Vermont Legal Online Sports Betting Guide

VermontVermont doesn’t have any major professional sports franchises, but they are in close proximity to several successful franchises, giving locals options for teams to root for and bet on. Sports gambling has become increasingly popular over the years and gives fans an alternative way of engaging with their favorite sports and teams. Vermont state laws may be rigid when it comes to gambling, but they don’t say anything about betting with the legal offshore sportsbooks suggested in this guide that was created exclusively for Vermont residents. Legal USA online sports betting sites are open to Vermont residents, you just have to place bets through legal and responsible channels. The information in this guide will help you do just that.

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Best USA Sportsbooks For Super Bowl Betting
Accepting Vermont Residents In 2018

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Is Online Sports Betting Legal in Vermont?

LegalitiesYes—as long as it’s done through legally sanctioned and regulated offshore sportsbooks. Vermont state laws and US federal laws don’t allow for domestic sports betting, so Vermont residents have to utilize offshore sportsbooks in order to legally and safely bet online. The list of offshore sportsbooks in this guide is comprised of offshore sportsbooks that meet our standards of legality, credibility and quality. So as long as you are betting with an offshore site that is located outside of the United States such as those listed on USA Sportsbook Sites homepage, you are not breaking any state or federal laws.

State Laws and Federal Impact

As an interested bettor, you have to consider three fundamental US federal laws—the Professional and Amateur Sports Protection Act (PASPA), the Federal Wire Act and the Unlawful Internet Gambling Enforcement Act (UIGEA). The Federal Wire Act is the oldest of the laws (passed in 1961) and deals with the placing of bets over any type of wire transmission. When the Internet emerged, lawmakers were concerned with whether this law’s reach had any sway over online betting. The US Department of Justice issued a Formal Opinion in 2011 that deemed sports betting as the only form of gambling affected by this law.

The Federal Wire Act prevents US-based sportsbooks from accepting bets. PASPA was passed in 1992 and prevents 46 states from having any type of state-sponsored sports betting. Vermont is on this list of taboo states. The UIGEA presides over the financial side of online gambling, specifically banks and how they process online gambling transactions. These laws have jurisdiction over US-based sportsbooks, not the legal offshore sportsbooks recommended in this guide.

At the end of the day, there is no denying that the legalities of sports betting in the United States is a confusing topic. We feel like our site covers in great detail everything players need to know so they can make an informed decision based on the laws in his or her jurisdiction.

Are There Any Casinos in Vermont?

The New England region of the United States is flooded with all sorts of casinos, from tribal casinos to racetracks and even state-sponsored casinos that are virtually identical to what you will find in Las Vegas. However, you won't be finding any of these in the state of Vermont. For some reason, Vermont has managed to avoid anything and everything to do with gambling. While states around them have voting blocs that demand gambling, and huge markets for casinos, Vermonters have been relatively silent in their push for casinos. Therefore, Vermont isn't a location where you're going to find gambling.

Vermont is located just north of Connecticut and just west of New Hampshire. This entire region actually celebrates gambling and offers quite a few casinos, like the Mohegan Sun and the Foxwoods Resort, both of which are huge and famous. So you don't have to travel very far in order to find legal casinos in the Vermont region; you're just unfortunately not going to find any casino located within the borders of Vermont.

Sports Teams In Vermont

Vermont unfortunately has a few issues geographically that make it very difficult for the state to have a good professional sports team, or even a nationally recognized collegiate sports team. Their first real issue is that the state is very small. It's ranked in the 40s in terms of size among all 50 states, so one cannot magically make a huge sports stadium appear out of thin air. Even two of New York's three NFL teams have to play in New Jersey for size limitations, and this is something the NFL isn't trying to repeat. Another reason you won't find any Vermont sports teams is that there are only around 700,000 people who live in the state. By any respectable margin, that's not a very solid fanbase for a sports team. Even a MLS team would have trouble keeping its seats filled with so few people living in the state. The last reason, which is perhaps the biggest, is that Vermont is technically considered to be part of the New England region, which is comprised of six states. This means, in a nutshell, that Vermont already has sports teams, which they share with Boston and New England (Patriots).

Betting On NFL Football In Vermont

Vermont does not have much going on in terms of football. With no NFL franchise or notable college programs, football action seems limited. Most residents support the Patriots as part of the greater New England area. This is a great team to support, as they have been dominant for the better part of a decade. The Patriots are the defending champions after a historic comeback win against the Atlanta Falcons and will more than likely retain their title. QB Tom Brady and co. are nearly unstoppable and the Patriots have won five Super Bowl titles in the Brady-Belicichick era. Betting on the Patriots is the safest bet you can make regarding NFL betting.

Betting Odds For The Patriots To Win The NFL Superbowl In 2018

New England Patriots +275