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Manny Pacquaio looks to keep his title over Keith Thurman

Pacman fight

This weekend we will see boxing legend Manny Pacquaio (PH) take on the undefeated Keith Thurman (USA) at the MGM Grand Garden Arena in Las Vegas, Nevada. Oddsmakers are currently favoring Pacquiao but not by much.

This match-up could be the biggest boxing match of the year or at least the fight card carrying the most hype. Pacquiao is one of the most cherished fighters to ever step into the ring, and he has held the multiple championship belts to prove it. Thurman is a rising star coming off an injury that set him back two years. A win against Pacquiao could send him right back to the top.

Manny Pacquiao

Manny Pacquiao is ten years older than Keith Thruman, but he has not seemed to slow down yet. Pacquiao is the only eight-division world champion in the history of boxing, and he has also added twelve major titles to his record. In the late 2000s Manny’s popularity soared so much that the Boxers Writing Association of America named Manny the “Fighter of the Decade” for the 2000’s.  

Manny has only seven losses and two draws over his career, but two of his losses have happened in the last five years, one against Floyd Mayweather Jr. (May 2, 2015) and another against Jeff Horn (July 2, 2017).

Manny’s huge success has made him very popular in the Philippines. He has been known to give money to those in need, and his good graces have landed him a position in the Philippines Senate. However, judging by his recent twitter activity it looks like he is ready for the challenge.

Keith Thurman

Keith Thurman is known for his knockout power, so much so that his nickname is “One Time”. He is considered to have one of the hardest punches in the welterweight division.

Thurman began his amateur career in 1997 and was trained by Benjamin Getty who was known for his work with Sugar Ray Leonard. Thurman made his professional debut in Tampa, Florida in 2007. Twenty-nine fights later he is still undefeated and looking for another belt.

This fight may be different considering that Thurman is coming off an unimpressive decision against Joseito Lopez in January. In 2017 Thurman had to have surgery on his right elbow and had to miss six months of training. Thurman would eventually have to relinquish his WBC title but made it back into the ring in January of 2019 for his fight against Lopez.

Betting On The Fight

US residents can bet on the Pacquiao vs. Thurman fight in several different ways. Some states are now offering sports betting on events such as professional boxing, but others have the online option.

Online sportsbooks licensed to service the US betting market is allowed in 48 of 50 states excluding Connecticut and Washington. The sportsbooks listed in our legal online sports betting guide are all regulated by a governing body and submit to compliance checks to assure no funny business.

Below you will see the fight card, odds, and prop bets for the fight. These odds could change before tomorrow nights fight, so if you see something you like, it is best to go ahead and lock it in.

BetOnline Match-up Odds and Props

Thurman, Keith vs Pacquiao, Manny
Goes the Distance

Yes: -300      
No: +240

Thurman, Keith vs Pacquiao, Manny
Method of Victory

Thurman, Keith by Decision: +185     
Thurman, Keith by KO, TKO or DQ: +550     
Pacquiao, Manny by Decision: +145     
Pacquiao, Manny by KO, TKO or DQ: +450     
Draw: +1600

Thurman, Keith vs. Pacquiao, Manny
Pacquiao, Manny – Round Betting

Pacquiao, Manny Round 1: +5000   
Pacquiao, Manny Round 2: +4000   
Pacquiao, Manny Round 3: +4000   
Pacquiao, Manny Round 4: +3300   
Pacquiao, Manny Round 5: +3300   
Pacquiao, Manny Round 6: +2800   
Pacquiao, Manny Round 7: +2800   
Pacquiao, Manny Round 8: +3300   
Pacquiao, Manny Round 9: +3300   
Pacquiao, Manny Round 10: +4000   
Pacquiao, Manny Round 11: +4000   
Pacquiao, Manny Round 12: +5000   
Pacquiao, Manny on Points: +145     
Draw: +1600   

Thurman, Keith vs. Pacquiao, Manny
Round Group Betting

Thurman, Keith in Round 1 to 3: +2500   
Thurman, Keith in Round 4 to 6: +1600   
Thurman, Keith in Round 7 to 9: +1600   
Thurman, Keith in Round 10 to 12: +2200   
Thurman, Keith on Points: +185     
Pacquiao, Manny in Round 1 to 3: +2200   
Pacquiao, Manny in Round 4 to 6: +1400   
Pacquiao, Manny in Round 7 to 9: +1400   
Pacquiao, Manny in Round 10 to 12: +2200   
Pacquiao, Manny on Points: +145     
Draw: +1600   

Thurman, Keith vs. Pacquiao, Manny
Thurman, Keith – Round Betting

Thurman, Keith Round 1: +5000   
Thurman, Keith Round 2: +5000   
Thurman, Keith Round 3: +4000   
Thurman, Keith Round 4: +4000   
Thurman, Keith Round 5: +4000   
Thurman, Keith Round 6: +3300   
Thurman, Keith Round 7: +3300   
Thurman, Keith Round 8: +4000   
Thurman, Keith Round 9: +4000   
Thurman, Keith Round 10: +4000   
Thurman, Keith Round 11: +5000   
Thurman, Keith Round 12: +5000   
Thurman, Keith on Points: +185
Draw: +1600