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Betting On Rival Hot Dog Eating Contests On July 4th

Joey Chestnut after winning a hot dog eating contest

If you plan on betting on Nathan’s Famous Hot Dog Eating Contest tomorrow, don’t expect Joey Chestnut to be included. Chestnut, 40, has been disqualified from the contest by Major League Eating because of an endorsement deal he signed with Impossible Foods.

A conflict was created because the plant-based meat manufacturing company added hot dogs to its lineup of products. MLE officials made the tough decision of banning Chestnut from tomorrow’s contest, giving way to a new winner for the first time since 2015.

While competitive eating is not on the same level as NBA basketball, this is comparable to banning Michael Jordan during his championship era. No eater has ever dominated the sport like Chestnut, and he is the current record-holder with 76 total dogs ingested.

Even though Joey is out, entertainment betting sites are still in on the competition, offering odds of winning for the entire field.

Men’s Odds To Win

  • Geoffrey Esper -115
  • James Webb +140
  • Patrick Bertoletti +1000
  • Nick Wehry +1100
  • Bertley Weaver IV +2500
    Gideon Oji +4000
  • Darrien Thomas +8000
  • Derek Hendrickson +8000
  • Max Stanford +8000
  • Darron Breeden +9000
  • George Chiger +9000

The top two odds-getters are last year’s second and third-place finishers – Geoffrey Esper and James Webb. Of the women, Miki Sudo is projected to continue her dominance and extend her two-year winning streak to three.

Women’s Odds To Win

  • Miki Sudo -800
  • Mayoi Ebihara +550
  • Michelle Lesco +4000
  • Katie Prettyman +8000
  • Larell Marie Mele +8000

Sudo has won nine out of the last ten contests and holds a massive 1150-point lead over Mayoi Ebihara, who is currently holding the second-best odds to win.

Joey Chestnut Prop Bets

The best hot dog eater in the world will compete against a team of veterans tomorrow at the Pop Goes The Fort July 4th Celebration in El Paso, Texas.

The event will be live-streamed on Joey Chestnut’s YouTube Channel.

Netflix has also booked Chestnut for a hot dog eating contest that will be held this Labor Day. His opponent will be Takeru Kobayashi, which has inspired the best online sportsbooks in the USA to create prop bets for the event.

The odds imply a certain win by Chestnut, and there’s even an over/under line that grants Kobayashi an 8-dog deficit.

Joey Chestnut vs Takeru Kobayashi on Netflix

  • Joey Chestnut -750
  • Takeru Kobayashi +450

Handicap: dogs eaten in 10 minutes

  • Chestnut -8 -120
  • Kobayashi +8 +120

Celebrity betting sites will keep these Chestnut vs. Kobayashi odds active until September 2nd, but props for tomorrow’s contest will disappear between now and the opening whistle.

Betting Odds Provided By Bovada & BetOnline