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USFL Football Beting Guide For 2024

USFL logoAnother contender in the realm of football betting started up operation in the spring of 2022 - the USFL, aka the United States Football League. Online USFL betting in America is available now, so read this playbook to take advantage of the pro football odds and the best USA sportsbook sites that provide them.

The new USFL will play their pro football in the spring, and appear poised to compete with the XFL when they return to action in 2023. Get an edge on the sportsbooks and learn how to bet on the USFL like a pro by taking in the following sections that cater to online gamblers in the United States.

Best Online Sportsbook Offering USFL Betting Odds In 2024

Top Rated BadgeIf you only join one USA sportsbook site, then make sure it is Bovada. Their consistent delivery of pro football betting lines, props, and futures makes them our first stop when cruising the USFL betting odds each week.

Their cryptocurrency deposit options upload quickly and our BTC payouts have always been delivered within the promised timelines – we’ve seen Bitcoin withdrawals complete in as few as thirty minutes.

What really separates Bovada from the pack is their longevity in the online sports betting industry inside the United States. Click on any Bovada link included within this page and find out what the best sportsbook in the US has to offer.

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Top Rated US Online Sportsbooks To Bet On USFL Football Games Legally In The United Sates In 2024

Site NameCurrent BonusRating /5U.S.Visit Site
1Bovada Logo50% Max $1,0004.9USA AcceptedVisit Site Review
2MyBookie Logo50% Max $1,0004.5USA AcceptedVisit Site Review
3Betonline Logo50% Max $1,0004.3USA AcceptedVisit Site Review
4BetUS Logo100% Max $2,5004.2USA AcceptedVisit Site Review
5Bookmaker Logo50% Max $5004.2USA AcceptedVisit Site Review
6xbet logo50% Max $5004.2USA AcceptedVisit Site Review Logo50% Max $1,0004.1USA AcceptedVisit Site Review

Is Betting On The USFL Football Games Legal In The US As Of 2024?

Legal Certificate IconDomestic and offshore sportsbooks allow for legal USFL betting in the United States.

Offshore – The USA sportsbook sites listed in the table above operate offshore and are able to legally provide their USFL betting services to 18 and over Americans over the web because there are no laws in place to prevent them.

Domestic – Both in-person and online sports betting on USFL odds is legal in the USA with allowances and minimum ages varying by state.

What Is The USFL Football League?

From 1982-1985, the United States Football League operated in the spring and lured NFL-level talent to USFL rosters with high-dollar salaries. One of the original USFL team owners was Donald Trump who pushed the league to compete directly with the NFL.

Today, the USFL is giving it a second go, and lines that are similar to NFL betting have already appeared at USA sportsbook sites around the web.

USFL gambling

About The New USFL

Determined to produce odds a full 12 months in advance of betting on the XFL, the new USFL is a pro football league that will play their schedule in the spring, opposite of the National Football League. We say new USFL because the original incarnation of the league lasted from 1982 until 1986 and closed after 3 seasons.

Fox Sports is now the owner of the USFL. Trump is no longer part of the league, nor are any other individual owners as FS1 will air United States Football League games and is committed to a 3-year run of broadcasting the spring games.

The USFL football season will last ten games with two four-team divisions. Each team will play their division mates twice and the opposing division once. The top two USFL teams from each division will compete in the USFL Semifinals, aka the USFL Playoffs.

The USFL Championship Game will match up the two semifinal winners to determine the top team for that given season.

2023 USFL Schedule

The 2023 USFL season start date is April 16th. The USFL Semifinals and USFL Championship Game take place on June 24 and July 1, 2023.

  • USFL Week 1:   April 15, 16
  • USFL Week 2:   April 22, 23
  • USFL Week 3:   April 39, 30
  • USFL Week 4:   May 6, 7
  • USFL Week 5:   May 13, 14
  • USFL Week 6:   May 20, 21
  • USFL Week 7:   May 27, 28
  • USFL Week 8:   June 3, 4
  • USFL Week 9:   June 10, 11
  • USFL Week 10:  June 17, 18

USFL Teams

USFL team logos

How To Bet On 2024 USFL Games In The United States

Each game on the USFL schedule for the regular season and the playoffs will feature betting lines with point spreads, moneyline odds for betting on the winner, and the over/under, which predicts the total points that both teams will combine for.

During the entire season, and even during the offseason, USFL futures will be available for simple bets on the team that will win the championship.

USFL prop bets cover all aspects not included in the above categories and offer wagering opportunities for MVP odds, player and team stat totals, and occurrences outside the field of play.

We invite our readers to read through our guide to NFL bet types to learn more about the specifics of each football wagering category that is available for 2023 USFL odds.

Where Can I Bet On The USFL In The USA?

As described above, there are domestic US sportsbooks that vary in their offerings and minimum age requirements depending on which state you are standing in. That’s not an issue when placing a USFL bet with one of the online sportsbooks that we promote here at USASBS.

Our list of USA sportsbook site reviews includes the top online USFL betting venues doing business today, and we invite all of our 18+ American sports gamblers to check out each of them to see what each has to offer.

USFL Betting Apps For Apple And Android

Mobile Sportsbook AppiPhones, iPads, and Android devices with an onboard web browser are able to access the top USFL betting apps just by clicking on any of the US sportsbook links provided in the table above. No download is necessary as these web apps deliver all of the USFL betting odds at the sportsbook desktop site to smartphones and tablets.

All that is required to use these primo mobile sport betting apps is a web-ready device with a cell or Wi-Fi connection to the Internet, a minimum age of 18 years old, some money to risk on USFL odds, and to be standing within the United States.

Use your Apple or Android device to click on any link within this guide and watch as your smartphone or tablet transforms into an on-the-go USFL betting portal.

Live Betting On USFL Odds

Regardless of whether you intend to bet on USFL games, futures, or prop bets, the online sportsbooks we recommend here at USASBS allow for live betting to occur until an outcome is reached, the game ends, or the line is removed from the boards - whichever comes first.

Live betting on USFL games will include elements of betting lines (spreads, moneylines, over/under) but prop bets and futures are also live because they take action while game clocks are running.

In-play odds are also available for betting on college football, FCF football, NFL, XFL, and all other major forms of football at the online sportsbooks we recommend to US-based bettors.

USFL Betting Deposits And Withdrawals Available To USA Players In 2024

Domestic sportsbooks in the USA are limited to the use of the US dollar whereas online sportsbook sites like the ones posted above also accept cryptocurrency (Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, Tether, Cardano, more).

Sportsbook deposits using cryptocurrency at USFL sportsbook sites travel faster and more securely than USD transactions and also come with the added benefit of higher bonus cash offers for initial and follow-up transfers.

Withdrawing USFL betting winnings with Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies are the only same-day option we’ve seen, and can often appear in crypto wallets within 20 minutes. We advise all US bettors to investigate the benefits of BTC and other cryptocurrencies prior to making your next wager.