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PGA Tour’s The Match: Champions For Charity Pits Brady & Mickelson Vs. Woods & Manning

Mickelson, Woods, Brady, & Manning in a composite shot with the The Match logo in front

Sports betting enthusiasts who are eager to wager on golf will have something to whet their appetites this Sunday when two of the best professional golfers today pair up with two of the greatest NFL quarterbacks of all time for the PGA Tour’s The Match: Champions For Charity event.   

Tiger Woods and Peyton Manning will face off against Phil Mickelson and Tom Brady in an 18-hole match of golf to support a variety of Coronavirus related charities.

PGA Tour Champions For Charity: The Match

  • Medalist Golf Club, Jupiter, FL
  • Sunday, May 24 at 2 PM
  • TV: TNT, TBS, truTV, and HLN

Many of the best USA sportsbook sites have introduced odds for the event, but none have gone all-in on PGA’s The Match quite like MyBookie has. Most sportsbooks merely offered odds on the winning team, but MyBookie has dug deep into their golf bag to come up with a plethora of lines sure to keep bettors entertained leading up to the first tee-off.

PGA Tour’s The Match: Champions For Charity

Which Team Will Win?

  • Tiger Woods / Peyton Manning -215
  • Phil Mickelson / Tom Brady +175

Tiger Woods and Peyton Manning are favored to win, and a wager of $215 on their chances will be required to earn a payout of $100. Woods has stepped his game up lately, winning his first major tournament in 11 years at the 2019 Masters in Augusta, Georgia.

So how do the rules work for the 18-hole match-play game work? The Sporting News is reporting that the first 9 holes will use the best score between the two members of each team. The back nine will work the same way, but will award a variable shot handicap to Brady and Manning that will be determined prior to each hole.

Who Will Get The Most Birdies?

  • Tiger Woods -135
  • Phil Mickelson -105

Will Hole 18 Be Played?

  • Yes -130
  • No +100

There are available odds on what attire the players will wear. Tiger Woods is known for his day-4 red shirts to bring out his best, but will he need to break it out of the closet for Sunday’s match? The odds suggest that he will.

The odds also predict that Brady will not wear a Super Bowl ring. Perhaps it will disrupt his swing, but it could have a damaging impact on Manning’s game, as Peyton is sure to have some ring-envy of Brady who is working on his second hand now.

Will Tom Brady Wear A Super Bowl Ring?

  • Yes +450
  • No -900

Will Tiger Woods Wear A Red Shirt?

  • Yes -270
  • No +180

What Headgear Will Phil Mickelson Wear?

  • Head Visor -150
  • Baseball Style Cap +110

Which Logo Will Be On Front Of Tom Brady’s Hat?

  • Tb12 -400
  • Tampa Buccaneers +250

There are betting lines for who will win holes one through eighteen, and what team will lead at the midway mark. After that, it gets a little wild with the prop bets, as odds are offered on a variety of on-screen activities that include spiking a golf ball or mentioning idiotic football-related phrases.

As professional sports resume play over the coming weeks, be sure to keep up with the latest in USA sportsbook site developments for the best online betting opportunities. Remaining odds for The PGA Tour’s The Match: Challenge For Charity are below.   

What Team Will Win Hole #1?

  • Woods & Manning Win Hole #1 -140
  • Mickelson & Brady Win Hole #1 +100

What Team Will Lead After 9 Holes?

  • Woods & Manning Lead After 9 Holes -165
  • Mickelson & Brady Lead After 9 Holes +125

First Player To Have A Football Highlight Shown

  • Peyton Manning (During Broadcast) +100
  • Tom Brady (During Broadcast) -130

1st Golfer Shown Highlighting Masters Green Jacket On

  • Tiger Woods (During Broadcast) -400
  • Phil Mickelson (During Broadcast) +250

Total Commercials By Peyton Manning During Broadcast

  • Over 1.5 +110
  • Under 1.5 -150

Will The Word ‘Audible’ Be Said By Any Player?

  • Yes (During Broadcast) +135
  • No (During Broadcast) -175

Will The Word ‘Deflate’ Be Said By Any Player?

  • Yes (During Broadcast) +125
  • No (During Broadcast) -165

Will The Word ‘Gronk’ Be Said By Any Player?

  • Yes (During Broadcast) -230
  • No (During Broadcast) +170

Will The Word ‘Belichick’ Be Said By Any Player?

  • Yes (During Broadcast) +200
  • No (During Broadcast) -300

Will The Word ‘Omaha’ Be Said By Any Player?

  • Yes (During Broadcast) +170
  • No (During Broadcast) -250

Will The Lombardi Trophy Be Seen During Broadcast?

  • Yes -330
  • No +220

Will Any Player Spike A Football (During Broadcast)?

  • Yes +350
  • No -600

Will Any Player Spike Golf Ball During Broadcast?

  • Yes +170
  • No -250

How Many Holes Will Be Conceded?

  • Over 2.5 Holes +200
  • Under 2.5 Holes -300