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2019 Super Bowl Betting Odds Breakdown by Sportsbook

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Only four teams still have a chance of winning Super Bowl LIII heading into the conference championship weekend of the 2019 NFL Playoffs.

This week will be the last time you’ll be able to place a bet on futures for this year’s Super Bowl because after the AFC and NFC Conference Championships are played, only the betting line will be used to determine who hoists the Lombardi Trophy.

Because of this, it’s important to find value in the odds and know which USA sportsbook is giving you the best value on the team you want to bet on to win the big game on February 3, 2019.

Below are the odds for each team from all our recommended betting sites. The odds at each sportsbook are listed from most to least amount paid out should you bet on them before the conference championship games this weekend.  A link to each of these betting sites is provided at the bottom of this article.

Best Super Bowl 53 Odds for the New Orleans Saints

BookMaker                +182

Bovada                      +175

BetOnline                  +175      +175

GT Bets                     +175

Saints Odds Breakdown: Since the Saints are the unanimous favorite to win Super Bowl 53, it’s no surprise the sportsbooks display close to the same odds. However, BookMaker has the slight edge in value for the Drew Brees and company, offering 100 units to win 182 units should they bring a 2nd Lombardi Trophy to New Orleans.

Best Super Bowl 53 Odds for the Kansas City Chiefs

Bovada                      +275

BookMaker                +261

GT Bets                     +260

BetOnline                  +250      +250

Chiefs Odds Breakdown: Much like the Saints in the NFC, the Chiefs are the unanimous favorites to come out of the AFC. This time, however, the sportsbooks differ in total by (+25). If you think soon-to-be MVP Patrick Mahomes can lead the Chiefs to the promise land, then Bovada is your best bet at 100 units to win 275 units.

Best Super Bowl 53 Odds for the New England Patriots

BookMaker                +355

BetOnline                  +340      +340

Bovada                      +333

GT Bets                     +333

Patriots Odds Breakdown: The Patriots had a huge jump in the odds after the divisional round when they knocked off the Chargers. The difference here is (+22) if you think the Brady and Belichick have another title in them. And if that’s the case, BookMaker comes out ahead at 100 units to win 355 units.

Best Super Bowl 53 Odds for the Los Angeles Rams

BookMaker                +372

BetOnline                  +360      +360

Bovada                      +350

GT Bets                     +340

Rams Odds Breakdown: Lastly, the Rams are the least likely of the four remaining teams playing this weekend to win Super Bowl 53 by most of the sportsbooks with a (+32) differential in the odds. This isn’t because they aren’t a talented team but more to do with them having to play the Saints, who are the favorites. However, if the Rams are who you’re betting on, then BookMaker is the place to bet with 100 units needed to win 372 units.

*Our team of industry professionals have vetted the online sportsbooks listed in this article and graded them based on their security features, bonus options, banking methods, customer service, and other key features. To see the full details, simply click on the links below.