Wisconsin Legal Online Sports Betting, Laws And More

WisconsinWisconsin sports revolves around Green Bay and Milwaukee, and locals are known to be diehard fans. Sports gambling is a popular market in the state as fans place bets on their favorite teams week to week. If you’re thinking that sports betting is legally impossible for Wisconsin residents, you are mistaken. You can legally place bets through several licensed offshore sportsbooks that accept Wisconsin residents. This site was created specifically for Wisconsin residents in order to inform you about the laws governing the industry, the viable offshore sportsbook options available to you and the teams you can place bets on. Sports betting is certainly gaining momentum in the US, despite heavy regulations that attempt to curtail this type of betting entertainment. Anyone interested in participating in this type of betting entertainment should first learn some things about how the market works. Our guide to legal online sports betting in Wisconsin will serve as a valuable resource to sports fans in the state.

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Is Online Sports Betting Legal In Wisconsin?

LegalitiesYes. However, you should be careful, as you can quickly be in violation of state and federal laws if you aren’t betting through legally approved destinations. Wisconsin state and US federal laws effectively combine to prevent US based sports betting both online and offline, but neither set of laws mentions anything derogatory about betting with legal offshore sportsbooks. These sportsbooks are not only legally sanctioned, but also regulated by their presiding governments. In fact, there are no Utah state laws or US federal laws that make it a crime for Utah residents to enjoy online sports betting at legally licensed and regulated offshore sportsbooks. It is illegal at this time to own or operate an online sports betting site or brick and mortar sportsbook within Utah state lines. Legitimate offshore sportsbooks are the only legal sports betting option for Utah residents.

Federal Regulations

There are three main federal regulations that really affect Wisconsin, and they're the three big ones you may have read about around here before. They're the Federal Wire Act, the Bradley Act (PASPA), and the UIGEA. Passed decades apart but considered equally important, these federal regulations against gambling cement the fact that the USA, per its federal government, is really very much against the act of gambling. The Federal Wire Act restricts Americans from placing bets with US-based sportsbooks. The law isn’t designed to target individual bettors but rather the online sportsbooks that accept wagers.

For the Bradley Act, also known as PASPA, the kicker here is that all US based sports betting is considered to be an illegal activity. And while there are four states on the exempted list from this legislation, Wisconsin is not one of them, so the state is directly affected by the federal government's big push against sports betting. Politicians pitched this as a way by which they were protecting athletes, but most people assume that it was all about the lobbyists with the NCAA trying to keep the lines away from forced fluctuation with mass amounts of betting.

The Unlawful Internet Gambling Enforcement Act (UIGEA) monitors banks and how their transactions associated with online gambling. This law was passed during the Bush administration and was designed to curtail fraudulent financial practices in order to clean up the online gambling community. All of these laws deal specifically with US-based sportsbooks. The offshore sportsbooks recommended in this guide are outside their jurisdiction.

You can read more about the federal online gambling laws in the US here.

Land Places to Gamble in Wisconsin

Although most of the casinos you're going to find in Wisconsin are all tribal (Native American) casinos, you can still find dozens of them. The good thing about having so many casinos is that you're going to find variety. Whether you want to visit a poker hall, a slots room, or a place where you can play a game of poker, you certainly have the options available in the state of Wisconsin. Some of the better casinos include the Bad River Lodge and Casino in Ashland, and the Grindstone Creek Casino in Hayward.

The Ho-Chunk tribe is huge here, and you're going to find casinos like the Black River Fall,s the Tomah, the Nekoosa, and the Wittenberg gaming house. Many of these casinos only have a few slots and-or a few table games, but you can find large casinos in Wisconsin that feature slots, table games, a poker room, and even dining and entertainment options, not to mention high-quality rooms. It all depends on what you want out of your gambling. You shouldn't expect to find anything like sports betting options or casinos that are true Vegas-style monuments that are practically theme parks. But Wisconsin is not without its long list of casinos at which you can play.

Sports in the State of Wisconsin

For sports in Wisconsin, everybody knows that the Green Bay Packers Of Wisconsin rule the roost, but there are other good teams in the state as well. For instance, the Milwaukee Bucks are located in Wisconsin, and they have a young, up-and-coming team that's really exciting to watch. They have players like Jabari Parker, OJ Mayor and Jerryd Bayless. They're not earning any playoff spots yet, but under young head coach Jason Kidd, the Bucks do have a great work ethic and they're really a surprising team ATS (against the spread). So if you're looking for a solid bet next season, the Bucks might help you with a few. You shouldn't bank on them to be a front-running team next year, but they should do well ATS.

The Milwaukee Brewers of the MLB are also a solid team. Although they're not exactly World Series contenders, they're still able to put butts in the seat. This is because they have one of the hottest National League talents in the game playing for them, Ryan Braun. They also have other stud players like pitchers Matt Garza and Francisco Rodriguez.

Why the Green Bay Packers' Aaron Rodgers is the Best QB in the League

Most football experts agree that the NFL's Green Bay Packers are the front-runners for the Lombardi trophy this year. A lot can happen between now and Super Bowl 50, but the Green Bay Packers are probably in the league's best position, and most of that has to do with their QB Aaron Rodgers. But what makes #12 so good? Here are a few reasons that A-Rod is the best QB in the league today.

His Accuracy is Amazing

Numbers cannot accurately quantify just how accurate this guy is. Watch some film on his receivers as they run out routes. These are routes where the receivers break to the sideline. Watch where he places the ball. It's always low and away from the defender, and it's always in only a spot where the offensive guy can catch it. Many quarterbacks were accurate throughout their years, like Dan Marino, Troy Aikman and Peyton Manning, but Rodgers takes the idea of accuracy to new heights. Since starting for a full 16-game season, he's never thrown under 63% as a completion rating, and actually averages closer to 70%. That's 7 of 10 passes complete, and that's insane.

He Doesn't Throw Picks

Over the course of his entire career, Rodgers has amassed 231 touchdowns and only 57 interceptions. That is like a 4.5:1 TD/INT ratio, and that's unheard of. The best ever in the NFL was Dan Marino's 3:1 stretch over 33 games. A-Rod has beat that by light years, and he's done it over the course of his entire career. That's an insane number that might just make him the greatest QB to ever play when it's all said and done.

He's Sneaky Fast

Rodgers when standing in the pocket looks taller than what he is, and he looks very stoic and decisive back there. But he's actually very nimble and can operate a run-and-shoot with the best of them. If you watch the film on Rodgers, he's always moving when he throws his best passes, and he almost always leaves his feet. This wasn't a habit of his playing with Cal, but it did become a habit after playing behind Brett Favre for three years, who was famous for leaving his feet when he threw. It's like Rodgers took the best of Favre (the mobility and can-throw-from-anywhere aspect) and eliminated the bad (the interceptions). He's like a hybrid of Favre and a computer, which we'll speak more about below.

Aaron Rogers Is Like A Computer

There's not a defense you can throw at Rodgers that can fool him. Sure, a good DB can jump a route, or a blitz can fool him when disguised well enough. All quarterbacks fall prey to such occasionally. But over the course of a game, Rodgers will figure out your scheme and make you pay. If you beat the Packers, you're not blowing them out. It's going to take a fluke fake field goal or the proverbial "pick-six" from the replacement refs game. Even if he loses, you're going to know you played the Packers, He figures out defenses like no other QB in the game.

Even if you're from Wisconsin and are a diehard Green Bay fan, be careful when betting on the team. Make sure they're statistically likely to win or cover, and make sure you're only betting on those games where you are likely to win.

Green Bay Packers Preview For 2017-2018 Football Season

NFL fans have the Green Bay Packers as their home team. The Packers went 10-6 in the 2016-2017 season and secured the NFC North division on their way to the Playoffs. They lost in the NFC Championship game against the red-hot Atlanta Falcons. QB Aaron Rodgers is arguably in the top-3 best in his position currently. Losing RB Eddie Lacy will affect their upcoming season, so head coach Mike McCarthy has some tactical adjustments to make considering their run game was quite successful through Lacy. In any case, the Packers are a strong team and a safe bet in most games.

Odds For The Green Bay Packers To Win The Superbowl In 2018

Green Bay Packers +900

If you are looking to place a future bet on the Packers, you should check out our list of the best USA online sportsbooks. These are sites we have personally vetted and we guarantee to be some of the most reputable and trusted US online sportsbooks in the industry.

College Football In Wisconsin

Wisconsin’s Badgers, representing the University of Wisconsin - Madison, are a strong team in the NCAA and are the best in the Big Ten West division. RB Bradrick Shaw emerged as a break-out talent and will likely improve this upcoming season. QB Alex Hornibrook is also expected to improve with having more experience. Their stout defense is their best factor and part of the reason they are expected to be ranked in the top 15 spots.

Odds For The University Of Wisconsin To Win NCAAF National Championship For The 2017-2018 Season

Badgers +5000