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Welcome to our USA online sportsbook guide. We've created this website to help US players find the information they need when it comes to online sports betting. Our guide is extremely thorough and goes into great detail covering just about every aspect of online sports betting for United States players. We've worked very hard to make our website useful and easy to navigate, so we hope you enjoy your stay and choose to come back often.

Best Rated

Find the best USA online sportsbooks that gladly welcome American players. These are the top rated sites with proven track records of being fair and honest.


Find the best online sportsbook bonuses for USA players. We explain how a sportsbook bonus works and the difference between a free play and a cash bonus.


Learn about the legalities surrounding online sports betting. We offer several articles that help educate players as to what laws pertain to online sports betting.


Our detailed sportsbook reviews speak to what we like and dislike about each site, and what perks are available that might help you make a decision on where to play.

Mobile Sportsbook App

Our mobile section covers which USA online sportsbooks offer either a mobile sports betting app or a responsive website. Find mobile sportsbooks compatible with your specific phone device.


This section will provide news headlines, helpful articles to help players improve results, as well as some hearty entertainment through intriguing and comical articles.

Best USA Online Sportsbooks For 2017

Below is our list of the top 5 online sportsbooks that accept USA players. Each of the sportsbooks below will be legally licensed offshore, offer 24/7 support, great betting lines and most of all offer fast payouts when you want to collect your winnings. We bet on sports too, so rest assured that the bookmakers we recommend are the absolute cream of the crop 5 star sites available to USA players.

Sportsbook Bonus Rating USA Visit Review
Bovada Sportsbook 100% Max $250 5 Star Rating USA Friendly Sportsbook Visit Site Read Review
Betonline Sportsbook 50% Max $2500 5 Star Rating USA Friendly Sportsbook Visit Site Read Review 75% Max $1000 5 Star Rating USA Friendly Sportsbook Visit Site Read Review
Bookmaker 50% Max $300 5 Star Rating USA Friendly Sportsbook Visit Site Read Review
Gtbets 100% Max $250 5 Star Rating USA Friendly Sportsbook Visit Site Read Review
TopBet 100% Max $1000 4 Star Rating USA Friendly Sportsbook Visit Site Read Review

FAQ's About USA Online Sports Betting

Are Online Sportsbooks Legal In The United States?

We are not lawyers so we cannot answer this question for you. However we can provide you with all the information necessary regarding legal online sports betting, so you can make your own determination as to whether or not you want to proceed with betting online. Things are changing rapidly regarding legal online gambling in the United States. Just in the past 2 years we now have 3 states which currently offer legal and regulated betting options with more expected to do the same. Until we are further along in the USA, players can always play at offshore sites that are legally licensed and regulated in their respective jurisdictions. While we can't say if this is legal or not, we can tell you that no player has ever been charged or prosecuted for betting at an offshore site. The government isn't interested in throwing players in jail, they are interested in tax revenue. So if you do decide to play offshore, just keep good records of all your wins and losses and make sure to report everything on your 1040. More About Legal USA Online Sports Betting

What Is The UIGEA, Federal Wire Act And Paspa And How Do These Laws Pertain To Online Sports Betting?

These are some of the most common questions pertaining to USA sports betting laws. Our legal section goes into great detail about each of these sports betting laws and how they affect USA players. While we don't claim to be lawyers, our legal section shoots straight from the hip and offers players the basic information they need to make an informed decision about betting online as a player who lives in the United States.

Which U.S. States Offer Legal Online Sports Betting?

Really everything we do on our site is to help players find reputable and licensed offshore sites to bet with until things change on the legal front in the United States. Since none of the states currently offer regulated sports betting on the state level, we list the best offshore options for players to choose from. As of late many online sportsbooks are pulling out of certain states for various reasons, so naturally we felt that a state specific guide would help players find up to date information on where they can bet legally if they live in a particular state. We also offer interesting tidbits and statistics on each state, team reviews and much more. You can check out our state sports betting guide here.

How Do I Open Up A Real Money USA Sportsbook Account?

Opening up a real money sports betting account is pretty simple, although quality options aren't as widespread as they used to be for US players. We walk you through all the steps needed in order to ensure a safe gambling experience including how to find the most reputable real money USA online sportsbooks, how to open up a real money betting account, funding your account, how to place a real wager and much more.

How Do I Get Money On And Off An American Online Sportsbook?

Having trouble getting money on and off your sportsbook accounts? Depositing funds into USA online sportsbooks used to be a piece of cake several years ago. However after the UIGEA bill was passed in 2007 (making it illegal for banks to process any gambling related transactions), it has become increasingly more difficult. That being said there are still many safe and secure payment options available to USA players. Our USA sportsbook deposit guide reviews the top ways to deposit for American players.

Finding The Most Trusted Online Sportsbooks

Finding the most trusted USA online sportsbooks that have a good reputation is a very important step to becoming a successful sports bettor. If you can't get paid when you win, then it's all kind of pointless isn't it? While we hope to become your go-to resource for all things sports related, we still encourage players to spend a few minutes on the popular forums reading feedback from existing players and learning about their betting experiences. One thing is certain, you can't run and hide on the internet. If players are having bad experiences with a particular online betting site, the odds say you can read about it somewhere on the web.