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When To Expect USA Sportsbook Sites To Arrive In Florida

Person using a USA sportsbook site on the beach in Florida.

Florida has always been a state that excels in two things: supplying content for national headlines and embracing its unique brand of swamp-style bohemia. Its laws differ greatly from the rest of the country, making it the spectacle of the Bible Belt.

Say what one will about Florida. But the people living there own their chaos and run with it. Beyond the countless miles of coastline, it is a home for all things unconventional—especially gambling.

Fighting For Florida Sportsbooks

The Sunshine State is characteristically laissez-faire when it comes to its gaming industry. It is home to one of the country’s oldest lotteries, a handful of prestigious racing tracks, as well as several card rooms and casinos.

After PASPA was overturned in 2018, the state was quick to begin sportsbook negotiations with the Seminole Tribe. After three years of discussion, Gov. Ron DeSantis and Seminole Chairman Marcellus Osceola Jr. signed a newly written gaming compact.

The document legalized USA online sportsbook sites in Florida, though only for a short period. Less than a month after launching its mobile betting operations, the Seminole Tribe was ordered by a federal court to suspend all wagering activity.

The order effectively voided the Seminole Gaming Compact. And while lawyers for the tribe have appealed the ruling, a decision is not expected until 2023.

Seminoles Respond With Optimism

Seminole spokesman Gary Bitner responded to the news in a public statement. He said:

“Despite the decision, the Seminole Tribe looks forward to working with the State of Florida and the U.S. Department of Justice to aggressively defend the validity of the 2021 Compact before the Appeals Court, which has yet to rule on the merits of the 2021 Compact.”

A coalition of gambling conglomerates tried to force their way into the state via ballot initiative earlier this year. The marketing team worked tirelessly to secure the signatures needed for consideration at the polls, at one point even offering exclusive bonuses for those who signed.

Even so, voters demonstrated their loyalty to the Seminole Tribe and rejected the corporate proposal. But this act of alliance does leave Florida betting laws in limbo.

The safe assumption is that domestic sports betting in Florida won’t be accessible to residents until 2024. But that doesn’t mean players are out of luck.

How To Bet In Florida

For years, Floridians have been using reputable offshore gambling sites to access legal online sports betting. Lines are updated daily at premium Florida online betting sites, just as with any other sportsbook. And unlike domestic operators, all bonuses and promotions are fixed no matter where you play from.

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