on the future of US regulated sports betting and how he feels about PASPA.

Billy Walters Arrested On Insider Trading - Famous sports gambler and legend Billy Walters was recently arrested believed to be involved with insider trading and fraud.

Funny Reading

Famous Sports Personalities And Their Secret Alter Egos - This article reveals the results of an exclusive and intense examination performed by our highly trained investigative team that specializes in sticking their noses into matters that are none of their business, but that we really all want to know about. They have uncovered some conspiracies that involve several of our most beloved sports personalities, and the secret lives they try to live behind our backs. These specific celebrities in the sports arena had the audacity to assume that they could secretly pursue their own dreams and goals unbeknownst to their adoring fans. Little did they know that we were on to them. This article will expose their secret lives, and the secret alter egos they thought they could hide.