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USA Sportsbook Sites Host Gas Price Props As National Average Nearly Doubles

Online gas price odds

Less than two years ago, many American consumers reveled in the golden age of the pandemic. We may not have been in our “Glory Days” but everything was dirt cheap—including the gas.

Some found self-discovery in old-new hobbies like pottery, whittling, and gardening. If that wasn’t your bag, you could always go for a drive to clear your mind. Ah, to be in those times.

Still, anyone with a USA mobile sportsbook account could have bet that this era would soon have its end.

No one realized it would happen so fast.

The times have certainly changed. We’ve got a new president, a new war to worry about and, in light of it all, fuel prices have since doubled.

And as the nation reaches record-breaking highs almost every day, families and policymakers alike are each taking hits where it hurts most.

American Props At The Pump  

Consumers are making critical decisions right now. Unprecedented gas prices don’t change the hustle and bustle of one’s day-to-day life. People are having to find the money and swallow the cost, wherever it may come from.

Unfortunately, there is little that the Federal Government can do to curb this issue. Until a deal is made with another country like Venezuela, consumers have to bite the bullet.

But Americans aren’t at a dead end here; the best USA online sportsbooks have posted American inflation odds to give bettors a shot at earning back what they lose at the pump.

Gas Price Props Gas Price On July 4, 2022

  • Over $6.00 per Gallon -120
  • Under $6.00 per Gallon -120

CBS has previously reported that the national average could easily reach $5 per gallon. Gas prices in California have already surpassed that mark. A lot can happen in three months but, then again, it only took a few weeks to double our prices at home.

Highest Average Gas Price

  • California -300
  • Nevada +400
  • Hawaii +500
  • Oregon +500
  • Washington +600
  • New York +600
  • Illinois +600
  • Michigan +800

With these kinds of odds, it never hurts to bet on the favorite. California’s gas is consistently more expensive than in other states. The state’s fuel prices are proportionate to the higher wages earned by workers in the region.

Even so, a wild card like New York could still turn you a pretty penny if it wins.

Fuel Prices Hit Political Odds

However, gas prices make for interesting odds across the board. We’re interested to see how these increased costs will affect USA political betting odds.

Midterm Elections are only eight months away meaning that voters are choosing Primary candidates right now. Constituents are looking at the additional $2000 in gas costs projected for American households this year and are unhappy about it.

For Democratic incumbents, this whole thing is a disaster as Republicans are favored to take back the House and Senate.

Who will control the House in 2022?

  • Republicans -600
  • Democrats +350

2022 US Senate Elections

  • Republicans -400
  • Democrats +250

One way or another, Americans are in for a wild election season. So why not make some money off of it?

Gas Odds Courtesy of MyBookie
Political Odds Courtesy of BetOnline
Source: CBS News