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About Website

The team here at USASportsbooksites is a dedicated staff of experienced sports bettors who understands who our audience is, and what you want to read and absorb. Our staff has over 20 years of collective experience in the sports betting industry that we put to good use as industry insiders. Through genuine experience, hard knocks and tenacious research, we’ve created a comprehensive resource guide designed specifically for sports betting enthusiasts.

Our Mission

At USASportsbooksites, our mission is to deliver quality content that is both useful and welcomed by our readers. We intend to provide insight into the sports gambling market and to equip individuals to make informed decisions about their involvement in sports betting. It is not our mission to convince anyone they should or should not participate in sports gambling. That is a personal decision that individuals must make themselves based on their own preferences and circumstances.

The Bettors Behind What You See On USASportsbooksites

We believe it’s important for you, as a reader and bettor, to understand who writes and creates the very content you see here. While we’re a small team that handles everything on this site, we can make a handful of hard-working staff members feel like an army. Get to know our web managers and writers by reading more about them below.

  • Katie Watts – Head of Operations

Katie is our leader at USASportsbooksites. Truthfully, without her, there wouldn’t be a site concept as she was the one who approached each team member and pitched the need for a sports betting and event reporting website for bettors made by bettors. Katie is 100% capable of delegating tasks, researching upcoming events, scheduling projects, and motivating her staff out of the Monday fog.

  • Melissa Novick – Editorial Manager

Melissa is a crucial part of our team at USASportsbooksites as she is the final set of eyes that reviews each piece of content before it goes live on our site. Much like a newspaper editor, she evaluates pieces and stories with her own unique perspective.  Melissa has the final say and keeps the brand true to its core value in tone and execution.

  • Keith McMann – Web Design Specialist

Keith manages and creates all of the pages and plugins needed to keep our site functional. If anyone has an idea on how we can change our site, Keith’s the “man” that can get it done. His experience with web development allows the team to have a site that works beautifully 24/7 on any device.

  • Terrell Parrish – Head Web Content Creator

Terrell pitches our site ideas to each department head and is the most active betting member in our staff. Terrell often follows important global sports events in his spare time and pushes for new ideas and stories in sports, some of which are so obscure the team learns about them for the first time through his research.

  • Caleb Coleman – Sports Journalist & Reporter

Caleb is a key member in our writing staff as he manages and creates the bulk of the sports news on USASportsbooksites. Caleb is in charge of contacting event boards, reaching out to other journalists, building networks, and asking coaches and players for extra insight to keep our content cutting edge.

  • Noah Dixon – Sports Journalist & Odds Tracker

Noah has proven himself to be a great odds and stat tracker, often reporting the change over time in player performance, the likelihood for teams to win a certain event, and oddsmakers confidence on the result of games. Noah assists Caleb in writing our site’s sports news stories and brings added perspective highly appreciated by bettors.

Who We Recommend and Why

USASportsbooksites only recommends offshore sportsbooks that have a proven track record for being reliable, trustworthy, and secure. We completely understand the importance for bettors to know the sportsbook they are betting their money on will payout and not cheat them or compromise their sensitive personal and financial information. For this reason, all of the sportsbooks we recommend are verified by each of our members, reviewed carefully, and screened for flaws.

We Respect Privacy

Like many bettors, we understand the importance of respecting another man or woman’s privacy. For this reason, whenever you use USASportsbooksites, you can confidently know that we do not store, sell, or share your personal information or place cookies on your computer to track you. The only information we collect is your IP address which does not give us your specific address or location, rather your city, state, and country for the sole reason of site traffic analyzing. This information helps us create valuable content specific to our users need, but we do not do anything else which such data. If you contact us using our contact form and provide an email address, you can rest assured that this information will not be stored or sold by us to any company or brand, as your email is considered 100% confidential.

Responsible Sports Gambling

Each staff member at USASportsbooksites wholly believes in responsible gambling. As bettors, we understand the importance and need to bet within one’s own means and to pace one’s self. We have also personally known some individuals affected by problem gambling and in response, wholeheartedly provide resources to mitigate the development of these issues. All of the sportsbooks we recommend have some sort of self-exclusion programs available. In addition, national gambling addiction treatment services are readily available to accept any players who believe they may be developing or actively have a gambling problem.

  • Review Site Resources for the National Council on Problem Gambling
  • Call the NCPG hotline at +1(800) 522-4700
  • Chat Instantly with the NCPG
  • Text the NCPG at +1(800) 522-4700


USASportsbooksites is determined to provide accurate information on all of its pages and reporting. However, we cannot guarantee the accuracy of all of the site’s content at all times. We regularly update our pages. Therefore, there may be times in which some pages have not yet reflected these changes in sports, the industry, and legalities at the drop of a hat. In addition, none of our staff members are legal attorneys or have any formal training in interpreting legislation.

Any of the content you find on should be considered informational and supplement additional personal research or consultation with a licensed gambling attorney. We earn a small commission for referral links clicked on as we are supported by these partners, but USASportsbooksites and its staff cannot be held responsible for any promotions, promises, or services provided by our partners once you exit our site through an affiliate link.

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