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Xbet Sportsbook Review For 2024

Review Icon With PencilXbet is a major US-focused sportsbook and betting site that caters to the most popular American games for American gamblers. This makes Xbet a premier destination for new players and old hands alike, as there isn’t a lot of international action to distract from the main NFL, NCAAF, NBA, and MLB selections.

Xbet, which was established under the MyBookie brand back in 2017, has rocketed up the shortlist of the most reputable operators on the Internet, and it’s solidly one of the top online betting sites anywhere. While the site does have plenty of global sporting fare to choose from, its dedication to US players makes it stand out among its online betting peers.

Xbet - A Top Rated USA Sportsbook In 2024

If you favor American sports like football, basketball, baseball, and more, Xbet has you covered with thousands of odds and lines to choose from each day.

Popular international action is also available, and fast payouts and 24/7 customer support means that Xbet covers everything from A to Z.

Xbet is a sister of one of the most trusted sportsbooks in the entire industry - Mybookie. So you can feel confident you are dealing with a reputable site and will get paid when you win.

  • Authorized by the government of Curacao
  • US-centric betting options catered to American gamblers
  • Desktop + Mobile Friendly
  • Live betting on all major sports
  • 50% New Member Bonus worth up to $500
  • Accepts Bitcoin + other cryptocurrencies
  • Limited international betting options on niche sports
  • Does not accept players from NV, NJ, PA, or NY

Xbet Sportsbook Certification and USA Reputation For 2024

Flag Of The United StatesXbet’s website, policies, and terms of use are all governed by the laws of Curacao (which is part of the Kingdom of the Netherlands in the Caribbean Sea), where the sportsbook is authorized. The site is also administered in the Dutch island, and it is regulated and operates legally under the laws of Curacao.

As such, you can rest assured about the legitimacy of Xbet. The site is a reputable operator, with thousands of positive online reviews and customer ratings that speak well of the service. If you’re looking for a legitimate, certified, safe online gambling site, Xbet is your best bet.

Bonuses and Promotions Offered In 2024

Most of the best US online sportsbooks will have at least a few bonuses to choose from, but Xbet has a truly superior selection of perks and free-play options to help new and returning members maximize their bankrolls.

Some bonuses are offered more or less regularly, but there are also seasonal and rotating bonuses that come and go based on the sports in session and the time of the year, so it’s always a good idea to pay attention to the newest Xbet offers and deals.

Welcome Bonuses:

50% Sign-Up Bonus Up To $500

Sportsbook Account Bonuses:

25% Reload Bonus Up To $250

Payment Methods – Deposit and Withdrawal Options

One of the hallmarks of a truly reputable sports betting site is the financial options it offers its users. Many sites only have one or two banking methods available, and that can make it hard for new customers to get their accounts funded in a timely, accessible way.

Fortunately, Xbet supports a comprehensive banking menu, giving users plenty of different ways to load up their bankrolls quickly and easily. After all, a sportsbook isn’t much use to you if you can’t make the bets you want, when you want.

Deposit: Visa, Mastercard, Retail Money Transfers, Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, Litecoin, Ethereum, Tether, Solana, Cardano, Dogecoin, Shiba Inu, Binance Coin, Cash App-to-Bitcoin, Zelle-To-Bitcoin

Withdrawal: Bitcoin, Bank Wire

Sports Betting Options

While Xbet is a fully-fledged gambling site with just about every activity type you can imagine, its bread and butter is its sportsbook. Robust and comprehensive, sports betting at Xbet is a smooth experience whether on desktop or mobile, and you can easily access your favorite players, teams, and sports with just a few clicks or taps. The main sports on offer at Xbet are the following:

Additionally, Xbet also offers a selection of international and niche fare, like Canadian football, US political betting, and entertainment betting. Australian rules football, cycling, international basketball and hockey, current events, pinball, and even religion betting!

What Else Can I Bet On At Xbet?

In addition to the major sports above, Xbet also offers a selection of international and niche fare, like Canadian football, political and entertainment betting, Australian rules football, cycling, international basketball and hockey, current events, pinball, and even religion betting! Where else can you bet on who the next Pope is going to be?

Betting Limits at XBet

At Xbet, there are sports betting minimums and maximums in play. For wagers posted online, the minimum bet amount is $2, while the maximum limits commonly range from $500 - $1000.

This is less than ideal for high rollers, but the good news is that Xbet members in good standing can contact customer support if they wish to have their limits raised. At Xbet, it’s also important to note that parlay wins are capped at maximum payouts of $50,000, as are members’ maximum combined daily winnings for any given account.

Xbet Super Bowl Betting For 2024

NFL gambling is the main revenue driver for any sportsbook taking action in the United States, a no single game draws more attention that the Super Bowl. Xbet brings it on Super Bowl Sunday with betting lines that allow for wagering on the point spread, the over/under, or just placing a wager on the moneyline for the winning team.

If you're looking for Super Bowl props, Xbet.AG has a fleet of them that will fill your bet schedule for the entire game. Live Super Bowl betting is also on the table for Xbet members, as game lines remain in play from kickoff through the fourth quarter. Don't bet on the Super Bowl without seeing what Xbet has posted.

Live In-Game Sports Betting

Bovada Live Sports Betting Options

One of the newest sports betting trends – and one of the most popular – is live betting. Also called in-game betting or in-play betting, live betting allows bettors to put money on their favorite game lines and props in real-time as the game unfolds. Live betting allows you to wager on single inning results, single drive results, and more.

Best of all, as connected technology improves, live betting is getting even more granular. One day soon, you’ll be able to wager on every pitch of an at-bat and every snap of an NFL game. And when that innovation hits the marketplace, you can be sure that Xbet will be in the vanguard.

Mobile Sports Betting App For Apple and Android Devices

Xbet has two main ways to wager: from your desktop computer or your mobile device. Naturally, given that we live in the future, the dramatic majority of Xbet users prefer to use their iPhones and Androids to wager. And it’s not just for the convenience factor, either.

With mobile sports betting at Xbet, you actually get a smoother, more responsive interface that makes finding and assembling your wagers and parlays easier than ever. Best of all, the web app betting platform at Xbet requires no extra downloads and never needs an update. Just use any mobile browser (like Safari, Chrome, Firefox, Opera, etc.) to log in and place your wagers.

Note: If your iPhone or Android device or mobile browser uses VPN technology, please disable this before accessing Xbet, as the site is geofenced globally and will not work if it sees your IP coming from outside of the US. Conversely, if you live in another country, please do not attempt to spoof your IP to a US address to access Xbet, as this violates their terms and conditions.

Customer Support – 24/7 Phone, Email, Live Chat, Social Media

Xbet knows that one of the measures of a top sports betting site is its customer service. In fact, without good customer care, no online bookie is going to make it very far these days. For that reason, Xbet offers a number of quick, easy ways to get in touch:

• Email
• Toll-free phone
• Live chat
• Twitter
• Instagram

Other Benefits Of Gambling At The Xbet Sportsbook In 2024

When you join Xbet, the benefits are almost endless. In addition to getting a fully authorized international sportsbook experience, you get reliable banking options, state-of-the-art account security and privacy protocols, and valuable bonuses regardless of your skill or game preference.

Xbet isn’t just a sportsbook, either. When you want to take a break from the thousands of daily odds and lines Xbet has in store, you can hit up their fully-fledged online casino and racebook. The only thing Xbet doesn’t offer is tournament poker, but for every other type of gambling, Xbet is your best bet. Though sports betting is the emphasis, the site is perfect for almost every kind of gambler in the US.

XBet Sportsbook Rating
  • Reputation
  • Betting Options
  • Payout Speed