Sports Betting In Colorado

Colorado FlagColorado has passed sports betting laws and are currently awaiting launch. Newly passed legislation will allow domestic sportsbooks and mobile sports betting apps to operate inside state lines.

This page was created for Colorado residents and explains the state and federal laws affecting sports gambling, the best offshore sportsbook options available and which teams are worth betting on. So, before you go splurge on sports betting inside of Colorado's borders, let us first cover some of the finer points of the state's gambling attitudes and laws towards legal online sports betting in the United States.

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Is Online Sports Betting Legal In Colorado?

LegalitiesYes. In November of 2019 state voters elected to pass Proposition DD which in turn gives state officials the power to enact domestic sports betting laws.

After the proposition passed HB19-1327 was written into law. HB19-1327 allows sportsbooks to operate at state casinos and online with the proper license. These state-based services are not expected to launch until March 2020.

Colorado residents also have offshore sports betting services that they can legally play. Offshore sportsbooks accept bettors over the age of 18 and have many perks that state-regulated sites don't offer, including bonuses, no restrictions, higher wagers, and more.

Gambling Laws In Colorado And The USA Affecting Sports Betting

Colorado is famous for going its own way on many issues, but not so much on gambling. Like all the other states, Colorado must abide by the federal laws and regulations against gambling, which include the Federal Wire Act, and the UIGEA.

The Federal Wire Act is a piece of legislation that targets online sportsbook gambling. This legislation has been around since the '60s and applies only to US-based online sports betting. Today the Federal Wire Act prevents online US-based sportsbooks from offering their services across state lines.

The UIGEA is set up entirely to deal with the processing of gambling-related transactions. So, these federal regulations may seem tough, but they're going primarily after people who run gambling establishments and process payments, not gamblers at large. It is not a crime for Colorado residents to engage in online sports betting as long as you are selective about where you place those bets. Legally certified and operated offshore sportsbooks are legally sanctioned businesses that can offer their services to US residents. You will not violate any US or state gambling laws by placing bets on sports at these types of destinations.

The Types Of Sports To Bet On In Colorado

It may not seem like it due to a lack of overall media coverage, but Colorado is quickly becoming a go-to state for all sorts of entertainment. They're soon going to rival states like New York and California in this regard, and already they have quite a few professional sporting teams that each bring in tons of tourists and tourism dollars.

Colorado Rockies - MLB

In Major League Baseball, Colorado has the Colorado Rockies, who play in the National League and who have a habit of doing very well during the regular season. They were last in a World Series in '07 with the Boston Red Sox, which they lost, but they're still a pretty solid performing team most years.

Denver Nuggets - NBA

Colorado also has a professional team in the National Basketball Association, the Denver Nuggets. While the Nuggets were real contenders about six years ago or so, the rest of the Western Conference has really picked up the pace while the Nuggets have basically flat-lined. That isn't to say that Denver still couldn't go on a streak and end up in the playoffs next season, but ever since Carmello Anthony left for the New York Knicks, the Nuggets have basically floundered under the pressure, unable to find another big-name star athlete to carry the weight for them.

Colorado Avalanche - NHL

The state also has a professional hockey team in the National Hockey League, the Colorado Avalanche. Formerly a team from Quebec, the Avalanche are a tough team to play and have a few talented players on their roster. They're currently unable to compete with teams like the Blackhawks and Capitals, but they're still a very solid hockey team that threatens within their division every year.

History of the Denver Broncos

The Denver Broncos franchise played their first season of professional football in 1960, and today, the Broncos are one of the most successful franchises in NFL history with eight Super Bowl appearances and three Super Bowls victories in 1997(XXXII), 1998(XXXIII), and 2015(50). The team has six former players inducted to the Pro Football Hall of Fame: John Elway, Floyd Little, Shannon Sharpe, Gary Zimmerman, Terrell Davis, and Brian Dawkins.

The Broncos play home games at Broncos Stadium at Mile High in Denver, CO. The stadium is named “Mile High” due to Denver’s altitude of 5,280 feet (1 mile) and is known to be one of the harshest stadiums for opponents to play in due to the thinner air at the high altitude containing less oxygen than what the opposing team is used to breathing, which leads to increased heart rate, breathing rate and blood pressure when undergoing intense physical activity. Add this factor with temperatures dipping below subzero during the winter and a franchise historically fielding a competitive football team almost every season, and it explains why the Broncos have the best home record in the NFL since 1976.

Betting on the 2019 Denver Broncos

First-time coach Vic Fangio did not have a great inaugural year in the Mile High City in 2018. After a 10-loss season, the team hopes to bounce back with recently acquired QB Joe Flacco from Baltimore.

Flacco, despite the criticism throughout his career, is a solid starter that can add some stability under center. Denver also hopes to have a healthy Phillip Linsday back after his December 24 wrist injury. Lindsay, a Denver native, become the first undrafted offensive rookie ever to make the Pro Bowl.

Denver has a mix of young talent and seasoned veterans, but their odds to win the Super Bowl are still low.

Casinos, Race Tracks And Other Live Draws Of The State

Colorado is a state where all types of gambling can be found for citizens. The only real trick is finding gambling that's offered legally. In other words, you can't simply open up a betting shop on the corner. The state will view this as competition and thus consider you illegal. However, you are more than welcome to go gamble in one of the state's many legally designated areas, like their Indian casinos. They don't have a ton of these casinos, but the tribal casinos they do have are pretty solid locations. The First is the Ute Mountain Casino and Hotel, which looks like a no-frills place but has a huge gaming floor, tons of slot machines, video poker, blackjack, live poker, and much more. Their other tribal casino, which is also from the Ute tribe, is the Sky Ute Casino Hotel. This particular casino looks more like something you'd find in Vegas, and it also features tons of slots, blackjack, live poker, and much more.

Racetracks are actually legal in Colorado, so you can also find plenty of options to go bet on the ponies. Unfortunately, you won't find any sports betting options at these casinos or racetracks, so this is something you're going to have to find online. However, with all the competition today among Internet gambling sites, it's quite easy to find a great site online to handle your sports betting needs. As long as they're legally certified and accept US players, it's legal for Colorado residents to join up and bet.

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