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2019 Super Bowl Odds: Sportsbooks with the Best Value on Rams-Patriots Bets

Super Bowl Logo on field

We’re just over a week away from the Los Angeles Rams taking on the New England Patriots in Super Bowl 53, and the game is already seeing a huge amount of action.

To help you find the best odds for your 2019 Super Bowl bet on the Rams-Patriots point spread, money line, or over/under, we’ve gathered the betting lines from each of our recommended USA sportsbooks on this year’s big game and rank your best betting options.

Because we don’t know which team or what type of bet you plan to make on Super Bowl 53, we decided to split each line into six different categories so you can see what the best point spread and money line for the Rams or the Patriots in addition to who has the best line on the total points scored for the over and the under.

Our team of industry professionals have produced reviews for the online sportsbooks listed in this article and graded them based on their security features, bonus options, banking methods, customer service, and other key features. To see the full details from each site and the updated Super Bowl odds, simply click on the links below.

Best Sportsbook for Your Bet on Super Bowl 53

Since getting more points on a spread or total points scored is more important, that’s what will be prioritized first and then the payout will follow. The reason for this is that the payout can’t lose your bet but a difference in the points can. The money line will simply display the best possible payout for a winning bet since it only takes the odds into consideration.

Best Point Spread: Patriots

  • GT Bets: -2.5 (-109)
  • BookMaker -2.5 (-110)
  • BetOnline: -2.5 (-112)
  • ag: -2.5 (-112)
  • Bovada: -3.0 (-105)

Analysis: GT Bets narrowly beats out the rest of the pack by offering (-109) or 109 units needed to win 100 units on the lowest point spread bet (-2.5) on the Patriots. If you think the Patriots will win by 4 or more than Bovada gives the best payout at (-105).

Best Point Spread: Rams

  • Bovada: +3.0 (-115)
  • BetOnline: +2.5 (-108)
  • ag: +2.5 (-108)
  • GT Bets: +2.5 (-109)
  • BookMaker +2.5 (-110)

Analysis: Bovada leads the way with an underdog bet (+3) on the Rams, though they do require 115 units to win 100 units but considering you can fall back on a push should the Patriots win by 3 points, it’s definitely worth having the extra half point. If you don’t need the extra half point, then either BetOnline or are the way to go with the (-108) payout they’re listing.

Best Money Line: Patriots

  • GT Bets: -133
  • BookMaker -140
  • BetOnline: -140
  • ag: -140
  • Bovada: -150

Analysis: If your bet is on the Patriots winning the game straight up, then GT Bets comes out in front, offering the lowest amount of 133 units to win 100 on the (-133) odds for the favorite.

Best Money Line: Rams

  • Bovada: +130
  • BetOnline: +120
  • ag: +120
  • BookMaker: +120
  • GT Bets: +113

Analysis: If you’re taking the underdog Rams to win the game outright, then Bovada is your best bet since they’re offering (+130) or 100 units need to win 130 units, which gives you a 30% return on investment should the Rams win.

Best Total: Over

  • BetOnline: O 57.0 (-110)
  • ag: O 57.0 (-110)
  • BookMaker: O 57.0 (-110)
  • Bovada: O 57.5 (-105)
  • GT Bets: O 57.5 (-109)

Analysis: For the total points scored in the Super Bowl, there is a three-way tie on the Over from BetOnline,, and BookMaker since they all offer the lowest points (57) to help you go over the total, give you the push option should it land on the total, and have the same payout of (-110).

Best Total: Under

  • GT Bets: U 57.5 (-109)
  • Bovada: U 57.5 (-115)
  • BetOnline: U 57.0 (-110)
  • ag: U 57.0 (-110)
  • BookMaker: U 57.0 (-110)

Analysis: If you’re thinking the combined total points scored will go under, then GT Bets comes out on top since your bet will win if total (57.5) at the end of the game is 57 or below, and they only require you to put down 109 units to win 100 units on the (-109) odds. Choosing GT Bets or Bovada makes 57 points and below a winning bet, while choosing the other three makes 57 points a push with 56 points and below a winning bet.