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BetOnline’s 2021 NFL Draft Odds Predict Quarterbacks Selected Top Three Overall

will Trevor Lawrence be drafted first in 2021

The 2021 NFL Draft begins on Thursday, April 29, and online NFL betting sites are posting odds on which eligible college football players will be selected at the top of the first round.

Clemson quarterback Trevor Lawrence has long been the predicted first overall pick of the Jacksonville Jaguars, and the following betting line confirms those suspicions.

First Pick Of The 2021 NFL Draft

  • Trevor Lawrence -10000              
  • Zach Wilson +1200         
  • Justin Fields +2000         
  • Penei Sewell +3300        

When betting on the NFL Draft, the odds are often presented like they are above, in prop bet form. Oddsmakers are so certain that Trevor Lawrence will be the first pick of the 2021 NFL Draft that they have placed a -10000 money line on it happening.

That means that a wager of $10,000 is required to earn $100, and that Lawrence’s chances of being drafted by the Jaguars is hovering around 99%.

If Jacksonville surprises the world and goes with another option atop the first round, any of the available selections in the above NFL prop bet will pay out at a minimum of 10x the amount risked.

2nd Pick Of The First Round

  • Zach Wilson -2500          
  • Justin Fields +850            
  • Trey Lance +1600            
  • Penei Sewell +3300        

The New York Jets hold the second overall selection in this year’s NFL Draft and the above proposition bet suggests that BYU’s Zack Wilson will be the next quarterback to try and lead the team out of their current state of sub-mediocrity.

The Jets recently traded starter Sam Darnold to the Carolina Panthers, and now Wilson appears to be the next gunslinger to try and reverse their fortunes, and again, the above NFL bet type will reward big if New York selects one of the underdogs.

2021 NFL Draft First Round – 3rd Pick Overall

  • Mac Jones -170
  • Justin Fields +120            
  • Trey Lance +450              
  • Zach Wilson +2200

The San Francisco 49ers moved up in the draft by trading for the Miami Dolphins’ third pick of the first round, and it appears that Jimmy Garoppolo’s days as the starting QB may be numbered.

At first, most pro football experts believed that head coach Kyle Shanahan had his eyes set on Ohio State quarterback Justin Fields, but the odds currently favor San Francisco selecting Alabama Crimson Tide QB Mac Jones.

It should be noted, however, that Fields and Jones are only separated in the money line odds by a mere 90 points. Most NFL mock drafts that have been conducted thus far have also leaned toward Mac Jones being the future of the 49ers, and even though he is favored, $1.70 can earn $1 on his money line.

What is certain is that the future of a number of NFL franchises is on the line when the draft begins at the end of the month. As soon as the picks have completed, we expect the prop bets for NFL free agents to return as there are many top-level athletes that are currently without a team.

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