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2024 Simulated Sports Betting Guide (SIMS) For USA Players

Flag Of The United StatesWhen professional sports enter the offseason in the United States, that means that betting on that particular sport is on the sidelines until the following year, right? Wrong. Opportunities to bet on simulated sports exploded onto the USA online sportsbook scene in 2022, and USA sims betting sites are producing lines even while the real sport is in play.

Generally speaking, simulated sports involves the recreation of pro athletics using popular video games such as Madden, NBA 2K, NASCAR 21: Ignition, and MLB The Show, just to name a few. No human element is involved, as these computer-controlled teams and sims odds allow for the betting action to commence.

Read on to learn more about what sims sports are, where they can be bet on in the USA, how it differs from other formats, and much more. You can learn more about the brands we recommend by visiting our page offering informative USA online sportsbook reviews.

Best Online Sportsbook Offering Sims Betting Odds To USA Players In 2024

Top Rated BadgeBovada Sportsbook is the crème de la crème of online simulated sports betting in the United States. During COVID, simulated sports betting reached its peak as many sports leagues were canceled around the globe.

Since then, Bovada has introduced numerous simulated sports that you can still bet on today including basketball, football, horse racing, and more!

Claim a huge 50% up to $1,000 exclusive match bonus at Bovada sportsbook.

Top USA Online Sportsbooks To Bet On Simulated Sports In 2024

Site NameCurrent BonusRating /5U.S.Visit Site
1Bovada Logo50% Max $1,0004.9USA AcceptedVisit Site Review
2MyBookie Logo50% Max $1,0004.5USA AcceptedVisit Site Review
3Betonline Logo50% Max $1,0004.3USA AcceptedVisit Site Review
4BetUS Logo100% Max $2,5004.2USA AcceptedVisit Site Review
5Bookmaker Logo50% Max $5004.2USA AcceptedVisit Site Review
6xbet logo50% Max $5004.2USA AcceptedVisit Site Review Logo50% Max $1,0004.1USA AcceptedVisit Site Review

Is Sports Sims Betting Legal In The United States As Of 2024?

Legal Certificate IconYes, and USA bettors can wager on games of simulated sports at domestic sportsbooks or online sports betting sites. Each state is allowed to dictate its own sports betting laws, so if you live near one that allows for legal betting on sims, visit a sportsbook and bet on it.

Offshore sportsbook sites can accept sims bets from USA patrons over the web because there are no federal gambling laws in place that say it cannot be done. If there is no rule against it, then no laws are being broken when wagering on simulated sports with an international sportsbook site.

What is Sims Betting?

Simulated sports games are contests that are played using popular video game software, but without the inclusion of humans to control the action. Sims are CPU vs. CPU contests, and the video games that they use to host each sim contest feature digital athletes with attributes that reflect their real-life counterparts.

That means the same research that goes into sports betting also applies to wagering on sims odds, because real life information dictates how the game will unfold. The exact same types of bets that can be placed on the real sport can also be placed on sims, such as point spreads, money lines, the over/under, and props.

It is very important to read the fine print included in each sims betting line, as it will include information on what version of the software is being used, what rosters are being played with, weather conditions, rule settings, quarter length, and more. These are all crucial elements to consider when placing a bet on sims odds, so don’t ignore these details.

Also included in the sims betting line is a link to the video feed where the simulated game can be seen, usually on Twitch or another popular streaming network, but can sometimes be hosted directly on the sportsbook site.

How To Bet On Simulated Sports

Betting on sims is just like betting on regular sports, just with a few tweaks. Once all of the details of the simulated game have been ascertained, bettors can then apply that information toward point spreads, money line winner odds, the over/under, prop bets, and more.

Sims betting hasn’t taken hold at domestic sportsbooks like it has at offshore sports betting sites, so if you’re serious about wagering on simulated sports, be sure to become a member at one of the online sportsbooks we recommend above.

Popular Simulated Sports Software

  • Madden 22 Sims (EA)

Virtual Nick Bosa doing a swim move over Bovada's The Sim Classic logoBetting Madden sims in the US is easily the most popular category in this burgeoning domain. NFL football odds for Madden simulations are the basis of all known pro football sims odds, with no real contender being offered by another software developer.

EA Sports creates a new version of Madden each preseason, and Madden betting seems poised to explode as the brand is familiar to NFL fans and gamers alike. If you are familiar with NFL betting lines, then you’ll adapt to pro football sims betting quickly.

  • NBA 2K22 Sims (2K Sports)

When the season is over and US betting on the NBA has ceased, pro basketball sims can provide an assist. NBA 2K is the NBA game simulator of choice when it comes to betting on pro basketball sims, and for good reason. NBA 2K21 is the latest version of the game and is what online sportsbooks are currently using to produce NBA sim game odds.

NBA 2K21 simulations occur frequently at online sports betting sites because fans are anxious to wager on pro basketball even when the season is not in play. NBA basketball simulation games produced by 2K are incredibly accurate and are unrivaled in the realm of lifelike pro basketball recreations.

  • MLB The Show 22 Sims (San Diego Studio)

Major League Baseball also had to get in on the sims betting action, and MLB The Show 22 is bringing the goods with accurate simulations. All 30 teams are represented in digital form and simulated teams are rounding the basepaths now at the top online sports betting sites. Look for MLB sims during the offseason when USA baseball betting odds are no longer offered.

  • NASCAR Sims - NASCAR 21: Ignition (Motorsport Games)

Start your engines and bet on NASCAR sims online using NASCAR 21: Ignition, the latest stockcar racing video game from Motorsport Games that has supplanted the NASCAR Heat series as the new standard. Be sure to check the fine print in the NASCAR sims betting lines to ensure that they are not using a prior version of the game.

  • Pro Soccer Sims - FIFA 22 (EA)

EA's FIFA series of soccer games have been the go-to futbol software since the early 90s and has been a mainstay on every console since the Super Nintendo and the Sega Genesis. The accurate portrayal of big-time international soccer matchups provided by EA inspire online betting sites to produce FIFA odds for simulated games

  • MMA Sims - UFC 4 (EA)

Whether you want to bet on Conor McGregor or Bruce Lee, UFC's series of video games from EA delivers realistic MMA sims with odds that are very similar to actual fights within the Octagon. Bet on UFC 4 sims odds between pay-per-views and watch the proceedings on Twitch.

  • NHL Hockey Sims - NHL 22 (EA)

Bet on NHL sims like a pro with EA's NHL 22, their annual pro hockey series of video games that includes just about every aspect of play imaginable. NHL 22 sims are available online now but ensure a prior year's version or roster is not being used prior to laying any action.

Sports Sims Mobile Betting Apps

Sims bettors do not need to be at a stationary PC to bet on replicated sports. The sims betting sites that we promote on this page feature US friendly mobile betting apps that can place wagers from nearly anywhere in the USA with Android and Apple smartphones and tablets.

These aren’t traditional apps because they are accessed through mobile web browsers and do not require downloads. This allows for rapid access to the top sims betting lines on the web, all in the palm of your hands.

Funding Options For Online Sims Betting

The first simulated sports betting site funding option that we recommend is the world’s most popular cryptocurrency, Bitcoin (BTC). International sims betting sites are able to quickly process Bitcoin transactions because they are not governed by any nation and can be withdrawn and deposited quickly.

Bitcoin deposits come with the added benefit of increased bonus offers that can reach up to 3X the bonus cash when compared to using USD. BTC withdrawals are the fastest in the online sports betting industry and is the only method that can be completed within the same day.

Other sports betting funding options for USA players include:

Deposit: Wire Transfer, Zelle, Debit Cards, Credit Cards, Money Transfer Services, Cashier’s Check, Cryptocurrency (Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, Ethereum, Cardano, Ripple, Tether, Litecoin).

Withdrawal: Cashier’s Check By Courier, Wire Transfer, Cryptocurrency – the only way to secure a payout in 24 hours or less.

Live Betting On Simulated Sports

Just like the betting odds for real games, live betting on sims is also an option at offshore sportsbook sites. Sims odds update as the game progresses, allowing for bets to be made during the entire simulated game.

This basically allows sims bettors to hop in at their convenience and lay some action on their schedule. Check out the live sims betting lines at our top online sportsbooks for constant action.

Bonus Offers Available When Wagering On Simulated Sporting Events

The same sportsbook deposit match bonus offers that apply to betting on regular sports also apply to sims betting. Online sims betting sites routinely offer promotions that match a portion of bankroll funding deposits up to 100%, up to and over $1,000 depending on the site and the time of year.

Difference Between eSports, Virtual Sports, And Simulated Sports

Simulated Betting

  • Uses popular video game software (Madden 22, NBA 2K22)
  • No human players, CPU vs. CPU
  • Accurate player and team recreations

eSports Betting

  • Uses popular video game software (Madden 22, NBA 2K22)
  • Human player vs. human player, no CPU controlled teams or players
  • Accurate player and team recreations

Virtual Sports Betting

  • Uses generic video game software
  • No human players, CPU vs. CPU
  • Teams and players are not reflective of any real-life counterparts