Sports Betting In Indiana

IndianaWhether you are a Hoosier basketball fan or a fan of the Colts, there is no denying that Indiana residents love their sports teams. While there are multiple riverboat casinos located in the state of Indiana, unfortunately none of them are licensed to provide sports wagering due to state and federal regulations prohibiting this type of betting. Sportsbook gambling is the one area of gambling entertainment in the United States where the federal government has stepped in to govern without regard to states’ rights. This has impacted sports related gambling in Indiana and across the country.

So how does one go about betting on their favorite sports team? Is online sports betting legal in Indiana? Are there any online sportsbooks that accept players from Indiana? These are exactly the types of questions we intent to answer in our guide. We explain in easy to understand terms which laws come into play regarding online sports betting in the state and which US online sportsbooks legally accept players from Indiana.

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Is Online Sports Betting Legal In Indiana?

LegalitiesIndiana is one of the few states in the US that actually addresses the legality of state based online gambling. It is a Class D felony to own or operate any type of online gambling site within the state of Indiana. There are no provisions in the criminal code that make it a crime to place bets online, only accepting bets from players is illegal. The fact that Indiana has specifically criminalized state based online gambling actually has no bearing on the legality of online sports betting in the state. We say this not because state laws are meaningless, but because the federal government beat them to the punch on this one.

The Federal Wire Act legally prevents all US based online sports betting in every state. There are no exemptions to this law. If anyone felt that this interpretation of the law was negotiable, the US Department of Justice eliminated all doubt in 2011 when they issued their formal opinion concerning the application of the Federal Wire Act. The DOJ’s opinion clarified that the law only applies to sportsbook gambling. All that being said, state based online sports betting is definitely not an option. As if these two anti-gambling laws were not enough, there is still the Professional and Amateur Sports Protection Act (PASPA) to consider. This law prohibits land-based sportsbook gambling everywhere in the US except for Nevada, Delaware, Montana and Oregon.

There is a silver lining here in Indiana however. None of these federal or state laws make it a crime for Indiana residents, or Hoosiers as we like to call them, to participate in online sports betting activities that are provided through an Internet sportsbook that is licensed and located outside of the United States. The laws on both state and federal levels all target sports related gambling from an owner/operator perspective and not from a player standpoint. Indiana residents can legally engage in online sports betting as long as the destination at which they are betting is legitimately licensed and regulated. As long as you restrict your betting action to these types of legitimate sportsbooks, you are not violating any US gambling laws.

Federal Regulations to Contend with in Indiana

Federal regulations still exist that govern gambling in Indiana, and the federal government could technically, at any time they wanted, step in and punish people for breaking these rules. It would be extremely messy and lead to some expensive and lengthy court battles that no one really wants to fight, but the federal government does have the power to supersede whatever Indiana is allowing to happen in their state, and it all started back in the early 1960s with the Federal Wire Act. According to this act, no one is permitted to accept gambling wagers via a wired transmission. The feds did clarify that the law only applies to sports betting, so it effectively rules out the chance of any type of state based online sports betting options in Indiana.

Another area where the federal government already has precedence is with the Bradley Act. Known as PASPA, this act defined all offline sports wagering that takes place in the USA as an illegal activity with the exception of four specific regions within the US, and Indiana is not one of them. Neither of these laws is directed at bettors themselves, but rather towards individuals who would seek to illegally provide gambling services. These laws also do not extend to online sportsbooks that are based and regulated outside of the United States. Hence it is not illegal for Indiana sports fans to enjoy online sportsbook gambling at offshore destinations as long as they are legitimately licensed and regulated.

One area where the federal government does have its way is with the UIGEA. When this act came out in 2006, it basically blew the entire genre of US-based online gambling to pieces. And just because Indiana allows gambling within its borders doesn't mean that they're going to license an online casino, and it certainly doesn't mean that an outside state is going to open a casino just for Indiana players. For the most part, the UIGEA has done its intended job, which is to regulate how online gambling transactions can be processed. These regulations drive most online gambling sites stay as far away as they can from Americans, however the sportsbooks recommended on this page welcome players from the US, including those in Indiana. As with the other two US sports betting laws, the UIGEA does not apply to offshore sportsbooks or to American players that are involved in offshore, legal US online sports betting.

Indiana's Cool Throwback Casino Atmosphere

Indiana has just over a dozen legal casinos set up around the state, and there are a few of them that are just incredibly cool to visit. Back in the day when gambling was really regulated by towns, cities, counties, states and the feds, they would have task forces out there that busted up underground games and took people directly to jail. It was a bad time for gamblers in the United States a hundred or so years ago. So, to avoid these raids, land-based casinos moved onto the open water. By operating in riverboats, casinos could remain a step ahead of raids from law enforcement. By the time someone actually caught up to the boat, all traces of gambling could be swept away. These riverboat casinos were typically large but not very fashionable. They were usually built on older wooden ships that were driven by steam paddles, and they were loud, slow, and very prone to leaking. Today, however, states like Indiana have really decided to get nostalgic with their gambling. Indiana has quite a few riverboat casinos that are located on the water. You can find riverboat casinos in Indiana via the lake or some of the state's rivers. These modern versions are highly accommodating and are in much better shape than the riverboats of old.

The Ameristar is probably the most popular riverboat casino in Indiana. It used to be known as the Showboat and Harrahs Mardi Gras. Sitting on Lake Michigan, this riverboat casino is like a resort and casino built into one, featuring 288 rooms, and a 56,000 square foot casino that includes over 1,900 slot machines, over 40 table games, poker tables, restaurants, live shows for entertainment, and much, much more. And this is just one of over half a dozen riverboat casinos on the waterways of Indiana. Located on the Ohio River, the Belterra Casino Resort and Spa is another famous riverboat attraction in Indiana. Ever since the Indiana General Assembly legalized riverboat casinos in 1993, there have been many that have popped up in the state. Other casinos and racetracks in the state include the Blue Chip Casino, the French Lick Resort Casino, the Hollywood Casino, the Majestic Star, and the Tropicana, just to name a few. When it comes to gambling in the state, Indiana certainly pulls out all the stops to keep people happy.

SportS Teams to Root For in Indiana

There are three main teams that people root for in Indiana: The Indiana Pacers, the Indianapolis Colts, and the Indiana Hoosiers.

The Indiana Hoosiers

The Hoosiers are the grass roots people's favorites in the state, and they have been for many years now. Bobby Knight was probably the team's most famous coach, and Larry Bird is probably their most famous player, even though Bird didn't even play for the Hoosiers. It's a cool yet tragic story told in Indiana to this day, when Bird committed to the Hoosiers and coach Knight only to pull out after tragedy in his personal life. He then went on to sign with Indiana State University. Indiana and Indiana State weren't exactly rival schools. In fact, Indiana State was considered a lesser school that couldn't even compare to the Hoosiers, so there wasn't much of a rivalry at all. But all that changed when Larry Bird led his Indiana State team to a National Championship game against Magic Johnson and the Michigan State Spartans. Then people in Hoosierville felt the sting of betrayal. Especially after Bird and the Sycamores lost, many people believed that Bird with the Hoosiers, coached by Knight, could have steamrolled over Magic and the Spartans. But, alas, it wasn't meant to be. Even with Larry Bird as their most famous alum, Indiana State pales in popularity to the Indiana Hoosiers.

The Indiana Pacers

The Indiana Pacers are the second-most popular team in the state. And wouldn't you know it, Larry Bird has his hands in this pie too! He is the general manager of the NBA basketball team, which means he put the squad together. A couple of years ago, when the Pacers still had Roy Hibbert (now a Laker) and before Paul George broke his leg playing for team USA, the Pacers were a top-two team in the Eastern Conference. Now, however, Bird has a lot of work to do. Other than Paul George, George Hill and David West, the Pacers' bench is looking rather small, and it's not even a lock that they will make it to the playoffs next year. Fans are hoping so, but it's looking pretty iffy.

The Indianapolis Colts

The Colts are also a beloved Indiana team, and they are the most recent winners of a major championship, having won the Super Bowl in 2006 under Peyton Manning. For the last few years, however, the Colts have been led by a younger, stronger quarterback named Andrew Luck. He's already a top-ten talent in the NFL, with a rifle arm and a hard-nosed style of football that Hoosiers truly appreciate. Last season, the Colts went 8-8 and finished third in the AFC South division. Luck dealt with some injury issues, but RB Frank Gore and WR T.Y. Hilton were able to help with the offensive front. Head coach Chuck Pagano, along with new GM Chris Ballard, will do everything they can to improve the Colts’ performance in the coming season.

The Indianapolis 500

Indiana has a few sports teams that the Hoosiers within the state definitely appreciate, but Indiana's biggest sporting event has nothing to do with basketball or football. Every year, Indiana hosts one of the biggest sporting events in the world, the super bowl of Indy Car racing, the Indianapolis 500, which takes place at Indianapolis Motor Speedway in Indiana. This race takes place on a four-turn asphalt oval track, and it goes on for 500 miles, which equates to 200 laps. Cars fly by in excess of 200 miles per hour, and it's one of the most exciting sporting events to take place on the planet. As many people show up for this event as do people for the Super Bowl, and it's a huge boon to Indiana's economy every single year. It's also one of the biggest events for people who love sports betting.

Speaking of sports betting, you certainly have a lot to choose from if you live in Indiana. You can find a few live sports options via the casinos in the state, or you can find unlimited options by locating a quality sportsbook online. Whichever option you end up going with, we would like to preach a little caution here. You're free to bet however you wish on whatsoever you wish, but we hope that you take your time, learn about the sports, and leverage your bets out in smaller increments. The idea of betting on sports should be to have fun and win, not to chase huge pots on risky bets. It's no fun at all to lose a bunch of money.

Future Betting Odds For All Indiana Sports Teams For 2017-2018 Season

Indianapolis Colts Odds To Win The 2018 Super Bowl +4000

Indiana Pacers Odds To Win The NBA Championship +6600

Indiana Hoosiers Odds To Win The NCAAB Championship +2200