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Bust Out The Chalk: 2019 College Football Week 1 Odds

2019 ncaa week 1 odds

Well, it’s that time of year again. Summer is coming to a close, and despite fall, things are looking up. Spring might not be in the air, but for tens of millions of football fans and sports bettors, spring is definitely in the step.

In other words, college football is finally back.

And so is college football betting.

With only a smattering of early games in the books, it might be too early for any meaningful long-term takeaways. Things have gone more or less as expected. The only real surprise so far has been Clemson QB Trevor Lawrence’s first-game struggles. The consensus Heisman frontrunner (-250) went 13/23 for 168 yards, one touchdown, and two interceptions against Georgia Tech.

Still, top-ranked Clemson beat the spread (-37) against the Yellow Jackets, 12th-ranked Texas A&M beat the spread (-33) against Texas State, 14th-ranked Utah beat the spread against BYU, and 17th-ranked UCF beat the spread against FAMU (-45.5).

Only the 8th-ranked Florida Gators failed to cover the spread (-7.5) against their Miami Hurricanes rivals, winning by four points in a sloppy, turnover-filled affair.

So far in the young 2019 college football campaign, AP Top 25 teams are 5-0 outright and 4-1 against the spread (ATS). 

Of course, that’s bound to change as the first full slate of college football commences, as there will likely be upsets – both straight up and ATS – throughout the Labor Day weekend schedule. At least one Top 25 team is guaranteed to lose, as Oregon (11) takes on Auburn (16) on Saturday night.

If you think you’ve got the pulse on the early season, check out the betting lines at any USA-friendly sportsbook site. You may find a big upset – and a big payout – looming.

College Football Week 1 Odds, AP Top 25 (via Bovada)

Florida Atlantic at Ohio State (5)

  • Spread: Ohio State -28.5
  • Straight: N/A
  • Over/under: 65

Northern Iowa at Iowa State (21)

  • Spread: N/A
  • Straight: N/A
  • Over/under: N/A

South Alabama at Nebraska (24)

  • Spread: Nebraska -36
  • Straight: N/A
  • Over/under: 66

Eastern Washington at Washington (13)

  • Spread: N/A
  • Straight: N/A
  • Over/under: N/A

Duke at Alabama (2)

  • Spread: Alabama -33.5
  • Straight: N/A
  • Over/under: 57

Idaho at Penn State (15)

  • Spread: N/A
  • Straight: N/A
  • Over/under: N/A

Northwestern at Stanford (25)

  • Spread: Stanford -6
  • Straight: Northwestern +190, Stanford -230
  • Over/under: 48

Syracuse (22) at Liberty

  • Spread: Syracuse -19
  • Straight: Syracuse -1100, Liberty +650
  • Over/under: 68

Georgia (3) at Vanderbilt

  • Spread: Georgia -23
  • Straight: N/A
  • Over/under: 58

Georgia Southern at LSU (6)

  • Spread: LSU -27.5
  • Straight: N/A
  • Over/under: 52

Middle Tennessee at Michigan (7)

  • Spread: Michigan -35
  • Straight: N/A
  • Over/under: 54

Oregon (11) at Auburn (16)

  • Spread: Auburn -3.5
  • Straight: Oregon +150, Auburn -170
  • Over/under: 55

Miami, OH at Iowa (20)

  • Spread: Iowa -22.5
  • Straight: N/A
  • Over/under: 47

Louisiana Tech at Texas (10)

  • Spread: Texas -20.5
  • Straight: N/A
  • Over/under: 55

New Mexico State at Washington State (23)

  • Spread: Washington State -32
  • Straight: N/A
  • Over/under: 64

Houston at Oklahoma (4)

  • Spread: Oklahoma -23
  • Straight: N/A
  • Over/under: 80

Notre Dame (9) at Louisville

  • Spread: Notre Dame -18.5
  • Straight: N/A
  • Over/Under: 55

Note: Three of the above games don’t currently have odds at any online sportsbook. This can be due to several factors, including player injuries, team volatility, travel/weather, or a lack of betting interest. Be sure to check the boards at your favorite betting site(s) frequently, as odds may be posted closer to game time.

Additionally, you’ll see that many college football games in general are not assigned straight moneyline odds. This is a common practice and is simply a quirk of the collegiate game. It should not be viewed as an oversight on the part of your sportsbook.