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5Dimes Sportsbook Review - They Are Out Of Business As Of 2024

Review Icon With Pencil5Dimes Sportsbook is a unique destination for sports betting, and they have become one of the top rated brands in the industry. At first glance, you may wonder what all the hype is about.

Their website is not particularly impressive or sophisticated, and their betting interface is rather plane Jane. But what they lack in impressive aesthetics they more than make up for in features, services and wagering options.

They easily offer the most wagering options of any USA online sportsbook, as well as the most extensive live betting features.

Their range of bonuses and rewards exceeds most of the competition, and their comprehensive approach to delivering a sportsbook platform has allowed them to remain an industry leading brand for quite some time. The fact that they also offer a full online casino, live dealers and online poker action make them the perfect choice for US players.

Update 2024: 5Dimes is no longer in business. Check out our reviews page to find another reputable online sportsbook that accepts USA players.

5Dimes Review 2024

Here are some of the element of their operation that ensure that 5Dimes is a preferred sports betting destination for both US and International players:

  • 5Dimes is legally authorized to operate in Costa Rica
  • They have been involved in the online gambling industry since 1996
  • New player bonus is worth up to $520
  • Offers the largest range of wagering options
  • Most impressive live betting features of any sportsbook brand
  • Provides large selection of rewards, bonuses and reduced juice offers
  • Has a great mobile sports betting application for betting on the go
  • Enjoy casino and poker action from your sports betting account

Is 5Dimes Legally Authorized To Provide Betting Services to USA Residents?

Flag Of The United States5Dimes is legally sanctioned through the government of Costa Rica, one of the premium online gambling jurisdictions in the world. This means that 5 Dimes Sportsbook is legitimately operated, monitored and compliance certified to provide their services to players in the United States.

The fact that they are located outside of the United States within a governing jurisdiction that has already legalized online gambling for their respective territories allows them to legally provide their services to players around the world, including those in the US. 5Dimes undergoes regular auditing of their software, platform, and fair gaming practices.

5Dimes Bonuses, Rewards and Promotional Offers

The current sportsbook bonus at 5Dimes is a 50% match bonus up to $520 on your first deposit. This bonus offer does surpass most of the offers at competing sportsbooks. But they didn't stop there. They actually have a long list of bonuses, rewards and promotions on tap for their customers.

Some of those include reduced juice rewards (a rare find these days), reload bonuses that offer free play rewards up to $500 depending on the amount you deposit, cash back rewards, Super Saver Rewards that include special pricing and expanded parlay payouts, Point Mover special reward program, and their 'On The House' deposit offers.

These are just some of the offers that you will find at 5Dimes. They understand the power of rewarding loyal customers and they have creatively ensured that there is always some type of promotion available each time you log into your account.

Deposit and Withdrawal Options at 5Dimes

This trusted gambling brand has taken their creativity and applied it to their banking suite as well. They support US and international players through a nice selection of payment and withdrawal methods.

They have been particularly supportive of US players and have gone out of their way to ensure that American bettors have a substantial range of viable funding methods at their disposal.

They accept the following deposit methods: Credit and Debit cards - with Visa being their preferred brand, Western Union, Monogram, various prepaid card options such as Reloadit, Walmart Gift Card, Vanilla Reload, Moneypak, PayPal My Cash card and even Bitcoin as of early 2015.

They also accept certified checks, book to book transfers and money orders. Some of these options are not listed in their cashier and require interaction with their customer support, such as the prepaid options of Vanilla Reload, Reloadit, PayPal My Cash and Walmart Gift Cards.

These methods are processed in house to ensure successful approvals.

You can make withdrawals using all of those methods with the exception of credit and debit cards. Additionally, you can submit their Debit Card Funds Application which will provide you with a prepaid Visa or MasterCard that can be used for your payouts from the sportsbook.

Most of their withdrawal methods are free to use, with a few of them carrying applicable fees associated with them. 5Dimes is known for having the fastest payouts and they don't nickel and dime players with small limits.

While their standard checks are $3K max, you can request them multiple times per week and they also offer money orders where you can withdrawal up to $8K in one pop. And once you are established you are entitled to VIP checks up to $7500.

They also offer same day payouts and are featured as our #1 site on our fastest paying USA online sportsbooks page. Payments are made the same day for the following options: Money Transfers (Western Union or MoneyGram), Prepaid Cards and Bitcoin.

What Types of Sports Can I Bet On at 5Dimes Sportsbook

Sports coverage at 5Dimes is extensive, providing a full scope of lines for European, US and international spots events, games and matches. Along with the main sports leagues, such as football, basketball, baseball and hockey, 5Dimes also covers soccer, golf, tennis, motor sports, fighting, cricket betting, volleyball, handball, snooker, and US politics.

The wagering options associated with their lines includes strait bets, rolling if bets, parlays, teasers, progressive bets, if bets, action reverse bets, round robins, futures, office pools and various betting contests. You will also find extensive live betting features, game, team and player props, and other options.

Betting Limits Offered At 5dimes

5Dimes keeps the betting limits rules simple, and we like that. Internet wagers carry a maximum limit of $5000, and exotic bets cap out at $50. Live In Play wagers max out at $500. Placing bets via phone carry the same limits. 5Dimes is open to considering requests for high betting limits for those interested in placing larger wagers.

Approvals are granted on a case by case basis, and as you can imagine, they are eager to accommodate those willing to drop more money at their site. An interesting point that they make in their rules about wagering limits is that they do not place a maximum limit to the number of times you may wager upon a single wagering option.

So basically you can place multiple individual wagers on a single option should you not desire to pursue an increased limit exception.

5Dimes Mobile Sports Betting Options

The mobile application offered by 5Dimes is pretty nice. While the interface is not mind blowing or oozing with impressive graphics, the functionality solid and you have access to all of the same betting lines, wagering options and features as you do on their traditional online sportsbook.

You can access and engage in all of their live in game betting features, lines and options, and access dynamic lines as well. In addition, you have access to their mobile casino, race book, lottery portal and mini games.

Its not the prettiest mobile betting app we've seen, but it is one of the most robust and well designed mobile platforms we've come across.

Does 5Dimes Offer Live Betting and Live In Game Betting Features?

Not only is live betting present at 5Dimes, but they offer one of the most extensive live betting platforms in the business. Most online and mobile sportsbooks only offer live betting on a few categories of sports events. 5Dimes offers the largest range of live betting lines we've seen so far.

Their Live In Game options are typically updated during commercial breaks for televised games and matches. Their Live Betting Extra feature is the option that takes you to the largest menu of live betting lines, and it includes most of the day's games. They have clearly put a lot of thought and effort into developing their live betting platform and it shows.

Features and Services that Set 5Dimes Apart From the Crowd

5Dimes is definitely a top shelf operation. Some of the things that make them stand out from their competitors include their extensive range of betting types, their comprehensive live betting platform, and the effectiveness of how their mobile application mimics all features and options available in their traditional online sportsbook.

Their creativity demonstrated through supporting US payment methods with in house processing of prepaid card options really shows their commitment to players. When it comes to their other gambling platforms, the same type of 'out of the box' thinking is present as they offer multiple casino choices, live dealer games, and options that other brands don't such as mini games and lottery.

The biggest draw for me as a player is the fact that they pay off like a bank, and they allow me to buy points on half time bets, something most sites don't allow. And my credit card deposits always go through which is nice. Sportsbook Rating
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