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Betting On Big Spending: Why Ben Affleck Won’t Help WynnBet

Ben Affleck and Wynn Sportsbooks

With domestic sports betting taking off in more than half of America’s 50 states, sportsbooks and casinos alike are pooling their funds for star-studded promotions.

WynnBet Welcomes Ben Affleck

Most recently, WynnBet unveiled an advertising campaign sponsored by the likes of Ben Affleck and Shaquille O’Neal. The entertainment group is expecting to spend over $100 million in advertising leading up to and throughout the NFL betting season.

Wynn Resorts isn’t the only sportsbook operator booking big names for such promotions. When Caesar’s Sportsbook was unveiled in early August, it made headlines with promotional videos featuring JB Smoove and Patton Oswald.

But are these celebrity endorsements enough to bring in new players? Enough to keep the veteran bettors onboard?

What Domestic Sportsbooks Lack

Domestic sportsbooks can try to establish their legitimacy by associating themselves with household names, but that doesn’t change the restrictions on their gameplay.

Retail sports betting is not yet available to all fifty states. For the states that have opted to authorize sports betting, the legislation is complicated and varies in each region. Some domestic sports betting states don’t even allow commercial sportsbook operations.

That being said, offshore online and USA mobile sportsbooks sites have historically been the primary option for sports bettors in the United States. While domestic sportsbooks may dominate the TV screens, they have always been second in line behind offshore sportsbooks.

Legislation And Sports Betting

Offshore betting has been around long before the PASPA Act. Some operators have several decades’ worth of experience in the game and know their clientele.

Many offshore sportsbook providers also offer casino games like slots, baccarat, and even poker. This is outside of the realm of possibility for domestic sportsbooks like WynnBet or Caesars.

It is because many state legislators passed sports betting laws in their state under the condition that it was made distinct from other sorts of gambling. To some seasoned sports bettors, the two subjects seem to go hand in hand. This is why offshore sportsbooks are ideal for this crowd.

No amount of pricey advertising that can make legislators agree to online gambling for domestic providers. Without the need for Congressional or state approval, these offshore legal sportsbooks function seamlessly between states and are available in nearly all fifty of them.

The Real Rivals

Domestic sportsbooks like WynnBet and Caesars can front like they’re the rising stars of the online betting industry but they know who they are really up against.

As in-person betting and casino play dwindle, these sportsbooks are trying to reassert their presence with online platforms. It seems they are trying to poach players from offshore servers, but regular sports bettors know where they belong.

If Ben Affleck can’t change that, then nobody can.