Texas Legal Online Sports Betting, Laws And More

TexasWith team owners like Mark Cuban and Jerry Jones, it might actually be true that everything's a little bigger in Texas. At least in terms of personalities, that bit is apparently true. There are several noteworthy sports franchises from across the leagues, which isn’t surprising given the state’s size. The number of teams not only creates some fierce interstate rivalries but also a rich sports gambling market.

We bring up sports here because as a sports resource site, our number-one goal is to point out to you the legality of sports betting in your state, and to help you find the right US online sportsbooks with which to bet. There are nearly 27 million people in the state of Texas, and many of them love their sports gambling.

Our Texas sports betting section will help residents of the state learn about which gambling laws apply to them and whether or not betting on their favorite TX sports teams is legal. We also review the most popular professional sports teams in the state with some interesting betting trends you might consider. Our list of Texas friendly online sportsbooks represents a selection of industry-leading, legally sanctioned offshore sports betting sites that welcome players from the Lone Star State.

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USA Online Sportsbooks Open To Texas Residents In 2019

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Is Online Sports Betting Legal In Texas?

LegalitiesYes, legally sanctioned online sports betting is available in Texas, but only through licensed and regulated offshore sportsbooks. You won’t find any physical sportsbook locations in the Lone Star state, nor any state-regulated online sports gambling, leaving offshore sportsbooks as your best option. There are multiple offshore betting destinations available to Texas sports fans, but you need to be selective as to where you place your bets in order to keep things legal.

There are no state-specific or federal laws that make online gambling illegal for Texas residents. What you want to do is find an offshore site that accepts USA players. These sites are perfectly legal for Americans because they are located outside of the United States and ultimately out of the reach of the US government. And this is where we come in as a resource, pointing you in the direction of a reputable US friendly sportsbook that is located offshore.

State and Federal Regulations Against Gambling

Texas has threatened more than a few times to secede from the union and to become its own country, but in as much as they're still part of the United States of America, Texas actually toes the federal line and doesn't impose its state freedom over federal anti-gambling regulations.

The Professional and Amateur Sports Protection Act, or PASPA, outlawed sports betting in 46 states during its reign. Texas was on the list of banned states and couldn't host any type of state-sponsored sports betting because of it. PASPA was repealed by the SCOTUS in 2018, giving states the option to enact domestic sports betting laws.

The Federal Wire Act blocks US-based online sportsbooks from accepting wagers from domestic bettors across state lines. This law is currently preventing state licensed online sportsbooks from accepting bets from neighboring states. The Unlawful Internet Gambling Enforcement Act (UIGEA) monitors financial institutions and how they process online gambling transactions.

So again, none of these laws specifically outlaw legally sanctioned online gambling from offshore gambling sites. Legal sports betting is available to Texas sports fans, and without the risk of any type of legal penalties. The sportsbooks listed in this guide are all operating legally within the industry.

Your Gambling Options as a Texan

Being such a large state, and located in the American southwest, there are dozens of legally recognized Native American (Indian) tribes strewn about Texas. Many of these recognized tribes are allowed to open up casinos, and so you have quite a few viable gambling options inside of the state. All told, there are just over a dozen legal casinos in Texas, available in 14 separate cities. The state has also made two exemptions for racetracks, so you can go bet on the greyhounds at two separate locations.

For races, you can check out the Valley Race Park in Harlingen, or The Race Barn in Fredericksburg. If you want something more in the realm of a niche, like a flat bingo hall, then Houston has Triple Crown Bingo. And, of course, if you want to play at a legitimate casino, full of table games, slots, entertainment, dining and other typical options, you have choices like the Kickapoo Lucky Eagle Casino in Eagle Pass, or the Lone Star Park at Grand Prairie.

You're probably not going to find any true Vegas-style casinos within the state of Texas. Most of Texas' offerings are strictly tribal, which means they're relatively small and basically niche casinos. However, if you're a Texan and are bitten by the gambling bug, you should know that there are over a dozen places throughout the state at which you can visit to gamble. So you do have options available.

Popular Texas Professional Sports Teams To Bet On?

The Dallas Mavericks

The Mavs shocked the world a few years ago when they beat LeBron James and the Miami Heat in six games in the Finals. After Dwayne Wade and LeBron James made fun of Dirk Nowitzki, mocking him because he was sick, Dirk went off and the Mavs made the Heat look silly. However, it's been all downhill sense. Even picking up a stud from the Rockets like Chandler Parsons, and grabbing Rajon Rondo from Boston, who was one of the league's best point guards, the Mavs still missed the playoffs and threaten to be just as mediocre again. A lot of this is because Dallas plays in the West, alongside two other really good Texas teams who are perennial playoff squads. But some of it has to do with the fact that Dirk is old and the Mavs don't really have a fast, strong, high-flying team. You might be able to eek out a few bets with the Mavs as regular season home favorites, but don't get carried away with them.

Odds For Dallas Mavs To Win NBA Championship In 2016 +15000

San Antonio Spurs

There's not much you can say about the Spurs beyond the fact that coach Pop is one of the greatest to ever do it. Since coming into the league in the late '90s, Tim Duncan and the Spurs have been a threat to win the NBA championship every single year. Alongside Tony Parker and fellow elder statesman Manu Ginobili, the Spurs are rounded out by younger, talented players like Kawhi Leonard and Patty Mills. While they may run into a buzz-saw via the Warriors or the Thunder in the playoffs next year, it's a pretty safe bet that the Spurs will in fact make the playoffs. In the regular season, they're as solid a bet as there is in the NBA. Particularly for a straight win, the Spurs when favored are close to automatic. They're the epitome of the basketball "team," and Tim "Old Man River-Walk" Duncan still has some life in him as the "Big Fundamental."

Betting Odds For Spurs To Win NBA Championship In 2017 +900

Houston Rockets

Fans of basketball in Texas can't help but to be in awe over the talent the Houston Rockets have managed to amass. Behind the coaching talents of former Celtics all-star champion Kevin McHale, the Rockets feature fantastic players like Dwight Howard, James Harden, Jason Terry, Trevor Ariza, and Corey Brewer. Last season, they relied on Harden's ball-handling skills a little too much with games on the line against the Warriors, but they came back from 3-1 to defeat the LA Clippers in dramatic fashion. The Rockets will certainly be a decent bet this year. Nothing is guaranteed in the NBA, but the Rockets are a great, talented squad that can pull away to cover or catch up with spreads. They're a low-risk, high-reward team.

Betting Odds For Rockets To Win NBA Title +4200

Of course, if you're a sports better in Texas, you may be wondering what happened to your other pro teams. You have two MLS teams and one NHL team, and these teams are nothing to scoff at. Well, we kept things in the realm of the most popular, for betting purposes, but if you want to bet on soccer or hockey, feel free.

Just remember to always find a reputable sportsbook with which to bet, and always do your research on the teams. Betting with stats on your side is how you end up winning over the long haul. Don't bet with risk; bet for reward.

NFL Teams in Texas

Two NFL teams, the Dallas Cowboys and the Houston Texans, call the Lone Star State their home. The Dallas Cowboys joined the NFL in 1960 and have went on to win 5 Super Bowls, have several former players enshrined in the Pro Football Hall of Fame, and are the most valuable sports team in the world across all sports valued currently at $4.2 billion, according to Forbes. The Houston Texans came into the NFL in 2002 and are the youngest franchise in the NFL currently, replacing the Houston Oilers (now known as the Tennessee Titans) who left after the 1996 season and looking for their first Super Bowl.

Betting on the 2018 Dallas Cowboys

The Cowboys will look a bit different heading into 2018 after releasing WR Dez Bryant and the retirement of TE Jason Witten. However, this allows possibly the best, young QB-RB duo in the NFL, QB Dak Prescott and RB Ezekiel Elliot, to take the reigns of the Cowboys for the next decade. Sportsbooks have the Cowboys placing 2nd in the NFC East and ranked near the middle of the NFL for Super Bowl odds but challenging the Eagles this season and making a run at the Super Bowl is a real possibility. Besides, if they don’t make a run then Head Coach Jason Garrett might be run out of Dallas.

Betting Odds For Cowboys To Win The NFL Superbowl In 2018 +2200

Betting on the 2018 Houston Texans

Sportsbooks are putting a lot of faith on just doctors and modern medicine with the odds the Texans are getting for the 2018 season. Two of their best players, QB Deshaun Watson and DE J.J. Watt missed most of their games last year due to season-ending injuries. Watson only played in seven games during his rookie season before tearing his ACL and while he looked phenomenal, throwing 19 TD to 8 INT, it might be best to see if he’s fully recovered before going all in. This goes double for J.J. Watt since he hasn’t recorded a sack since the beginning of the 2016 season and hasn’t played a full season since 2015. On paper the Texans look great, but not if their bones and tendons are made of paper.

Betting Odds For Houston Texans To Win 2018 Superbowl +2000

College Football Teams in Texas

College football has a rich tradition in the state of Texas with five universities currently in a Power 5 Conference. The Baylor Bears were having the most success in school history up until news broke in 2016 about numerous sexual assault allegations and convictions from 2012-2016, which led to the firing of former head coach Art Briles along with university president and athletic director resigning. The TCU Horned Frogs are the winningest Texas college football this decade, winning 75 games under head coach Gary Patterson since 2010. The Texas Longhorns are one of the most historic football programs in the country with 4 national championships, 2 Heisman Trophy winners, and 4 players inducted to the Pro Football Hall of Fame. Texas A&M has won 3 national championships, has 2 Heisman Trophy winners and are the only P5C Texas university not in the Big 12, having moved to the SEC in 2012. The Texas Tech Red Raiders enjoyed most of their success in the 2000s under former head coach Mike Leach’s air raid offense.

Betting on the 2018 Baylor Bears

The Bears are coming off a 2017 season where they finished with a record of 1-11, winning only against the worst team in the Big 12, Kansas. This college football program is going to have a hard time convincing recruits to play football at a school who had people at the top cover up several sexual assault cases for four years. Don’t bet on Baylor winning anything for a long, long time.

Betting Odds For Baylor Bears To Win 2019 National Championship +90000

Betting on the 2018 TCU Horned Frogs

TCU look to improve on their 2017 season where they finished at No.9 in the AP Top 25 Poll. With Oklahoma losing Baker Mayfield to the draft, this may finally be the year TCU can get passed Oklahoma, losing to them in both the regular season and the Big 12 Championship. They do have a tough game against Ohio State early on, but if TCU can jump that hurdle and take care of Oklahoma, then they will likely win the Big 12 and potentially make the College Football Playoff.

Betting Odds For TCU Horned Frogs To Win 2019 National Championship +17500

Betting on the 2018 Texas Longhorns

Head Coach Tom Herman enters his second season with the Longhorns, following a 7-6 season in 2017. The Longhorns haven’t been competitive this decade, but sportsbooks seem to like Texas this year, putting their odds in the middle of the top 25. However, it’s probably best to wait and see since Herman didn’t exacting light the coaching world on fire in his first season although he did bring in an impressive recruiting class in 2018.

Betting Odds For Texas Longhorns To Win 2019 National Championship +5000

Betting on the 2018 Texas A&M Aggies

On December 2, 2017, the Aggies hired Jimbo Fisher as their new coach and signed him to a 10-year contract with a total base salary of $75 million, fully guaranteed. The Aggies were 7-6 in 2017, so if Aggies fans think they’re ready to compete with Alabama or Auburn for an SEC West title then they need to think again. It’s likely to take 2-3 years minimum before Texas A&M is competitive in the division if they ever give the other teams a run for the title.

Betting Odds For Texas A&M To Win 2019 National Championship +15000

Betting on the 2018 Texas Tech Red Raiders

Since taking over the Texas Tech program in 2012, head coach Kliff Kingsbury has been the very definition of average with a win-loss record of 30-33 over five years. Texas Tech will finish either 7-6 or 6-7 like they do every year, so unless a bet is placed on them being just that, average, then they aren’t worth wasting money on.

Betting Odds For Texas Red Raiders To Win 2019 National Championship +90000