Oregon Legal Sports Betting, Laws And More

OregonOregon is an interesting state when it comes to sports betting. This is mainly due to its exemption from a federal law prohibiting sports betting across the country. Oregon was one of four states legally permitted to offer state-regulated sports gambling, and while they may not have the same sports betting operation in place anymore, the state is still a hotbed for the industry.

Oregon sports fans have several teams to rally behind, including the Oregon Ducks, Oregon State Beavers, and the Portland Trail Blazers. Because the state Lottery doesn’t offer legal online sports betting anymore, residents can use authorized offshore online sportsbooks that legally accept USA players to get in on the sports betting action. This guide outlines several legal offshore sportsbooks and provides an explanation of how federal and state laws influence the sports gambling market.

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Is Online Sports Betting Legal in Oregon?

LegalitiesIt is legal as long you as bet through legally sanctioned, legitimate destinations. Oregon used to run Sports Action, a sports betting pool, through its state Lottery. The service was discontinued in 2007 after the state received backlash from the major professional sports leagues and the NCAA. Without Sports Action, residents were left without legal sports betting options. You can gamble in Oregon on tribal Indian casinos, but they don’t offer sports betting.

None of the Oregon state laws or federal laws that are in place make it a crime for Oregon residents to bet on sports at legally authorized and operated online sportsbooks located outside of the United States. There are several USA sports betting laws that relate to online sports betting, but they only affect US-based sportsbooks, not the offshore betting sites suggested in this guide.

Federal Laws that Still Matter to Gamblers in Oregon

Oregon does toe the line on both pieces of major federal anti-gambling legislation: The UIGEA and the Federal Wire Act. These laws govern US-based sports betting throughout the land and are the final say on those matters. They are the reason that sports betting sites don't operate from within the US, and why legally sanctioned offshore sportsbook gambling is so popular. Following is a brief explanation of these laws as well as access to a longer description of the details concerning each one.

The Federal Wire Act is a piece of legislation that makes it illegal to knowingly accept sports wagers over the wire for gambling across state lines. Although there are many different destinations at which you can gamble, none of them will allow you to place a sports bet via a telephone or online.

Oregon was one of the lucky states that were exempted from the restrictions in the Bradley Act, known as PASPA. This act was signed into law in 1992 and repealed in 2018, but when it was in effect it effectively rendered all forms of sports betting illegal.  Today states can enact their own sports betting laws in the post-PASPA era.

Then there's the UIGEA, which is the most recent federal regulation against gambling. Essentially, the UIGEA says that online gambling transactions must be specific regulations. Oregon isn't allowing anyone to open up a gambling site, as commercial gambling is illegal in the state, so they're certainly in line with the federal regulations here.

Luckily, there are no federal regulations, nor any state regulations, prohibiting people from participating in gambling entertainment as a private citizen. So if you want to bet on sports in Oregon, all you need to do is find a legal US friendly sportsbook that allows you to bet. The sportsbooks on this page fall into that category. Since you won't find any such on-location venue in the state, the idea here is to find a legal online website with which you can bet. As long as the site accepts American residents and is located, authorized and overseen by a legitimate offshore governing jurisdiction, you can legally gamble there.

Places to Gamble Within Oregon

All the casinos you're going to find throughout the state of Oregon are Indian casinos, offering tribal gaming options. This means that most of them are simply going to feature slots, but there are still a few that are legitimate casinos that offer all the types of games you could expect to find in Las Vegas or Atlantic City.

Since the Native Americans basically have free reign to open up gambling establishments throughout the state, you can also find tribal horse racing featured at many of these locations. It's not something you'll find sponsored by the state, but it is something that Native casinos offer up. For instance, if you want to visit a racetrack in the state and bet on the ponies, you can visit locations like the Crooked River Roundup, Grants Pass Downs, or the Harney County Fair. These locations are tribal casinos that offer up racetracks with food and other features.

There are legitimate casino options in Oregon if you're not too keen on betting the ponies. For instance, you can stop in at the Kah-Nee-Ta High Desert Resort featuring Indian Head Casino and enjoy over 300 slots, a handful of table games, and even a small poker room. This casino features dining, entertainment, attractions, and more. Then there's the Seven Feathers Hotel and Casino Resort, which features great rooms, over a thousand slots, more than 20 table games, and a 7-table poker room. The Mill Casino Hotel is another small yet full-featured casino which features hundreds of slots, table games, dining, entertainment, and more. There are also brand new offerings in the state, like the Three Rivers Casino in Coos Bay, which features hundreds of slots, bingo, fine dining, parking, and much more. The gist here is that you do have options available in Oregon if you want to gamble.

Oregon Sports Teams

Located in the Pacific Northwest, there isn't a huge market in Oregon for sports teams, or at least there wasn't a few decades ago. As the west has grown in popularity as a go-to place, and as much of California's traffic spills over into Oregon, the state is able to offer more sports to people because it has picked up many more sports fans.

Portland Trailblazers NBA Basketball Team

The state's largest and most popular city, Portland, has its own NBA basketball team, the Portland Trail Blazers. With players like Damian Lillard, Meyers Leonard, and CJ McCollum, the Trail Blazers are able to compete with the best of them, but they're not exactly primed to win an NBA championship anytime soon. They're a few key players away from making big noise in the West, but that doesn't mean Oregon's faithful don't love and support the team.

The Trail Blazers have been around since 1970, and while their last conference title was in 1992, the Clyde "The Glide" Drexler years, they actually did win their division just last season, so they're not exactly a pushover out there in the West. They are pretty much a favorite to get stomped by teams like the Golden State Warriors and Oklahoma City Thunder but don't sleep on Portland. They're able to play with the big boys, and they show a whole lot of heart on the court. Owned by mogul Paul Allen, they're also big free agency players and could easily get a key piece next season to help their chances.

Betting On The 2019 Oregon Ducks

The University of Oregon began playing football in 1894 and have played in the Pac-12 Conference since 1964. The Ducks have won 11 conference titles and have played in two national championships (2010, 2014) but are still searching for their first national title. In 2014, Oregon produced their first Heisman Trophy winner when Marcus Mariota won the award, becoming the first Hawaii-born athlete to win the trophy.

NCAA Championship odds: +3300

Betting On The 2019 Oregon State Beavers

Oregon State field their first collegiate football team in 1893 and in 1964, began competing in the Pac-12 Conference. The Beavers have won 5 conference titles and are still with a national championship title. The school has produced one Heisman Trophy winner with Terry Baker winning the award in 1962 and in 1963, became the only college athlete in to win the Heisman Trophy and play in the Final Four in college basketball.

NCAA Championship odds: +TBA

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