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Florida on Track to Kick Off Legal Sports Betting in October

Florida Sportsbook launch

In nearly four months since the compact’s signing, the Federal Government has officially ratified the Florida Seminole Gaming Compact. In doing so, the Seminole Tribe and the state of Florida have recovered their decades-long relationship.

Reinstating Paused Payments

Back in 2019, the Tribe had terminated their yearly payments due to an unsettled conflict with the state. Although Governor Ron DeSantis made a few abrasive remarks when given the news, the two entities negotiated for over two years. After losing nearly $700 million in casino payments over the debacle, the state gave in. But the 21 million residents in Florida got a win out of the deal too: legal sports betting.

While the details were largely in the air for several months, it is now confirmed that residents will have access to both land-based and online sports betting. What this means for mobile sports betting ventures is still unclear.

Under the compact, the Seminole Tribe will organize and oversee all sportsbook operations. The Tribe will also be obligated to partner with three pari-mutuels or pool betting groups.

The deal will be valid for the next thirty years and the state is set to receive up to $6 billion in casino payments by 2030.

Out of the Frying Pan, Into the Courtroom

Despite the victory for Floridians, the gaming compact still has its enemies. In lieu of the gambling expansion, several groups have posed legal challenges in Florida courts.

A group called No Casinos is rallying to have the compact overturned, citing Amendment 3. The 2018 law designates Florida’s constituents as the only power capable of expanding gambling in the state.

Even so, it doesn’t seem like residents have any qualms with the expansion. In fact, the positive reception of this compact in the state has prompted many commercial casinos and sportsbooks to stick their hand in the pot.

DraftKings and FanDuel are just two of the major corporations looking to get lucky with Florida. The commercial sportsbooks are actively spearheading two constitutional amendment campaigns to expand gambling even further.

Should You Bet at a Seminole Sportsbook?

Considering the ongoing mess of this legislation, Florida’s sports betting operations may not be the best option come October. Of course, everyone should check it out for the novelty, but it’s not where you should put your money.

The Seminole sportsbooks will absolutely be legit. Nonetheless, it is impossible to guess whether they will remain in operation throughout the entirety of these legal challenges.

We’ll always advise you to keep your money safe, so stick with a sportsbook you know! Our favorite online sportsbooks have been in business for several decades. They’re 100% legal and operate without scrutiny from commercial casinos or anti-gamblers.