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Caesars Makes First Steps to Solidify AZ College Sports Betting

Arizona sportsbooks

With recent expansion in Arizona gambling legislation, commercial sportsbooks have been rapidly moving their way into the state. Arizona’s approval of state-based sports betting was an open-armed embrace, opting to regulate the industry with little restriction.

Included in the deal was also a provision to authorize betting on college sports. Although college sports betting is largely prohibited in the US, the Copper State decided to accept the inevitable.

New Caesars Partnership

Because Arizona is one of the first states to allow betting on college sports, they are also the first to see major partnerships between sportsbooks and NCAA-affiliated organizations.

On Monday, August 23, Caesars Entertainment and The Fiesta Bowl Organization announced their recent partnership. Under the multi-year deal, Caesars Entertainment will operate multiple lounges at both the Fiesta Bowl and Guaranteed Rate Bowl.

As big as the world of professional sports is in the US, there is significant untapped potential in terms of college sports betting. Many people feel a personal connection to their college teams, whether for nostalgia or territorial pride.

With backing from the largest gaming entertainment company in the US leading this pursuit, Arizona residents can be confident in this expansion

However, Caesars only recently launched their sportsbook. Such money moves require massive investment on Caesars’ part, there is no doubting their commitment. But might they be in over their heads?

Great Power, Great Responsibility

Legal sports betting will kick off in Arizona on September 9th. While the Fiesta Bowl and Guaranteed Rate Bowl don’t happen until the postseason, Caesars is only giving itself a few months to get this gig up and going. In addition to this huge responsibility, Caesars is in the midst of securing several other deals.

Taking on the endeavor of college sports betting is huge and will likely reflect on the entire industry. If Caesars Entertainment wants to be a trailblazer, they will have to pour their focus and resources into this huge project.

Not only will the group face the obstacles of launching these lounges in time, but they will also have to be prepared for the criticisms to come. Hosting betting lines for a sport whose players generally aren’t of age to bet will undoubtedly draw opposition. The question is whether they can take it.

Offshore betting sites don’t have to worry about such criticisms because they don’t operate with US oversight. You can bet on just about anything using a reputable offshore sportsbook, college sports included.

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