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Betting on a Rivalry: Why UEFA’s Germany v England Match Is Such a Big Deal

Germany vs. England

In one of the most highly anticipated matches of the UEFA Euro 2020 Championship, Germany will be facing off against England at the historic Wembley Stadium. The game will occur on June 29th and put a decades-old rivalry to the test.

The UEFA tournament has, thus far, left viewers at the edge of their seats. Eight of the championship’s matches were concluded with a draw, demonstrating evenly matched talent across the entire league.

However, the end of the group stage of the tournament now pits the very best of these teams against one another. For this reason, the odds on the UEFA 2020 futures are extremely tight.

Group Stage Gameplay

The upcoming match between Germany and England is especially contentious, as both teams have experienced drastic highs and lows throughout the championship. Riding the high off of their 4-2 win against Portugal, Germany was quickly brought back to Earth after a teeth-grinding draw against Hungary.

The team has admitted that their stalemate with Hungary could and should have been avoided. In preparation for their upcoming game, Germany’s Coach Löw remarked:

“If we show what we can, as we did against Portugal for a long spell, we can be a strong opponent. If we don’t manage that then we will get into difficulties.”

England, on the other hand, will be coming into the match off a huge win against the Czech Republic. After having drawn with Scotland in the game prior, their last win of the group stage is expected to give the team a bout of confidence.

Home-Field Hurdles

Furthermore, England will be playing on their own turf. The old saying about a home-field advantage has legs here, but the history of the Wembley Stadium is more complicated than that.

The venue was once the site of England’s glorious World Cup win in 1966.  Three short decades later, Germany would secure their UEFA 96’ semi-finalist position at the same stadium.

Aside from any predictions made based on gameplay, this match will be unique in that England will be missing one of their midfielders along with one of their defenders. The teammates, Ben Chilwell and Mason Mount, will be isolating in lieu of the game due to COVID exposure.

Some believe that their absence from England’s team on Tuesday will offer Germany an edge in the match.

Betting on the Best

Both teams are incredibly talented. Any bet placed on this game could reap rewards, as the moneyline odds are all listed as positive. The betting lines lean in favor of England, but this match could be anyone’s game. And with the frequency of draws in this year’s UEFA Championship, a wager on that outcome is not far-fetched.

Because lines are so tight on this match, we suggest you shop the odds. We have a few of the lines listed below. If you are unsure of where to go or whether it is even legal to bet in your region, we have plenty of resources on legal online sports betting to help you out.

UEFA Euro 2020: England v. Germany Betting Odds


  • Point Spread: England 0.0, Germany 0.0
  • Money Line: England +155, Germany +190, Draw +220
  • Total Points: 2.5


  • Point Spread: England 0.0, Germany 0.0
  • Money Line: England +160, Germany +195, Draw +220
  • Total Points: 2.5


  • Point Spread: England 0.0, Germany 0.0
  • Money Line: England +155, Germany +190, Draw +220
  • Total Points: 2.5