South Carolina Legal Online Sports Betting, Laws And More

South CarolinaSports betting has become a much more relevant topic in recent months, and it is only natural that residents of the Palmetto State are wondering about any options for South Carolina sportsbook gambling. South Carolina does offer some regulated forms of gambling, but it is very exclusive and involves casino boats. The state also has a bill circulating through the General Assembly that would bring land-based casinos into the state. These casinos would offer casino-style games like poker, dice games, slots and even betting on horse races. As of now, state based sports betting is illegal in South Carolina under US federal law. That being the case, there are no state regulated forms of sports betting that exist in the state at this time.

However, South Carolina residents can still get in on the sports betting action through legal offshore gambling sites. These USA sportsbook sites can legally accept wagers from South Carolina residents and are outside the jurisdiction of both US federal law and South Carolina state law. There are multiple offshore sportsbooks out there, so it is important to determine whether you are betting with a legitimate site. This guide will inform you on the best sportsbooks available to South Carolina residents and how you can determine if a sportsbook is safe, legal and reputable.

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Is Online Sports Betting Legal in South Carolina?

LegalitiesOnline sports betting through US sportsbooks is currently illegal in the state of South Carolina. The Federal Wire Act is a federal law that bans the state from allowing any sort of online sports betting site to operate within their borders. There has been some controversy over the Federal Wire Act (which was passed back in 1961) about how far its reach is in regards to new technologies like the Internet and in regards to which types of online gambling it permits, prompting the US Department of Justice to issue a Formal Opinion stating that the law only applies to US based sportsbooks. This means that the Federal Wire Act only enforces betting with US based online sportsbooks, not the legal offshore sportsbooks we’ve suggested in this guide.

For online sports betting to become legal in the state, several US federal laws would have to be repealed. While some states are lobbying against these federal laws in hopes of gaining the right to have sports gambling, nothing significant has happened yet. Despite the US federal law, there is still a way for South Carolina residents to safely and legally place bets on sports. This is through legal sportsbooks that operate offshore and outside the jurisdiction of the Federal Wire Act and South Carolina state law. These sportsbooks accept South Carolina residents and offer premium betting lines from a wide range of sports similar to the ones you would find in Las Vegas sportsbooks.

How Federal Laws Affect The Betting Atmosphere In South Carolina

South Carolina would have to face three specific federal laws if they tried to legalize sports betting in their state. The Professional and Amateur Sports Protection Act (PASPA), the Federal Wire Act and the Unlawful Internet Gambling Enforcement Act (UIGEA) all combine to mitigate the US sports gambling industry. These federal laws ban US based sports betting across the country (except for the four states exempted under PASPA—NevadaOregonDelaware and Montana). The feds have left it up to each individual state to determine their own destiny concerning the regulation of state licensed online casino and poker gambling.

While these federal gambling laws may seem to nullify any possibilities of engaging in legalized gambling, there is a loophole. All of these laws strictly apply to US based gambling sites. Any offshore gambling site or offshore sportsbook is technically outside the jurisdiction of US federal gambling laws, and those laws don’t say anything about betting with an offshore site that is legally sanctioned and regulated. These federal laws aren’t meant to go after individual bettors, but rather illegal gambling enterprises. The offshore gambling sites recommended in this guide are all legally licensed and accept American bettors, including South Carolina residents. The government cannot do anything to you if you aren’t breaking any laws, which you aren’t as long as you bet with a legitimate offshore gambling site. You can learn more about USA federal gambling laws in our Legal USA Online Sports Betting Guide.

State Specific Gambling Laws in South Carolina

South Carolina is an interesting state when it comes to gambling. They currently do allow some forms of regulated gambling, but it’s not done on South Carolina shores. The state allows for several river boat casinos to operate, which are regulated by the counties that the boats operate out of. These boats are only allowed to start gambling activities once they’ve hit open waters. Sports betting is not part of these casino boating operations.

The state recently launched a legislative effort in their General Assembly that would allow for brick-and-mortar casinos to open up within state borders. Not only would these casinos offer casino-style games like slots and poker, but they would also permit wagering on horse races and professional states. This bill (H 3102) change the face of South Carolina gambling forever. Representative Todd Rutherford is responsible for the bill and claims that the money raised through regulations could go towards fixing South Carolina’s roads. Either way, the bill would have to pass a voter referendum. Even if it did pass, the state technically wouldn’t be allowed to have sports betting unless PASPA was repealed.

South Carolina currently allows bingo on tribal lands, boat casinos and the state Lottery. Other than that, all forms of gambling are considered illegal. Should this bill pass, the South Carolina gambling landscape will certainly shift. As for now, these legal offshore gambling sites we’ve recommended are the only way to safely place bets on your favorite sports. The state's existing gambling laws can be reviewed here: South Carolina Gambling Statutes.

South Carolina’s List Of Professional Sports Teams

NFL Teams In South Carolina

The Panthers are going through a bit of an identity crisis. In 2015, they went 15-1 and made the Super Bowl. However, they were beat by the Broncos in QB Peyton Manning’s last year in the league. Many expected their next season to be more of the same, but the Panthers ended up with a 6-10 record and finishing last in their division. They have a phenomenal QB in Cam Newton, offensive talents like TE Greg Olson and a successful coach in Ron Riveria. The Panthers are hoping to replicate their Super Bowl season and reclaim their status as best in their division.

South Carolina NFL Team Betting Odds To Win The 2018 Super Bowl

Carolina Panthers +2800

NBA Teams In South Carolina

The closest NBA team to South Carolina are the Charlotte Hornets. The Hornets play in the NBA’s Eastern Conference and have star players like Kemba Walker, Nicholas Batum and Michael Kidd-Gilchrist. The team’s majority owner is basketball legend Michael Jordan. The team has yet to win any championships, but their current lineup could be enough to get them to the Playoffs.

South Carolina NBA Team Betting Odds To Win The 2017 NBA Championship

Charlotte Hornets +40000

NHL Teams in South Carolina

South Carolina fans support the Carolina Hurricanes. The Hurricanes have one Stanley Cup title to their name and will surely want to add more. They play in the Metropolitan Division and are sitting towards the bottom tier, limiting their chances of making a significant push for the championship. Oddsmakers seem to believe their chances of winning this year are slim to none.

South Carolina NHL Team Betting Odds To Win The 2017 Stanley Cup

Carolina Hurricanes +25000

Prominent College Athletic Programs In SC

NCAA Football Teams In South Carolina

South Carolina has two very successful Division 1 college athletic programs—the Clemson Tigers and University of South Carolina Gamecocks. Clemson is one of the best college teams in the country. They are the defending champions after beating Alabama in the championship game. This was a rematch of the two college powerhouses with Bama claiming the first victory. Some analysts believe the team is headed for a slump with loss of key players Deshaun Watson, Mike Williams, Carlos Watkins and Ben Boulware, but their recruiting efforts have been successful. This doubt puts them at an expected #7 spot in the rankings, a notable decline, but not enough to count them out.

The USC Gamecocks are another story. They play in a tough SEC and struggled a bit under new head coach Will Muschamp last year. Muschamp is considered a failure at the University of Florida and not many believe he will turn things around with the Gamecocks. Their division is weak (SEC East), but the Gamecocks have been having issues outside of it. Don’t expect them to be relevant in the upcoming season.

South Carolina College Football Betting Odds To Win The 2018 College Football National Championship

Clemson +2800

University of South Carolina TBD