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Gisele Bündchen And Tom Brady Divorce Odds Appear At USA Sportsbooks

Gisele Bündchen odds of getting a divorce from Tom Brady

Last night marked the beginning of NFL betting in the USA for 2022-23, with the Buffalo Bills winning on the road against the defending Super Bowl Champion LA Rams in convincing fashion.

The Tampa Bay Buccaneers will travel to face the Dallas Cowboys for the first edition of Sunday Night Football on NBC/Peacock, with the road team favored by a point spread of -2.5.

There is uncertainty surrounding what could be Brady’s final year as a professional football player. His offseason retirement, and then unretirement, interrupted future-building plans that the Bucs were already executing.

Rob Gronkowski has retired, Antonio Brown is exiled, and head coach Todd Bowles is in his first year with the team after succeeding Bruce Arians, who has moved on to become a member of the Bucs’ front office.

Brady was also absent for much of the NFL preseason, missing valuable reps that his now 45-year-old body needs to win another Super Bowl.

Entertainment betting sites have now posted odds for Tom Brady and Gisele Bündchen filing for divorce prior to December 31, 2023, which could have something to do with his preseason time off. Sources are citing Tom’s return to the NFL as a source of frustration in the marriage.

Will Tom Brady And Gisele Bündchen File For Divorce Before The End Of 2023?

  • Yes +225
  • No -350

“Everyone has different situations they’re dealing with, and we all have unique challenges to our lives… I’m 45 years old, man… There’s a lot of s— going on, so you just have to try and figure out life the best you can. You know, it’s a continuous process.”

Tom Brady

The above entertainment prop bet suggests that the likelihood of Brady and Bündchen getting a divorce is not good. A wager of $3.50 on an outcome of “no” on these Brady divorce odds will result in net profits of $1.

If you believe that Tom and Gisele will part ways prior to New Year’s Day 2024, bets of $1 on that outcome will earn cash payouts of $225.

Converting the odds to their intrinsic value suggests a 30% chance that Brady and Bündchen get a divorce and a 78% likelihood of the two of them staying together – at least through the end of 2023.

The best USA sportsbook sites are offering more money than what bettors must risk on Brady and Bündchen getting divorced because their oddsmakers don’t believe that will happen.

The entertainment odds are also impacted by the actions of the betting public. Sportsbooks intend to take bets equally on both sides of the odds, with their profits being sourced from the juice secured off of each wager.

If too much money is coming in on one side of the Brady divorce odds, sportsbooks will adjust the lines until, once again, wagers are being placed at an equal rate.

That’s just something to keep in mind when betting on entertainment odds or any other major pro or college sport. Even though betting odds are set via this odd combination of wagering activity and bookmaker’s calculations, they routinely offer incredibly accurate predictions.

Tom Brady And Gisele Bündchen Divorce Odds: Bovada Sportsbook

Source: People Magazine