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Andy Reid Super Bowl Props At USA Sportsbook Sites

Andy Reid props

Super Bowl 57 is this weekend, and US online sportsbook sites are offering tons of proposition bets for this year’s contest; getting in on the action is the iconic coach of the Kansas City Chiefs, Andy Reid.  

This year the Super Bowl will feature the NFL’s two top teams, the Kansas City Chiefs and the Philadelphia Eagles. The irony in this matchup is that Chief’s head coach Andy Reid was once the head coach of the Eagles, who were consistently one of the best NFC teams but never won a Super Bowl.

However, Reid did lead his current team, the Kansas City Chiefs, to his first Super Bowl victory in 2020. The following year he led the Chiefs to another Super Bowl, where they lost 31 – 9 to the Tampa Bay Buccaneers

Betting On Super Bowl LVII

There are many ways to bet on Super Bowl 57, including game lines, props, specials, and parlays. While game lines are traditionally the most wagered-on aspect of the game, there are more prop odds available than any other odds offered for the big game. 

While many states have started legalizing domestic sports betting locations across the US, online sports betting is still the preferred way to bet on football or other sports due to its convenience and portability. 

Andy Reid Super Bowl Props

To capitalize on the Chief’s success with legendary coach Andy Reid, many online sportsbooks offer props on “Big Red.” 

While most of the props listed below are silly, Reid’s track record has inspired them in one way or another. For instance, the last time the Chiefs made the Super Bowl, the Punt/Kick/Pass video of Andy Reid was shown to the audience. He also often wears a Hawaiian-style shirt before or after the game.

The following odds are available at Bovada’s online sportsbook

Andy Reid Special: If the Chiefs win, will Andy Reid be doused in BBQ sauce after the game?

  • Yes +1600
  • No -15000

Andy Reid Special: – Will Andy Reid Wear Hawaiian Shirt During Super Bowl?

  • Yes +1600
  • No -15000

Andy Reid Special: Will he Eat Cheeseburger Before End of Super Bowl Broadcast?

  • Yes +650
  • No -1400

Andy Reid Special: Will the Words Burger or Cheeseburger be said by Andy Reid during the postgame interview?

  • Yes +165
  • No -220

Andy Reid Special: Will they mention or show a clip/picture of Andy Reid competing in Punt/Pass/Kick Contest?

  • Yes +115
  • No -150

Who Will Win Super Bowl 57?

Super Bowl 57 will be broadcast on FOX on February 12th, 2023, at 6:30 pm. Oddsmakers indicate that the Philadelphia Eagles are the favorite to win the game, but with a spread of 1.5 points, it is too close to predict who will likely win the game. The winner will be decided on the field and announced after the game.