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College Football Betting: How The NCAAF Futures Differ From The AP Top 25

USA sportsbook sites and CFP futures for the Georgia Bulldogs in 2022

The AP Top 25 Poll for college football is constantly in flux and is largely irrelevant until the CFP rankings are issued by the College Football Playoffs Committee in mid-October.

Still, the Associated Press rankings of the top NCAA Football teams are a large part of the CFP equation and serve to keep fans and bettors up-to-date until the Committee takes over and delivers a definitive set of teams that would qualify for the final four if the season ended that given day.

The Georgia Bulldogs have recently usurped the Alabama Crimson Tide as the #1 team in the nation, but that status has not altered the futures odds for College Football Playoff betting.

Georgia’s rise in the rankings has more to do with Alabama’s performance last weekend against the Texas Longhorns than anything the Bulldogs have going on at the moment.

Sure, GA has taken care of business on their end, but even though they are the defending NCAAF National Champions, the University of Alabama is the straw that stirs the drink in college football.

Current NCAA Football FuturesAP Top 10 Rankings
  1. Alabama +200
  2. Georgia +210
  3. Ohio State +290
  4. Clemson +1200
  5. USC +1200
  6. Michigan +2000
  7. Oklahoma +4000
  8. Miami, Florida +7000
  9. Tennessee +7000
  10. Penn State +8000
  1. Georgia Bulldogs
  2. Alabama Crimson Tide
  3. Ohio State Buckeyes
  4. Michigan Wolverines
  5. Clemson Tigers
  6. Oklahoma Sooners
  7. USC Trojans
  8. Oklahoma State Cowboys
  9. Kentucky Wildcats
  10. Arkansas Razorbacks

Not all college football betting sites are granting the Crimson Tide an edge over the Bulldogs, as some have them tied or slightly ahead of Alabama.

Spots 8 through 10 in both of the above rankings charts feature entirely different programs, suggesting that Oklahoma State, Kentucky, and Arkansas are due for a loss in the near future.

The top 7 are consistent, however, with the same NCAAF teams present, just in different orders. As is revealed above, no less than 2-to-1 net profits can be secured by betting on any of these teams to win the 2022-23 CFP Championship.

When you place a futures bet on a given team, you are essentially betting against all other college football programs as well. The following three college football prop bets offer a similar opportunity.

What’s different is that there is the chance to actually lay some action on the field instead of simply betting against it.

2023 National Championship Winner

  • Any Other Team -300
  • Alabama +200

2023 National Championship Winner

  • Any Other Team -275
  • Georgia +185

2023 National Championship Winner

  • Any Other Team -600
  • Ohio State +350

The moneylines for Ohio State, Alabama, and Georgia are within a few points of what is offered in the current CFP futures. Naturally, in all cases, the field is listed well into the negative at USA football sportsbook sites.

The Crimson Tide will not face a significant opponent until October 1st when they travel to play the 10th-ranked Arkansas Razorbacks. Georgia will not play another ranked opponent until they host Florida Gators on October 29th.

Because both Georgia and Alabama play in the SEC, either can afford a loss in the regular season and still qualify for the CFP bracket if they can win the conference championship game.

Once again, the odds are suggesting that Alabama and Georgia will compete for the SEC Championship this December. If both teams can escape that final game with 1 loss or less apiece, there is a solid chance that both will be included in the College Football Playoffs again.

College Football Betting Odds: Bovada, BetOnline