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Derby Pole Positions Cement Early Odds


With the 2018 Kentucky Derby right around the corner, it is time to get your wagers in for the first jewel of the Triple Crown. The 20 pole positions for the race have been announced meaning sportsbook odds are in place. The pole position and associated odds are as follows (odds could vary slightly pending the sportsbook)

  1. Firenze Fire; 50-1
  2. Free Drop Billy; 30-1
  3. Promises Fulfilled; 30-1
  4. Flameaway; 30-1
  5. Audible; 8-1
  6. Good Magic; 12-1
  7. Justify; 3-1
  8. Lone Sailor; 50-1
  9. Hofburg; 20-1
  10. My Boy Jack; 30-1
  11. Bolt d’Oro; 8-1
  12. Enticed; 30-1
  13. Bravazo; 50-1
  14. Mendelssohn; 5-1
  15. Instilled Regard; 50-1
  16. Magnum Moon; 6-1
  17. Solomini; 30-1
  18. Vino Rosso; 12-1
  19. Noble Indy; 30-1
  20. Combatant; 50-1

As you can see, there are certain horses to watch. Justify, the heavy favorite is up against a 135-year-old jinx known as the Apollo Curse. Simply put, it has been 135 years since a horse that did not race at the age of 2 won a Kentucky Derby. Bob Baffert, Justify’s trainer, is not so much worried about the curse as he is about his competition. In fact, Baffert was relieved to see Justify slated at #7 versus one of the worse starting spots.

Audible is another horse to watch. A fan-favorite, Audible lands at the #5 pole and has decent odds of winning. Some analysts believe Audible has the better odds because of his spot. 10 horses out of gate #5 have won the Kentucky Derby in years past. 21 horses have finished in the money. The only other positions better than #5, statically speaking, are Posts 2 and 10. However, Free Drop Billy and My Boy Jack are both listed at 30-1 despite their historical starting spots.

Most bettors, trainers, and analysts consider the outside positions amongst the worst. #17 has never seen a Derby winner, though horses out of this gate have finished in the money. Posts 18-20 haven’t fared much better in terms of producing winners. Out of these last 4 positions, Vino Rosso stands the best chances of breaking the mold and finishing in a decent position.

It all truly boils down to the training of the horse and the jockeys riding them. Starting positions affect just that—the start. The scrum at the beginning of the race is where the few break out and the rest of the pack gets left behind. A pole position is not a make-or-break factor for most horses. For example, Justify is projected to be a winner because of the training that went into his preparations. His pole position only helps his odds. If you are interested in betting on the 2018 Kentucky Derby, don’t let the pole positions throw you out of whack. Be sure to research the horses, trainers, and jockeys before making a decision. Our guide to the best online USA-friendly sportsbooks will help direct you to the most trusted sites that offer Kentucky Derby horse betting.