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Jon Gruden Odds For His Next Job Include Podcasting & Fox News Host

betting odds for Jon Gruden next job 2021

America loves a comeback story, but in this modern era of woke cancel culture, the potential for redemption is often lost in the celebration of the downfall.

Las Vegas Raiders head coach Jon Gruden resigned his post on Monday after over a decade of allegedly inappropriate emails revealed racist, anti-woman, and homophobic remarks to be part of his everyday language.

Gruden’s name has also been removed from the Tampa Bay Buccanneers Ring of Honor as a result, a team he led to their first Super Bowl victory in 2002.

The initial sign of smoke was a 2011 Gruden email that made a racist comment toward the then NFLPA exec DeMaurice Smith, and within days of that discovery, the torrent of evidence had mounted to a level where Gruden knew enough was enough.

If you’re compelled to feel sorry for Gruden, keep in mind that he brought this scenario onto himself. In addition, Gruden has amassed a fortune and can spend the rest of his days soaking up sunshine and living as he sees fit.

BetOnline, one of the USA’s best online NFL betting sites, has posted the following Jon Gruden prop bet asking what his next professional endeavor will be.

What Will Jon Gruden Do Next?

  • Host Own Podcast -150
  • Work For Fox News +300
  • NFL TV Analyst +500
  • NCAA TV Analyst +500
  • Member Of NCAA Coaching Staff +1200
  • High School Football Coach +1200
  • Member Of NFL Coaching Staff +2500
  • TV Game Show Host +3300

The Jon Gruden Podcast

As long as Gruden ponies up for his own server fees or finds a podcast hosting company that is willing to take the heat, Jon could find himself behind a microphone delivering his rants to what could still be a significant existing fanbase.

The above NFL prop bet has a negative moneyline placed on a Jon Gruden podcast, indicating a strong likelihood of success, but there are advertising dollars to consider.

Podcast revenue is largely based on ad sales, but the market has diversified in the last few years, focusing more on Patreon subscriptions and merchandising.

That’s where Gruden could make a serious dent with his cult audience, and pro football gamblers can enhance their bankrolls if that does indeed become Jon’s next move.

What’s intriguing is that many sportsbooks also predicted the same fate for President Donald Trump following his exit from office earlier this year, also due to his large base of support and the need for a corporate-free medium to reach them.

Fox News Analyst Jon Gruden

Could Jon Gruden end up as an on-air personality on the airwaves of Fox News? Despite the right-wing news outlet’s willingness to be edgy, they still bend to corporate sponsorship and will not only have trouble securing advertising for any Gruden segments, but could also face backlash that harms the overall network.

All of the Jon Gruden betting options include some form of reliance upon ad revenue, save for the High School football coach gig which has a +1200 moneyline.

If Gruden yearns to simply coach the game, regardless of salary, then this avenue could have legs – but again, there is the potential for parents of players, or opposing teams, to refuse to participate because of his involvement.

The above Jon Gruden NFL moneyline bets will not payout until a decision is rendered, so wagers made on his next destination could take several years to cash in.

Several years could be what is needed to allow for the public perception of Jon Gruden to soften, but he must also make an effort to understand why what he did was wrong.

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