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Moon Launch Odds Surface At USA Sportsbook Sites Amid Delays

Moon launch odds arrive at top USA sportsbook sites.

USA entertainment betting has taken on new territory with a great leap into the cosmos. It is not the first time these sportsbooks have featured odds on the Second Space Age. Unfortunately, alien invasion lines are hardly a safe bet.

A planned moon landing, on the other hand, now that is money!

America’s Waiting Game To Pay Off

NASA’s Artemis 1 mission did not take off as planned, due to technical delays identified just before launch. Monday’s unmanned flight was intended to be the first of several test launches leading up to a later mission that will put people back on the moon.

Some have speculated that the ship will take off on Friday, but there has been no confirmation from NASA. Because the public is still unclear on exactly what hindered the launch, spectators have been left to wonder what comes next. 

Bill Nelson, an administrator for NASA addressed journalists at a news conference at the Kennedy Space Center. Cornered by the presses for a clear launch date, he said, 

“This is a brand-new rocket. It’s not going to fly until it’s ready.”

Because this flight is a trial run for the Orion spacecraft, any critical errors must be corrected before this launch. Any malfunctions that occur while the spacecraft is already in orbit could put NASA several years behind schedule.

Regardless of when Artemis 1 takes flight, what we do know is that astronauts will eventually make their return to our most beloved planetoid. Though, it may take a while.

The world eagerly awaits America’s first moon landing in over fifty years. In the meantime, the best USA sportsbook sites have published betting lines so that all of us terrestrials can get in on the fun. 

Betting On The Moon Landing

The odds are as follows:

First to Step on Moon 

  • Female -120
  • Person of Color -120

Will “One small step for man” be said 

  • No -900
  • Yes +500

One of the most exciting aspects of NASA’s latest space exploration project is that it will be the first aimed at putting women and people of color on the moon.

Both have equally placed odds of being the first to step foot on the moon. But who is to say that this person couldn’t check both of these boxes.

With that considered, it seems highly unlikely that the first woman and/or person of color would say “One Small Step For Man,” upon first making contact on the moon. 

Negating gender, repeated quotes are not exactly the type of content that gets featured in history books.

The Tokens We Leave Behind

What will they leave on the Moon? 

  • Flag +500
  • Pepsi Can +600
  • Time Capsule +900
  • Plant +1000
  • Book +2500
  • Cash +3300
  • Hat +5000
  • Bottle of Booze +10000
  • Covid Mask +10000
  • Picture of Joe Biden +10000

While the above lines have an air of comedy to them, these odds are the most lucrative of them all. You can probably ignore selections like the Pepsi Can and Picture of Joe Biden, as NASA tends to avoid partisanship and brand deals. 

However, the suggestions that stand out most for what will be left on the moon are the plants and the time capsule. In defense of plants being brought to the moon, studies have already proven that some vegetation can grow in lunar soil. 

Still, the moon’s atmosphere is severely lacking in terms of carbon dioxide–one of the primary chemicals needed for plant life to flourish. Without a foolproof plan for keeping it alive, it is hard to imagine that we would choose a plant as our planet’s memento.

A time capsule, on the other hand, is far more likely to withstand the climate on the moon. Unfortunately, it isn’t as much of a stride for mankind. 

Before this first launch delay, NASA informed the public that a manned flight will not be ready for takeoff until at least 2025. On the bright side, these lengthy waiting periods are what make the prices on futures odds worth your while.

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Odds Courtesy of BetOnline

Source: New York Times