All About Sports Betting In Louisiana

LouisianaThe state of Louisiana offers a gambling friendly atmosphere, with a healthy selection of regulated betting entertainment available to residents and visitors. While many of the most popular types of gambling are approved and licensed by the state, sportsbook betting is not one of them. Thankfully this does not eliminate all viable options for sports related wagering available to residents of the Bayou State. By selectively visiting legitimately regulated bookmakers located outside of the United States, bettors can enjoy high quality and legally sanctioned sportsbook gambling without violating state statutes or federal laws.

The key to making sure you legally participate in licensed and regulated sports betting is to restrict your betting action to only those destinations that are operating legally within the industry and that can legitimately accept bets from customers in Louisiana. This page of our guide was designed specifically to assist you in navigating the complex terrain that defines the legalities involved in sportsbook gambling in Louisiana. We will take a look at the Louisiana state laws and statutes, the US federal laws that govern sports betting in America, and how these two specific legal landscapes intersect to determine what is and is not legal for Louisiana when it comes to betting on sports.

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Is Online Sports Betting Legal In Louisiana?

LegalitiesThere are two sets of laws that come in to play in order to accurately answer this question. Lets start with the state laws. Louisiana is one of the few states that have expressly made state based online gambling illegal. There is a provision within the state’s gambling laws that makes it a crime to operate any type of online gambling site or businesses within the state’s borders. The penalties for doing so are among the stiffest in the country. The law specifically targets those responsible for offering betting services rather than the individuals who are placing the bets.

Secondly we have two US federal laws in place that govern sports betting throughout the entire country. The first one is the Professional and Amateur Sports Protection Act. This law restricts brick and mortar bookmakers to only four specific locations in Oregon, Montana, Nevada and Delaware, taking land based sportsbook gambling off the table for Louisiana. We also have the Federal Wire Act that prohibits the operation of US based online sportsbooks across the country with no exceptions. Even if the state of Louisiana wanted to legalize sportsbook gambling, they would be unable to due to the restrictions imposed in the federal laws.

There are a few things that are important to understand concerning the restrictions found in both the federal and state laws governing legal online sports betting in the US. None of those laws make it a crime to place bets on sports, but rather criminalise the act of providing unlicensed and therefor illegal gambling services. In addition, none of those laws have any impact or influence on sportsbooks that are regulated and located offshore. The reach of each state ends at its borders, and the reach of the federal government ends at US borders. Internet sportsbooks that have acquired the appropriate licensing and compliance certifications are subject to legitimate regulatory oversight, and that are located outside the borders of the United States can legally offer their betting services to customers around the world, including those in Louisiana. Engaging in legally licensed and regulated offshore sports betting does not violate Louisiana state laws or US federal laws. You can visit any of the sportsbooks recommended on this page without worrying about breaking the law.

State and Federal Laws to Deal with in Louisiana

There are three federal pieces of legislation which work to keep specific forms of gambling illegal in the US. The first, the Federal Wire Act, prevents anyone in the United States from owning and/or operating an online sportsbooks within US borders. The law does not address the act of placing a bet at an online sportsbook. PASPA, which is also known as the Bradley Act, is a piece of federal regulation that makes all brick and mortar sports betting illegal in the US with the exception of Nevada, Delaware, Montana and Oregon. The UIGEA, the newest piece of legislation, provides regulatory oversight concerning how gambling related transactions are processed. The law places restrictions and guidelines on US based banks and credit card companies. None of these laws makes it a crime to enjoy placing bets online at legally sanctioned offshore sportsbooks.

There are state laws in Louisiana preventing the operation of an online gambling site, but there are no laws that govern placing bets online at legally licensed and regulated offshore gambling sites. Despite the fact that the DOJ has given each state the authority to launch online casino and poker gambling as they desire, we aren't very confident that LA lawmakers will go down this road due to their negative views to online gambling in general.

Sports Teams of Louisiana

The state of Louisiana has a booming, vibrant sports culture that no other state in America can outdo. There are many states where sports are just as important, and where fans are just as fanatical, but Louisiana is definitely in the upper echelon here, and a state can only match the sports culture of this state, never exceed it. And it all actually started relatively recently. After hurricane Katrina came through and basically wiped out the city of New Orleans, everything changed in Louisiana. Even the Super Dome, the home of the Saints, took an extreme hit and some serious damage. Only a year later, however, the Super Dome had been repaired and the New Orleans Saints had a home opener on Monday Night Football. They not only won this game, they dominated. They returned a punt for a touchdown. Drew Brees was playing out of his mind. They even went on to win the Super Bowl not long after that, defeating Peyton Manning and the Colts handily. Football gave the people of Louisiana a great reason to stick together, and sports in the state seriously exploded after that point. They had always been popular, but the Saints' triumph from tragedy pushed it over the edge in an unprecedented way.

The New Orleans Saints

As mentioned above, the New Orleans Saints practically saved Louisiana at a time when the state needed something to rally around. Playing in the increasingly competitive NFC South, the Saints have to be at their best to make any sort of impact. Drew Brees is an elite quarterback in the game, behind only the likes of Tom Brady, Peyton Manning and Aaron Rodgers. Mark Ingram, Alabama's first ever Heisman Trophy winner, is a beast on the field, able to run for chunks of yards whether around or through defenders. The Saints went 7-9 in their last campaign and failed to qualify for the Playoffs. They made some notable pickups in veteran WR Ted Ginn Jr. and RB Adrian Peterson, which should add to their depth. Should Peterson and Brees stay healthy throughout the season, the Saints could make a case for a run in their division, but the Bucs on the rise and the Falcons playing phenomenally, it could be tough.

The New Orleans Pelicans

The Pelicans, formerly the New Orleans Hornets, formerly the Charlotte Hornets, are a very young NBA basketball team in a pretty bad situation. They were moved from the Eastern Conference into the Southwestern division of the Western Conference, which means they have to go through teams like the Spurs, Clippers, Warriors, Rockets and Thunder if they want to make it to an NBA championship. This is a very tough road for any team in the NBA, hence the pure battles that happen every year in the playoffs when the Western teams collide. However, the Pelicans do have one thing going for them: They're very young. Anthony Davis, only entering into his third year, AKA the Unibrow, is a very young talent who's already considered to be an elite player in the league. They also have young players like Jrue Holiday, Tyreke Evans and Omer Asik to round out the roster. If ever they can get a top seed in the West and force the other teams to come through them, then that might just be enough to carry them to the Finals. They had a pretty good season last year, making the playoffs in the West. And if that doesn't seem like a big feat, just look at the West! The Oklahoma City Thunder, featuring MVP Kevin Durant and superstar Russel Westbrook, did not make the playoffs in the West. That's how brutal the conference is.

The LSU Tigers Football

LSU is the college of note in Louisiana. They did not perform up to their standards last season and lost one of their best players, RB Leonard Fournette, to the NFL Draft. This will be head coach Ed Orgeron’s first full year with the team. The Tigers have managed to recruit some top talent during the preseason, but it is tough to rely on young players. Expect RB Derrius Guice to make up most of the offense. LSU is a strong team in the SEC and a solid bet for most matchups. They will have to deal with a powerful Alabama team in order to make any sort of run at the National Title.

Which Louisiana Team Has the Best Odds of Winning Next Year?

Of the three Louisiana teams covered above, which one actually has the best chance of winning a lot this year? In many respects, we can rule LSU out. Not out of a bowl game or even a winning season that looks something like 7-3, but out of playoff contention. The fact is that the rest of the SEC is simply too tough for LSU right now. They're close, but they're not there yet. They have a few more pieces of the puzzle. But what about the New Orleans Saints? With Drew Brees and a high-powered offense, they're really looking good for running away with their division. In fact, we predict that they will go 12-4, easily win their division, and hold down the #3 seed in the NFC playoffs. However, we predict that this won't be enough. They're going to run into either Green Bay or Seattle eventually, and both of these teams are simply on another level and will most likely beat the Saints. So, we predict the Divisional round of the playoffs is as far as the Saints go. Good, but not great.

That, of course, leaves the New Orleans Pelicans. They're our pick for the Louisiana team that's going to do the best this year. We predict that Anthony Davis will come to life and cement himself on the current Mount Rushmore with players like LeBron James and Kevin Durant. The kid is already a superstar, and he's only going to get better. The Spurs in the West are also getting older, and the Clippers seem to be dysfunctional. That leaves the Rockets and the Warriors to really challenge the Pelicans. We predict the Rockets are going to implode after Dwight Howard and James Harden fail to become Stockton and Malone; plus Howard is forever injured. And as far as the Warriors go, we predict that their high shooting percentage simply cannot remain over 50% throughout another entire playoff run. So what we expect to happen is that the New Orleans Pelicans pick up a #2 seed in the West and end up in the NBA Finals after defeating the Golden State Warriors in a seven-game nail-biter in the Western Conference Finals. We really see the Pelicans coming to life this season, behind Anthony Davis.

Of course, these are just our predictions. As sports fans, we keep up with the goings-on in these leagues, and we certainly have our favorites. But that doesn't mean you should just blindly throw your money down. Make sure you do your own research. Keep up with the sports. Look at injuries and stats and momentum. Make informed decisions when you bet, and doing so will put you in a position to win.

Future Betting Odds For All Louisiana Sports Teams 2018-2019

New Orleans Saints Odds to Win the Super Bowl 53 +1500

New Orleans Pelicans Odds To Win The 2018 NBA Championship +20000

LSU Tigers Football Odds To Win the 2019 NCAAF Championship +5000

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