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USA Sportsbook Sites Post New Gas Price Odds For Vacation Hotspots

Gas price odds have returned to USA sportsbook sites for stations in Las Vegas, Hollywood, Orlando, and DC.

The summer is a ripe time for vacation and travel in the USA. But this year, we’re all feeling the pinch of rising prices. No matter where you go, you can bet that the sun will be shining and the gas will be expensive.

Gas Price Odds At USA Sportsbook Sites

Unfortunately, no amount of planning can offset rapid inflation and a looming recession. So what does one do? Refunds are tricky and, in this economy, companies aren’t willing to budge on a dime of their earnings. 

When you don’t have travel insurance, you have to recoup the increased costs somehow. Luckily, some of the nation’s best USA sportsbook sites have you covered with betting lines tailored to your vacation. 

These entertainment betting odds probably won’t be available for very long, so we put together some brief context for each gas proposition.

Rental car users, pay attention!

West Coast Gas Figures

West Hollywood – Shell Station gas price on 8/6/2022 – (8020 Santa Monica Blvd, West Hollywood, CA 90046) (

  • Over $6.40 per gallon -120
  • Under $6.40 per gallon -120

Las Vegas Strip – Shell Station gas price on 8/6/2022 – (4207 Las Vegas Blvd S, Las Vegas, NV 89119) (

  • Over $5.65 per gallon -120
  • Under $5.65 per gallon -120

Starting on the West coast, prices have been steep long before the arrival of the March energy crisis. Still, things have gotten much worse. The Golden State hit new highs this month and has, yet again, broken its record for highest average recorded gas prices. 

Today, the Santa Monica Shell is selling its regular fuel for $6.30 per gallon. The highest recorded average for Los Angeles County is $6.46—not far off from the sportsbook’s threshold. 

Over in Las Vegas, the Shell on the Strip is charging customers $5.66 per gallon today. Already $0.01 above the figure in the proposition, it could be close to a “safe” bet for players to bank on.

East Coast Gas Figures

Closest Gas Station White House – Falcon Fuel Station price on 8/6/2022 – (1301 13th St NW, Washington, DC 20005) (

  • Under $5.20 per gallon -130
  • Over $5.20 per gallon +100

Closest Gas Station Disney World – Speedway price on 8/6/2022  – (300 E Buena Vista Dr & Epcot Resorts Blvd, Florida 32830) (

  • Over $4.65 per gallon -120
  • Under $4.65 per gallon -120

Checking in on the East coast, DC price figures have fallen way below the threshold suggested by sportsbooks. At the Falcon Fuel Station, the price to fill up is just $4.90. Even across the rest of DC, average prices have dropped about $0.20 since the spike earlier this month.

In the Sunshine State, the average cost per gallon is $4.64. But, surprisingly enough, the Buena Vista Speedway’s prices are becoming slightly more economical. Today, locals can load their tanks for just $4.60 per gallon. 

Still, even the Disney gas station is subject to the ebbs and flows of the economy. 

Betting On A Worsening Economy

ExxonMobil CEO Darren Woods told reporters last week that he expects market instability to last several years, an alarming take for most Americans to hear. 

Considering that statement, it would be wise to hit the over on all of the above lines. Then again, it will be important to consider legislative action at both the state and local levels. 

For example, Connecticut, Georgia, Maryland, and New York have already launched tax holidays for motor fuel. Meanwhile, there have been active talks in the White House to enact similar measures nationwide. 

Nonetheless, it takes time to pursue such drastic action—at least at the federal level. 

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Odds Courtesy of MyBookie

Source: CNBC, Reuters