NFL Betting For USA Residents

USA Football LogoThe National Football League is far and away the most popular and most bet on professional sports league in the United States. In fact, it is estimated that Americans bet nearly $5 billion on just the Super Bowl each year.

If you are interested in betting on the Super Bowl or NFL games this season, then buckle up that chinstrap because we want to plow through and stiff-arm the sketchy betting sites by providing you with only the best legal online sportsbooks available to residents in the United States.

Best NFL Betting Site
For USA Players

Top Rated USA SiteNFL football games see some of the highest levels of betting action from among all of the sports and events that are covered at any sportsbook, including Bovada. Bovada offers a robust NFL betting section that spans a wide range of betting lines and wagering options, including futures, the playoffs, the Super Bowl and the NFL Draft. You'll find prop bets, live betting, in-play betting, parlays, and many other options. When it comes to NFL betting, Bovada has a comprehensive approach.

New players are eligible for Bovada's welcome bonus that offers a 50% match bonus up to $250 on your first deposit. Reload bonuses are frequently offered throughout the NFL season for return bettors. The fact that Bovada accepts Bitcoin deposits and processes Bitcoin withdrawals makes account funding extremely simple for USA residents. They welcome players from across the US, with the exception of Delaware, Maryland, New Jersey, and Nevada.

Top USA Sportsbooks
Offering NFL Betting Lines

Site NameCurrent BonusU.S.Visit Site
Bovada Logo50% Max $250USA Friendly SportsbookVisit Site
Betonline Logo50% Max $1,000USA Friendly SportsbookVisit Site
MyBookie Logo100% Max $1,000USA Friendly SportsbookVisit Site
Review Logo50% Max $1,000USA Friendly SportsbookVisit Site
Bookmaker Logo50% Max $500USA Friendly SportsbookVisit Site
xbet logo100% Max $300USA Friendly SportsbookVisit Site

Is it legal to bet on NFL games online in the US?

LegalitiesThere are no federal laws in the United States that prevent residents from placing online bets on NFL games through reputable offshore sportsbooks that are operating legally within the industry.

In addition, states have begun legalizing sports betting following the repeal of PASPA by the U.S. Supreme Court in May 2018, paving the way for wagering on sports to be taxed at the federal and state level and legally offered and located on U.S. soil.

This process has been a slow one and only a few states have opted to legalize and offer sports betting within state lines. Most states are taking a wait-and-see approach before committing to legislation. Also, states that have legalized sports betting may not be allowed to offer online or mobile betting and may only have limited betting lines available for the NFL and other sports.

A Step By Step Guide For Betting On NFL Games

Betting on football in the United States is safe and easy to do. Just follow our walkthrough in this step-by-step guide, and you’ll be betting real money on the NFL in no time.


Step 1: Sign up

Visit any of the betting sites we recommend and check out the odds and lines on NFL games to see which you prefer. Once you have decided on a sportsbook, enter in all the required information to verify who you are on the sign-up page.

Step 2: Deposit

Determine how much you’d like to deposit and the method you’d like to use whether it be via card, wire transfer, or cryptocurrency, which is the most popular method to bet online by far.

Step 3: View NFL lines and odds

The sites we recommend offer numerous games and sports to wager money on, but for this guide, go to the sports section and then click on the football tab to see all the current NFL betting lines available and the odds displayed for each line.


Withdraw options

Step 4: Place bet

Once you see a betting line you like for an NFL games, team, or player, then choose the type of bet you’d like to make and look at the odds to see how much you need to wager (ex. -110 means 110 units needed to win 100 units, +110 means 100 units needed to win 110 units).

Step 5: Request a withdrawal

When you win, you have two options: You can keep playing to increase your bankroll or request a withdrawal. To withdraw funds, go to your account and select the withdraw option. Allow the sportsbooks some time to process the transaction (typically 1-3 days depending on the site) to receive your winnings.

NFL Odds To Win Super Bowl 54

NFL Teams With Best Odds To Win Conference Titles

AFC Conference

  • New England Patriots +325
  • Kansas City Chiefs +350
  • Cleveland Browns +600

NFC Conference

  • Los Angeles Rams +425
  • New Orleans Saints +425
  • Chicago Bears +650

Understanding NFL Betting Lines And Odds

If you’re an experienced with betting on the NFL, then you’re probably familiar with all the different types of bets you can make, but if you’re a beginner, it’s important to know what you’re betting on before placing real money on NFL betting lines.

Here are three examples of the most common NFL betting lines you’ll see at an online sportsbook, and the ones we recommend wagering on to consistently increase your bankroll.

Point Spread

Teams                                 Spread (Odds)

New England Patriots         -8 (-110)
New York Jets                     +8 (-110)

The bottom team is always the home team. Negative numbers are assigned to the favorite and positive numbers are given to the underdog. In this example:

To win a bet on the Patriots, 110 units are needed to win 100 units, and the Patriots must win by 9 or more points.

To win a bet on the Jets, 110 units are needed to win 100 units, and the Jets can either with the game by any margin or lose by no more than 7 points.

Money Line

Teams                                     Money Line

New England Patriots         -400

New York Jets                      +300

The money line is a wager solely on which team will win the game. Only the odds are displayed, and the team with the negative number is the favorite while the team with the positive number is the underdog. In this example:

To win a bet on the Patriots, 400 units are needed to win 100 units, and the Patriots must win the game.

To win a bet on the Jets, 100 units are needed to win 300 units, and the Jets must win the game.

Total (Over/Under)

New England Patriots at New York Jets

O/U                 Total Points      (Odds)

Over               47.0                   (-105)
Under             47.0                   (-115)

For an Over/Under bet, a set number of points is given by the sportsbook, and a bet must be placed on whether the total points scored by both teams at the end of a game will go over or under the set number. In this example:

To win a bet on the Over, 105 units are needed to win 100 units, and the total points scored by both teams must be 48 points or more.

To win a bet on the Under, 115 units are needed to win 100 units, the total points scored by both teams must be 46 points or fewer.

NFL Live Betting

Live in-game wagering is a revolution in the NFL betting market. Traditionally, when you bet on a football game, your wagers must be submitted before the start of the contest in question. Live NFL betting does away with that, letting fans immerse themselves in the action by betting on straights, spreads, over/unders, and select props throughout the game as they shift in real time.

Live betting benefits everyone in the NFL equation: fans, bettors, and the league itself. For the NFL, live betting’s perks include more audience engagement, higher viewership numbers, and overall better ratings. For fans and bettors, the benefits of live betting are more specific and granular.

Benefits Of Live Betting

  • Get HUNDREDS of extra bets per game – Live NFL betting adds literally hundreds of wagers to each game’s docket. Because lines refresh every few minutes to reflect the action on the field, you’ll never run out of opportunities to maximize your bankroll.
  • Hedge your bets – If you place a pre-game bet and your favored team comes out looking flatter than you’d like, you can hedge that bet by picking the other side on a live line. Sure, your original pick might still win, but a guaranteed wash is sometimes the right play.
  • Recoup early losses – For countless reasons, sometimes it becomes clear early in an NFL matchup that your pre-game pick isn’t going to win. Live betting lets you put money on the other team so you can recoup some or all of your expected losses.
  • Recover from injuries – A “sure thing” might turn into a major fiasco if a key player is injured in an NFL game. Live betting lets you make new bets on lines and odds that reflect that injury. It’s like a trip to the sideline medical tent for your bankroll!
  • Get bigger payouts on favorites – If a pre-game favorite is -135 straight up and finds itself in an early 14-0 hole, their line might move to +165 or so. If you think they’re still likely to win, you can make a lot more money betting on that outcome in-game at much longer odds.
  • Double down on locks – Live NFL betting allows you to double down on good pre-game picks. If your team is favored at -3.5 and scores three unanswered TDs in the first quarter, you might decide that you should have risked more than you did at the outset. With live betting, you can!
  • Play the middle – Playing the middle is an advanced tactic that in-game NFL betting facilitates. Before a given game, let’s say you bet on Team A at -7 to win, and they start racking up the points. Team B’s odds might shift from +7 to +12.5. You can now bet on Team B to cover, and if Team A wins by 10 points, you’d win both sides of the bet!

Important 2019/20 NFL Dates


July 15: Franchise Player Deadline.
July 22: Signing period ends for Transition Players.
July 22: Signing period ends for free agents.
Aug. 6: Deadline for players to report to their clubs.
Aug. 8-9: First Preseason Weekend.
Aug. 15-19: Second Preseason Weekend.
Aug. 22-25: Third Preseason Weekend.
Aug. 29: Final Preseason Games.
Aug. 31: Clubs must reduce rosters to 53 players.
Sept. 5, 8-9: Regular Season Week 1.
Oct. 29: All trading ends for 2019.
Dec. 29: Final Week of Regular Season.


Jan. 4-5: Wild Card Playoffs.
Jan. 11-12: Divisional Playoffs.
Jan. 19: AFC and NFC Championship Games.
Jan. 26: NFL Pro Bowl.
Feb. 2: Super Bowl LIV, Hard Rock Stadium, South Florida.
April 23-25: NFL Draft, Las Vegas, Nevada.

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