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Sportsbooks Produce A Plethora Of Prop Bets For Tonight’s Presidential Debate

Trump and Biden on the debate stage

Tonight’s Presidential Debate between Donald Trump and Joe Biden will likely be the final major event on the campaign trail before voters in the United States head to the ballot boxes in the first week of November.

USA Sportsbooks have hopped in on the fun and have listed a cornucopia of political betting odds for tonight’s debate.

The lines that we’ve shared in this article were taken from the boards at Bovada Sportsbook, but there are political prop bets posted at all of the major offshore sportsbooks that we recommend to USA bettors that enjoy wagering on the Presidential Election and the events surrounding it.

Many prop bets feature yes or no outcomes that can be wagered on. Others resemble sports futures lines, like the one below that is taking action on Trump’s tie pattern for tonight’s debate.

 What type of pattern will Donald Trump’s tie be?

  • Solid -250
  • Striped +225
  • Dotted +1400
  • Tartan, Checkered Or Plaid +2200
  • Other Geometric Pattern / Novelty +2500
  • Paisley Or Floral +2800

The above clothing option odds is a typical example of a prop bet. Money line odds are offered on each option that reveal the rankings in order of probability, from most likely to least likely to occur.

Based on the odds above, Trump is expected to wear a solid colored tie. The -250 solid color tie odds translate to a 71% chance that it will occur, and a wager of $250 will be required to earn $100 on the bet.

Because USA Sportsbooks think that Trump will most likely wear a solid colored tie, bettors must risk more than the amount that they will win, but there is still good money to be won.

A majority of the odds revolve around what each candidate will say. The line below can be won by successfully predicting the first word that Biden states from the following options.

What will Biden say first?

  • Scranton +110
  • Come On, Man +175
  • Malarkey +400
  • Inshallah +2500

Although these are specific options, savvy political bettors will recognize that the odds are actually reflective of whether Biden will first talk about his origins, get upset with Trump, get really upset with a Trump comment, or completely abandon trying to deal with the President at all.

Whose microphone will be muted first?

  • Donald Trump -320
  • Joe Biden +230

The above line is a bit of a sucker bet, as it would seem that Trump would be the obvious winner, and the odds reflect that. However, the result will depend entirely on who is asked the first question, and not who commits the first outburst.

Each candidate will have the opportunity to respond to each question asked of them while the other candidate is muted, and according to FOX News, a member of Trump’s team will me monitoring the person pressing the mute button.

Will Trump or Biden curse on-air?

  • Yes +900
  • No -2900

The odds imply a very low probability of either candidate saying a curse word during the debate. That’s because words like damn, and hell don’t count in this line.

The curse word must be one of George Carlin’s “7 Dirty Words” you can’t say on TV for the yes to win the bet. If they do, a 9x payout can be won by betting on it.

The next time we’ll see this amount of proposition action at sportsbooks will be when the prop bets offered for Super Bowl 55 appear. More casual viewers equals more casual bettors, which results in a glut of prop bets on the boards.

The final 2020 Presidential Debate will begin tonight at 9 PM EDT and will air from Belmont University in Nashville, TN on ABC, CBS, NBC, and many more major cable news networks.

Source: FOX News