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USA Sportsbook Sites Debut American Idol Season 20 Odds, Leah Favored To Take All

American Idol top 3

American Idol’s 20th season will be coming to its bittersweet end this Sunday. Everything has come down to three finalists, all of whom are preparing for the evening’s last performances.

The season so far has been full of surprises. Several contestants that didn’t make the cut had already amassed minor cult followings within the community.

Many fans expressed heartbreak after last week’s episode when vocal powerhouses Fritz and Nicolina were voted out of the competition.

Betting On American Idol 20 Top Three

Still, the show must go on. And even though Leah Marlene is favored to take the title, nothing is as clear-cut as it seems. HunterGirl and Noah Thompson have the power of country music on their side, which carries more strength than one might think.

Fans that are sure of their vote can bet on American Idol odds for Season 20 at top USA sportsbook sites. But before you head over to place any wagers, we’ll break down the lines to help you get a better look at what is to come.

American Idol Season 20 Winner

  • Leah Marlene +125
  • Noah Thompson +180
  • HunterGirl +225

As stated before, Leah Marlene is expected to come out on top this season. On the show’s Reddit fan page, she has been lauded time and time again for demonstrating the most technique among the season’s contestants.

Her presence on stage stands out; she’s spunky, she’s poppy, and she’s fun. And in being that version of herself, Leah has won the hearts of American Idol’s most dedicated viewers.

Odds Narrow As Competition Intensifies

But Sunday’s finale won’t be a clean sweep for her. Leah’s competitors fall closely behind her on the entertainment betting lines. Noah Thompson, the proposed runner-up, could easily sneak in to steal the victory.

The country artist has received a lot of applause and seems to have been a fan favorite from the beginning. Against Leah, he stands a solid chance; his base is huge and consistent. Still, some Noah fans fear that he and HunterGirl will split the vote.

That could very well rock the boat and turn things in Leah’s favor. However, the voting format for this year remains unclear. In earlier years, votes were cast once to decide a winner.

But a change came about last year when bettors were asked to pick the top-two performers before selecting a winner.

Finale Marks An Evening To Remember

It seems like a clear win for Leah if HunterGirl can trump Noah Thompson with the country vote. If not, it could be somewhat of an uphill climb for Leah.

Still, Fritz and Nicolina’s fans are expected to rally behind her to the finish.

No matter the outcome, the American Idol Season 20 finale will be one to remember. The three-and-a-half-hour special will feature live performances by Carrie Underwood, Michael Bublé, Thomas Rhett, and many more.

American Idol’s judges will also hit the stage for brief performances that evening.

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Source: Variety, Taste Of Country