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Surefire Props For The Super Bowl

Super Bowl 52 Logo on a football field

More and more prop bets have emerged on USA sportsbook sites as the Super Bowl gets closer. These betting lines provide an interesting betting experience that rivals the standard wagering options. For example, you can bet on alternate point spreads, specific game and points occurrences, the halftime performance with Justin Timberlake, National Anthem with Pink and even the Super Bowl broadcast. With all these options, it is easy to get lost in the Super Bowl prop storm. Our team of sports gambling analysts have picked out some props that are a little more realistic.

Some interesting props that are more game performance related include betting on whether a team scores in the first 7 minutes and 30 seconds of the game, or whether a team scores at all in the first quarter. The first bet is not likely because an entire drive could take more than 7 minutes and 30 seconds, especially when you have 2 strong defenses on the field. You will find team-specific bets like betting on the New England Patriots to score in the first quarter. You should stay away from this wager. If the Patriots end up with the ball first, they certainly possess the ability to score, but history is simply not on their side. In all 7 of their previous Super Bowl appearances, the New England Patriots have never scored in the first quarter. Coach Bill Belichick was asked about this stat on Media Day, but gave a typical Belichick answer stating that the Patriots try to score with every opportunity. Simply put, avoid any lines regarding the Patriots scoring first.

Betting on which half will have a higher score is another common Super Bowl prop. According to the lore of the Patriots’ inability to score in the first half, betting on the second half is a better wager. Fourth-quarter Tom Brady is capable of some incredible things. For example, they put up 14 in the fourth quarter of the AFC Championship against the Jacksonville Jaguars. This game is already expected to be close, so betting on the second half to have more action is much safer.

The Eagles have a better chance of scoring first, so you can take that prop bet if you like, but perhaps a safer one would be betting on their avenue to the end zone. You can place an over/under wager on how many rushing yards the Eagles’ rush gets. With LeGarrette Blount, Jay Ajayi and Corey Clement active in this game, and the fact that the Eagles have trouble stopping the run, we’d recommend taking the over. Speaking of Ajayi, betting on him to have to have over 24.5 receiving yards is another solid wager. Ajayi posted receiving yardage over 25 in each of the Eagles postseason games. The Patriots already have problems blocking the rush, so keeping track of pass-prone running backs is even tougher.

Another wager to seriously consider applies to penalties. When trying to pick between which team will be penalized more, take the Philadelphia Eagles. The Patriots bait others into penalties far more times than they commit any. They were only flagged once in the AFC Championship, whereas the Eagles are one of the more penalized teams in the league this year. Coach Doug Pederson has no doubt informed his team to be aware of penalties, but everything changes once the game starts.

The Super Bowl betting market wouldn’t be what it is without props, but it is better to stay within the lines of reality, especially if you are adding props to your normal wagers. It would be unfortunate to win a moneyline or point spread bet, but then lose all your winnings based on some odd props. Props are just like other wagers in that they should be placed based on statistics and history. Sure, some of the more odd ones are fun, but don’t bet your whole bankroll on them.