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Johnny Depp Verdict Odds Hit Top USA Sportsbook Sites

While the jury prepares to release its verdict, betting sites have odds on who will win the trial of Johnny Depp v. Amber Heard

A jury in Fairfax is preparing to deliver the decision of a lifetime as the defamation trial of Depp v. Heard settles into its final hours. After a long weekend of recess, the jurors have reconvened to decide who wins the case. 

In the court of the greater public opinion, it seems that Johnny Depp has already been absolved of any wrongdoings. #JusticeForJohnny has blown up across most social media platforms, even finding a home on Reddit with over 50,000 avid community members. 

Betting Lines Favor Depp

And in classic sportsbook fashion, Johnny Depp’s verdict odds have made appearances across several USA entertainment betting sites. The options are as follows: 

Will Johnny Depp Cry After Hearing The Jury’s Verdict?

Will Johnny Depp Look At Amber Heard After Hearing The Jury’s Verdict?

How Much Money Will Johnny Depp Be Awarded If He Wins The Trial?

Quite frankly, these Johnny Depp/Amber Heard odds read like easy money. Picking ‘No’ for whether Johnny Depp cries after hearing the jury’s verdict could turn a hefty sum. And it’s somewhat likely too. 

Tears, Fears, And Who Wins

If Johnny wins the case, there will be no tears. And, checking out that second line, he will most certainly look over at Amber Heard to catch a glimpse of her reaction. 

If Johnny loses the case, he will certainly cry on camera. Considering that Heard’s countersuit will directly follow the end of this case, it will be critical for Johnny to display raw emotion when given the opportunity to do so. 

Furthermore, he is unlikely to look at Heard in this scenario to emphasize his dissatisfaction with such an outcome. 

Regarding the last of these lines, it’s smartest to hit the under. Amber Heard, whose net worth falls somewhere between $2-3 million, could not plausibly pay out a full $50 million on the case. 

Unfortunately, these lines no longer appear at BetUS. Still, there’s a chance that these verdict odds could make a comeback. 

The Case Could Draw On

Even though the jurors have already entered the decision-making stages of the trial, it could take some time before a verdict is announced. 

In 1992, for example, a group of California jurors spent four months deliberating a criminal case and were only able to determine a verdict for 8 of the 35 counts against the defendant. 

It would be reasonable for legal online sports betting sites to resurface these odds as the topic surges in popularity in the coming weeks. 

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Source: The Washington Post