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Props Ahoy! Super Bowl LV Prop Bets Invade Tampa Bay For Chiefs Vs. Bucs

The Weeknd prepares for his Super Bowl 55 half time performance

While the Super Bowl 55 point spread has continued to hold at a 3.5-point advantage for the Kansas City Chiefs, online sportsbooks have been cooking up literally thousands of proposition bets for the NFL’s final game of the year on the 7th of February.

Super Bowl prop bets first emerged back in Super Bowl XX when books started taking action on whether Chicago Bears defensive tackle William “Refrigerator” Perry would score a touchdown.

Bears head coach “Iron” Mike Ditka, likely inspired by the prop bet, inserted Perry into the offense for a successful goal-line carry late in the second half of their blowout victory over the New England Patriots.

Many spectators believed that Ditka should have let future NFL Hall of Famer and all-time leading rusher (at the time of his retirement) Walter Payton get the carry so that his career could include a Super Bowl touchdown.

Payton, despite winning a Super Bowl championship, was visibly sour after the game, and carried the grudge with him to the grave.

The Perry touchdown, and drama that followed, combined to create the SB prop frenzy that is now created each year at the top online Super Bowl betting sites.

It seems that fans were desperate for additional action on the big game, and the burgeoning NFL bet type set the imagination of oddsmakers loose to create odds on anything that could possibly generate interest during the television broadcast of the Super Bowl.

Super Bowl LV National Anthem Length

  • Over 2:03 +100
  • Under 2:03 -140

A common SB prop is the length of the National Anthem. This year’s Star-Spangled Banner will be performed by a duet, R&B singer Jazmine Sullivan and country music artist Eric Church.

MyBookie believes that the performance will be shorter than two minutes and three seconds, and will pay out at even odds if the Anthem clocks in at 2:04 or higher.   

Because of controversies over the length of previous Anthem performances, MyBookie has laid out clear expectations for the above betting line, indicating that the clock will begin when the first note of the song is sung. The Star Spangled-Banner will be considered over once the end of the last note concludes.

This contradicts other books that stop the timer at the conclusion of the first mention of the final word, “brave.” This is all because of Gladys Knight and her multiple mentions of the final word during her Super Bowl LIII rendition.

Because we are just getting beyond a heavily charged election season that saw the Inauguration of a new President, political odds have crept into this year’s Super Bowl prop offerings.

Super Bowl 55 halftime show performer, the Weeknd, is from Canada and has been outspoken about global politics in the past. The following three SB 55 prop bets ask whether he’ll mention Donald Trump, President Joe Biden, or Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau.

Will Donald Trump Be Mentioned By The Weeknd?

  • Yes +450
  • No -900

Will Joe Biden Be Mentioned By The Weeknd?

  • Yes +425
  • No -800

Will Justin Trudeau Be Mentioned By The Weeknd?

  • Yes +700
  • No -1500

None of the above odds feature a favorable outcome for “yes,” and we agree. The NFL has had a tight lockdown on Super Bowl halftime show antics since the Justin Timberlake and Janet Jackson wardrobe malfunction incident in SB 38, and performers are now required to rehearse for league officials.

Any utterances or gestures that have not been given the green light by the NFL will be met with harsh lawsuits. Just ask rapper M.I.A. who settled out of court after shooting a bird on camera during Super Bowl 46’s halftime show.

Be sure to stop by our top recommended Super Bowl sportsbook sites to get in on these SB proposition bets before they expire on the evening of Super Bowl Sunday, just six days from now.

Source: Fox News