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SEC Teams Dominate CFP Betting Odds While Other Power Five Conferences Remain Unsteady

With each passing year since the installation of the College Football Playoff system in the NCAA back in 2014, it seems that the Southeastern Conference (SEC) continues to dominate all other major NCAAF factions.

The Alabama Crimson Tide usually holds the top position in the CFP odds posted at the USA’s best online College Football sportsbook sites, with another SEC program typically ranked prominently among the highest four teams.

This year, that scenario continues to hold true to form as the Georgia Bulldogs are ranked number 2 overall in the AP Top 25 rankings, as well as in the NCAAF odds posted at online CFP betting sites.

At this point, all signs are pointing toward an SEC Championship Game in December that will feature a matchup of Georgia vs. Alabama with both teams sporting perfect records.

If that does indeed end up being the case, it can be assumed that both SEC teams will qualify for the 2021-22 College Football Playoffs, regardless of who wins or loses.

Let’s then forecast a scenario where the Florida Gators finish with one loss in the SEC East and the Texas A&M Aggies or the Ole Miss Rebels do the same in the SEC West. How will the CFP Selection Committee process that decision and which powerhouse NCAA Football program will be left on the outside looking in?

Does a 1-loss SEC program deserve entrance to the College Football Playoffs over a Notre Dame Fighting Irish football team that finishes undefeated in 2021-22? Probably.

How about a 1-loss Ohio State Buckeyes team that wins the Big Ten with an L to the Pac-12’s Oregon Ducks? What if the Ducks don’t lose any games this year and win their conference? There’s the undefeated Oklahoma Sooners of the Big 12 to contend with as well.

The more we venture down this rabbit hole as College Football fans, the more evident the need for NCAAF Playoff expansion becomes.

During the offseason, a plan was discussed that would expand the CFP to allow for 12 teams to be included. The proposed 12-team bracket would include the 6 highest-ranked conference champions and the next 6 ranked teams regardless of affiliation.

Furthermore, the top four conference champions would receive a first-round bye in the College Football Playoffs.

Talks were going smoothly until Texas and Oklahoma announced their intentions to jump ship from the Big 12 and join the SEC as soon as possible.

The Pac-12 quickly chimed in following that declaration and stated that CFP expansion talks were now back to square one as the balance of power is showing even more signs of tipping toward the Southeastern United States.

We here at USA Sportsbook Sites are in favor of CFP expansion, not only to give non-SEC programs a realistic shot at a National Championship, but to also provide for several more weeks of football betting each January, and possibly February, if the 12-team bracket lasts that long.

Bovada, CBS Sports