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Who Will Win Super Bowl 57? Early NFL Betting Lines For 2022 Debut

image for betting on Josh Allen and the Bills to win Super Bowl 57

Now that the NBA Finals and NHL Stanley Cup Playoffs have wrapped up, the remainder of July and a portion of August will be almost solely dedicated to Major League Baseball’s regular season.

On August 4th, 2022, the NFL’s preseason begins with the Hall of Fame Game in Canton, Ohio which coincides with this year’s induction ceremony to the NFL HoF. NFL betting lines at USA sportsbook sites have already been posted for the first 2022-23 preseason game between the Las Vegas Raiders and the Jacksonville Jaguars for those who can’t wait until next month to get in on the action.

Hall of Fame Game Betting Odds

Las Vegas Raiders vs. Jacksonville Jaguars

  • Raiders Point Spread: -1½
  • Raiders Moneyline: -125
  • Jaguars Point Spread: +1½
  • Jaguars Moneyline: +105
  • Over/Under: 33½

MyBookie now has NFL betting lines for the first two weeks of the regular season posted, a luxury that gamblers have not been exposed to since the preseason of 2019.

The reason? COVID-19’s onset in early 2020 made pro football betting sites anxious about posting NFL lines too far in advance because of the risk of cancellation of games.

When it comes to the biggest betting and spectator sport in the United States, the show must go on, but the ongoing cancelation of NFL games in 2020 caused football oddsmakers to be hesitant and only post lines for the contests occurring that week.

That latency continued on through to the 2021-22 NFL season. While that’s not much to complain about, it would be nice for gamblers to have the ability to flash forward and place a bet on the NFL’s Thanksgiving Day games that occur each November in advance of that given week.

So, what teams are projected to earn one of the NFL Playoffs’ coveted 14 seeds? The following AFC and NFC futures odds grant us the top 14 teams below.

2022-23 AFC Odds To Win

  • Buffalo Bills +310
  • Kansas City Chiefs +520
  • Los Angeles Chargers +750
  • Denver Broncos +800
  • Baltimore Ravens +970
  • Cincinnati Bengals +1025
  • Indianapolis Colts +1150

Based on the above AFC futures, the division winners would be the Bills (AFC East), Chiefs (AFC West), Ravens (AFC North), and Colts (AFC South), with the three wild card spots going to the Chargers, Broncos, and Bengals.

2022-23 NFC Odds To Win

  • Tampa Bay Buccaneers +290
  • Green Bay Packers +440
  • Los Angeles Rams +450
  • San Francisco 49ers +720
  • Dallas Cowboys +800
  • Philadelphia Eagles +1250
  • Arizona Cardinals +1500

Using the same assumptions that we did for the NFC, the AFC futures indicate an outcome where the division winners will be the Buccaneers (NFC South), Packers (NFC North), Rams (NFC West), and Cowboys (NFC East). The NFC wild card qualifiers in 2022-23 will be the 49ers, Eagles, and Cardinals.

Naturally, the top projected NFL teams in the AFC and the NFC are also the two franchises that are most likely to meet in Super Bowl LVII in February of 2023.

If the regular and postseason games play out as the oddsmakers have suggested above, then it will be a matchup of Josh Allen and the Buffalo Bills versus Tom Brady and the Tampa Bay Buccaneers.

Early odds favor the Bills to hoist the Lombardi, so bet on the Super Bowl now if you also share the belief that Josh Allen will best Brady and the Bucs and send him into retirement for good (hopefully!).

2023-23 NFL Betting Odds: MyBookie

Source: Fox Sports