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GA Senate Odds Forecast GOP Blues Following Today’s Vote

Georgia Voting Sticker

Today, voters in GA will decide the fate of the nation at the ballot box as the results of the Georgia US Senate elections are positioned to determine the ultimate balance of power on Capitol Hill.

Republicans currently hold 50 of the US Senate’s 100 seats, with 48 held by the DNC. If Raphael Warnock and Jon Ossoff can manage to pull off upset victories in both of their races, the DNC will narrow the gap on the Republicans and begin to focus their efforts on the 2022 Midterm Elections.

Many of the best online political betting sites have posted lines for the Georgia Senate elections occurring today, and both races feature odds that favor the Democratic candidates.  

If these political betting odds reflect an accurate prediction of today’s vote, then Senate Democrats can easily create a split vote.

Add to that the tiebreaking power that Kamala Harris will wield once she becomes the Senate President on January 20, and it is easy to see why these two US Senate races in Georgia are drawing so much attention.

According to the following betting line from MyBookie, Kelly Loeffler doesn’t stand a chance against Raphael Warnock and only has a roughly 1 in 3 chance of winning.

Georgia US Senate Runoff Odds

  • Kelly Loeffler +140
  • Raphael Warnock -200

If you think that these betting lines are hot air and that Republican voters will turn out in droves to reelect Loeffler, there is the potential for profit. Her +140 odds will pay out at $140 for every $100 bet on Loeffler if she wins.

Things appear to be much tighter in the US Senate battle between Jon Ossoff and David Perdue. The campaign ads have been on a constant loop as both are entering election day in a dead heat.

Georgia US Senate Race Odds

  • Jon Ossoff (D) -130
  • David Perdue (R) -110

The odds suggest the same, as many betting sites have the two drawing even. MyBookie has Ossoff in a slight lead so the DNC has the overall edge, but there are polls that show both candidates in the lead.

It’s anybody’s race, and the final separation between Perdue and Ossoff could come down to the early votes that have already been cast.

We know that many Peach State bettors are foaming at the mouth to take advantage of these US Senate election odds, but betting on politics in Georgia can only occur via one venue – offshore sportsbook sites.

Even if you see political odds posted at a domestic book, they won’t take bets on them for a variety of reasons.

That’s why we suggest using the top USA betting sites that we list on this site. They are not only the best sportsbooks for betting on politics, but they are also the only place that you can actually place a bet on election outcomes.

If you are interested in laying some action on the Georgia Senate Runoff and Special Election, don’t hesitate, because when a winner is declared, all bets are off.

Source: Savannah Morning News