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Reviewing The Most Popular Sportsbook Deposit Methods For USA Players In 2024

Money SafeUSA players don't have it quite as easy as other countries in terms of deposit funds into their sports betting accounts. For example in the UK, players don't have any issues at all making deposits. They have all sorts of legal sportsbook deposit methods available to them. However, players living in the United States have to face issues such as declined credit card transactions, no available e-wallet options and a host of other hurdles to overcome.

That's why we've decided to develop a comprehensive and detailed guide to assist gamblers from the United States with funding their online sportsbook accounts. We go into great detail on the safest and most reliable deposit options available today. We log into our own personal sportsbook accounts on a weekly basis to ensure that the information we offer is kept up to date and players aren't being given erroneous information.

Bitcoin Deposits - Cryptocurrencies Leading The Way For USA Sportsbook Deposits In 2024

Bitcoin IconBitcoin deposits are starting to become more and more popular every day. As a matter of fact, as of Jan 2016, there are now several big-name US friendly sportsbooks that are currently accepting Bitcoin.

If you aren't quite sure what Bitcoin is, we offer an extensive "getting started" guide that helps players get a basic understanding on what this is, how to use it and which USA online sportsbooks accept Bitcoins.

Other Cryptocurrencies (Alt Coins) Accepted At US Online Sportsbooks In 2024

In addition to the Bitcoin giant, several other cryptocurrencies are starting to be accepted more frequently. Litecoin, Cardano, Ethereum, Dash, TRON, and Dogecoin are some of the newer cryptos making it onto the deposit and withdrawal pages of US-accepted online sportsbooks, as are Bitcoin Cash, Ripple, and Stellar, and more.

These other cryptocurrencies (aka altcoins) are often used because they offer the fastest withdrawal and deposit times available online. With turnaround time cut to a minimum, players can focus on what really matters and get to placing bets right away.

Zelle Deposits - Using Zelle to Make Bitcoin Deposits

Zelle is an instant pay product, similar to PayPal’s Venmo. If you live in the US, you likely already have access to Zelle through your online bank portal or mobile banking app. Because this payment platform is so popular, we are beginning to see reputable, well known USA sportsbooks accepting Zelle deposits.

To use Zelle to buy Bitcoin, all you need is an account at a third-party exchange, where you can use Zelle to immediately purchase BTC to spend at your favorite sports betting sites.

Before Zelle, Bitcoin buy-ins would take up to 10 days to process, which is far too long to wait for sports bettors who want to wager on games immediately. Now, however, you can get BTC in a matter of minutes with Zelle, so you’ll always be ready to throw your money down the moment you see an attractive line on an upcoming game.

You can also use Zelle to make voucher/player transfer deposits and MatchPay deposits at participating sites.

Sports Betting Voucher Deposit Options In 2024

Some sites are starting to support player-to-player account transfers via the voucher betting deposit system. Bovada was the first USA sportsbook to roll out the option, which allows members to make banking transfers using P2P apps like PayPal, Venmo, Cash App, Zelle, Apple Pay, Google Pay, Samsung Pay, and other services that Bovada can't support directly.

Players deposit and withdraw using voucher codes, and the sportsbook simply transfers funds from one member account to another. We expect this option to be approved for use by a majority of the best-reviewed online sports betting sites in the near future.

Bovada MatchPay Deposits

MatchPay is a third-party service that is currently available for bet funding exclusively at Bovada Sportsbook. MatchPay works similarly to the voucher code system above, but the plugin streamlines and simplifies every step of the process. If you use MatchPay at Bovada, you can fund your account or request payouts with the P2P app of your choice, and MatchPay automatically finds buyers and sellers.

MatchPay is not owned or operated by Bovada and is a fully independent fintech company, so there's a great chance that this groundbreaking service will come to all the other top USA sportsbook sites we recommend sooner rather than later.

Cash App Deposits (Vouchers, MatchPay, Bitcoin)

Cash App is the most flexible USA sportsbook payment option, as it allows site members to top off their accounts in several ways. If you’re a member at Bovada Sportsbook, you can use CashApp with sports betting vouchers and MatchPay transfers for both deposits and withdrawals.

However, if you’re a member at any US-facing legal online sports betting venue, you can actually use Cash App to make Bitcoin deposits, too (which is what we primarily recommend).

Users can quickly and easily buy Bitcoin with Cash App and bypass the regular crypto exchange wait times, making it perfect for first-time cryptocurrency bettors. You can also receive BTC payouts straight to Cash App, which makes cashing all the way out to USD a breeze.

Credit Card Deposit Methods Available In 2024

Credit CardsCredit card account funding is a "must" for USA players. People from around the world prefer using their plastic over any other type of funding option because it is safe, secure and speedy. This holds true for the majority of sports gamblers as well. Credit cards are simply the best option to deposit funds into most USA online sportsbooks.

The biggest issue facing credit card deposits are transactions getting declined by banks. Due to the hit and miss nature of your credit card deposit getting approved, most players choose to have accounts at several different sites to ensure one of them can process your credit card. It's also worth noting that many sites are always bringing on new processing companies to help hide the codes associated with online betting.

So while your deposit might get declined today, it may very well get approved tomorrow. In addition you might consider trying your credit card more than once at a particular site if the first attempt is declined. Again because many sportsbooks have several different processors, the next attempt might be successful because they used a processor that codes the deposit as a book or flower shop or something other than gambling.

American Express Deposits

American ExpressAmerican Express or AMEX cardholders are looked upon as the most financially responsible and creditworthy individuals in the world. But from a business owner's perspective, in this case the sports book where you will be depositing money, it is more expensive per transaction than other credit card choices.

Credit card companies like American Express charge their business partners a very small fee on each transaction. That is how you know that the brands that honor the AMEX card, and there are not too many of them, really have your best interests at heart as a US depositor.

And American Express backs up each one of your transactions with several security layers which we will explore in a more in-depth fashion on our dedicated USA Sportsbooks Accepting American Express page.

Visa Deposits

Visa IconIf the AMEX card is the most respected credit card, Visa is the most popular. More people hold a Visa credit, debit or charge account than any other. And Visa offers speed of transaction, safety and security for those US online sportsbook account holders who choose this particular deposit method.

Also, you do not need to have any particularly sterling level of credit to usually qualify for a Visa card. And even if your credit stinks, you can purchase prepaid Visa gift cards in any amount you like, and use them to fund your Internet sports betting pastime.

As with all credit cards, Visa charges a nominal fee to any merchant which allows you to use this convenient and familiar account funding method. That is why you will not find a Visa card offered as a deposit option at just any old betting site.

Our USA Sportsbooks Accepting Visa page which goes into detail about the benefits of using your preferred Visa credit, charge or gift card when funding your online sportsbook account.

Mastercard Deposits

Mastercard IconMasterCard is generally regarded as one of the top-tier credit cards, along with Visa and American Express. And many of the financial and convenience benefits delivered by Visa for online sports bettors apply to your MasterCard as well.

If your credit is not the greatest, or you simply want to protect your regular MasterCard account, you can purchase a MasterCard gift card online. This gives you a virtual account, and there is no credit check. You simply purchase a MasterCard gift card in any amount, and then use that at the leading online sports betting sites which honor this respected, safe and secure deposit method.

To learn more, head over to our USA sportsbooks accepting MasterCard page, where we not only illustrate the benefits of using this particular credit card, but also list the top rated sportsbooks which honor it.

CredEcardplus - Making A Deposit With CredEcardplus

credecardplus logoCredEcardplus is the newest deposit option at Betonline and that allows users to preload a Visa card with funds that can be easily transferred to their online sportsbook.

The service allows users to unload or load funds directly to their account, meaning that they can receive payouts almost instantly from reputable CredEcardplus sportsbooks.

One of the selling features is that with a credEcardplus account, users can withdraw their funds directly from their card at any ATM that accepts Visa. This deposit method is often used by international players looking to fund their account without linking up their day to day banking account.

Echeck Deposits

EcheckFYI, currently, E-checks are not available anywhere for USA players. We are keeping this section up to educate players about this method and will update it accordingly if we run across any reputable sites that offer this option. We talked earlier very briefly about electronic checks.

Just imagine the old-school check writing process, but with an electronic, virtual spin. Instead of writing out a check and handing it to a physical merchant, you use your checking account to electronically send money via the World Wide Web.

You will usually find this option only at legitimate and seasoned sports betting destinations because it is a more involved process on the business side of the equation.

For you, as a USA sportsbook account holder, convenience, familiarity, and speed are a few of the benefits. You know you are protected by your financial institution and the sites which honor e-checks or electronic checks also deliver security and safety guarantees.

Learn more by visiting our USA Sportsbooks Accepting Echeck page. We will answer all your questions about this dependable and convenient online deposit method, and also tell you where to go to find the best providers that will accept your electronic check.

Frequently Asked Questions About Depositing For USA Players

What Is the Easiest and Fastest Way for a Sports Bettor from the USA to Fund an Online Sportsbook Account In 2024?

Flag Of The United StatesCryptocurrency and Zelle are undeniably the fastest ways to deposit funds into a sportsbook account if you are in the United States. Cryptocurrency is fast, and typically does not carry any fees associated with the deposits.  Zelle facilitates instant Bitcoin deposits for those individuals who have not yet established an account at one of the BTC exchanges.

Another fast deposit method is prepaid debit cards. These can be loaded directly from your bank account and are typically accepted anywhere that their associated brand is accepted, such as Visa or Mastercard debit cards.

The hard part is finding one that is approved for International purchases.  But when you do find them, they provide an option for instant deposits.  With few exceptions, using prepaid debit cards is not an option for withdrawing your payouts for USA bettors.

At Bovada, you can also use vouchers and MatchPay, both of which allow for rapid bet funding and potential same-day payouts via the P2P app or apps of your choice (i.e. PayPal, Venmo, Cash App, etc.).

Will I Still Get My Sportsbook Welcome Bonus If I Use a Credit Card As a Deposit Method?

As you know, the better sports betting sites reward you with bankroll bonus money when you open up and fund an account with them. This can in many cases be as significant a bonus as 25%, 50% or even 100% of your initial deposit.

The good news is, simply by using your preferred credit card, you will in no way endanger that free bonus money.

In some cases, the most trusted USA sports books will actually give special bonuses just for using a particular credit or debit card. This is because they know that the transaction is legitimate and secure because it is made through such a trusted payment processor.

Sign up with any of the dependable and legally authorized US-friendly sportsbooks we have reviewed and recommend, and you will always get the maximum bonus money possible when you use your credit card as a deposit method.

If you want to learn more about how bonuses work, we recommend checking out our USA sportsbook bonuses page which explains how sportsbooks reward players with free money, the differences between some of the most popular bonus types and of course a list of the biggest bonuses around.

How Does The UIGEA Gambling Bill Affect USA Players And Depositing Real Money?

Many people are confused about the UIGEA gambling bill and how it relates to players specifically. The UIGEA does not specifically target players but rather targets the banking and financial institutions which process the payments. The bill simply placed regulatory oversight on how gambling related transactions are processed.

Read our UIGEA page to get a clear understanding of exactly what this law is and what it isn't. We also have an extensive section specifically related legal online sportsbooks including which betting laws apply to USA players.

How Do I Collect My Winnings

There are many cashout options available to USA players when they are ready to cash out. We have a page that goes into great detail on the various options and which USA sportsbooks offer the fastest payouts.

Disclaimer: The above USA sports betting deposit methods are legal and safe to use for online sports betting. However, these brands/services are not partnered with and do not endorse this or any other online gambling site.