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March Madness Prompts USA Legal Sportsbook Consideration In Kansas

Kansas betting online

USA March Madness betting has turned surprises at every corner this year. It’s the buzz that people can’t stop talking about. While some lament on their busted brackets, others are reveling in surprise at the success of some of the league’s most silent underdogs.

The Legal Betting Craze

More Americans are expected to bet on the 2022 NCAA DI Men’s Basketball Championship than any other sport in history, even surpassing action on Super Bowl LVI. And as these predictions begin to come of age, lawmakers are taking notice.

In Kansas, sports enthusiasts are celebrating as the Jayhawks have made it to the Sweet 16 matches. However, bettors have had to travel out of state to place domestic wagers on their favorite teams.

Others have taken to legal offshore sportsbooks to set their bets, a viable option for all US residents. Still, that doesn’t minimize the millions of dollars left on the table by lawmakers delaying the launch of legal sports betting in Kansas.

Coins For Kansas

One Kansas sports fan told Fox 4 the following,

“This is money that could be taxed on. This is money that could be coming straight to the city and they’re choosing to let it go outside of it because people are going to choose to do it anyway.”

To be frank, the state isn’t all that well-known for its sports teams. Nonetheless, the local fans are loyal and deserve every right to participate in the same action as everyone else.

That’s why lawmakers in the state Senate have revived HB2740. The proposal was tabled at the end of last year’s session when House Representatives got caught up in deliberating the document’s more minute details.

HB2740 would provide a domestic framework for legal online sports betting as well as in-person operations. Digital sportsbook operators would be subject to an 8% tax rate on all revenue while retail operators only have to give up a 5% stake.

Moreover, licensing privileges would be extended to both commercial and tribal operators, creating a diverse gaming infrastructure for the state.

Betting Bill Moves Forward

The bill was read at a House hearing on Tuesday morning, though further action has yet to be taken on the matter. Even so, lawmakers and residents alike are hopeful. HB2740 has been met with bipartisan support, a strength lacking in most legislation nowadays.

But legislators in Kansas are working on a bit of a time crunch. They have just two months to pass the bill before the session comes to an end. And while that may seem like a long time, state officials have several other measures of great importance to consider.

Then again, Midterm Elections are just around the corner. Incumbents are going to want to pass favorable legislation to gain voter support.

We’ll just have to see how it goes.

Source: Fox 4 KC